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  1. Dank memes cured this guys cancer for real
  2. I feel like the most want-worthy thing of NAMM so far is the Pioneer / Dave Smith AS1
  3. Movies that were good Arrival Movies that I watched that I didn't hate The Eagle Huntress Zootopia Cafe Society Hail Ceasar Kubo and the Two Strings Yeah wasn't a great year for film I guess.
  4. Nice looking studio there bud
  5. jesus lol it couldn't be more blatent at this point .. Has underground house Fact magazine finally run out of ideas? Wow fuck is Fact just stealing ideas off this forum?
  6. Where? It's the skull kid's laugh Wow. I hear this now, but when I first heard the track I assumed it was just a record scratching sample. I suppose the zelda's in the details. On my first listen I thought it sounded like the Diddy Kong Racing title https://youtu.be/Ce_l_YX_MUg?t=4
  7. Nah man, microhouse is this sort of stuff http://rateyourmusic.com/genre/microhouse
  8. Convextion - 2845 is my album of the year.
  9. I like this genre. I think a more accurate name for it as said above is Lo-Fi house. Could be wrong but seems like a lot of it is coming out of Russia, or it could just be that the Aesthetic is faux Russian. Just like Vaporwave is kinda of Faux Japanese. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwuWndg7d9c
  10. I hear they are planning for 5 seasons! Kind of changed the way I thought about whats gonna happen next week when I heard that.
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