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  1. Kindof ticked that I sold my Vive not long ago, then Half Life VR gets announced. They need to do two obvious things though: 1 make it wireless, 2 increase resolution. First person games were meant for this platform, it just needs to evolve a bit more. Other then that I beat Sekiro so I've moved on to Nioh. Also playing Original Sin 2 coop every once in a while.
  2. viscosity


    I'm down, what new updates?
  3. I think she's going under a new moniker now, didn't know about all these releases: https://www.liliumkobayashi.com/
  4. Huerco S is doing a DJ set in Brooklyn on Thursday. Free before 10PM with RSVP. Apparently he released some collaboration album called Ghostride The Drift that I'm going to check out also. Would be going to this myself if I hadn't already make plans to visit my sister. https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1283753
  5. It is necessary to 'render' some of the final mixes, maxing out u-he plugins in 'divine' high quality mode and being able to use more nested functions in Tidalcycles. check my Soundcloud 😉
  6. thanks dude. it was actually mixed low, I've increased it since
  7. nice track, I've followed you on Soundcloud
  8. need to fix the camera on my phone, but these are somewhat clear. usually I'm doing stuff on my laptop, but when I need the faster CPU I use this. it's also my gaming rig when I swap out the Xonar Essence STX for a GTX 1070 mini. i7 6700k, 16GB ram, a few SSDs, dual boot Win10 and Fedora. Silverstone mini-ITX case not pictured: my Sennheiser HD25s
  9. Yeah I noticed that too. Have to reupload
  10. I'm going to keep playing Sekiro. Gameplay is on point and it just feels like a very well made single player game, I think most people that start it will eventually bucker down and complete it. But I get that it is kind of a step back to remove online coop or pvp.. Also it's lost some of the addictive incentives of broad stat building compared to DS and BB.
  11. Google says it's based of freeBSD which /= Linux. My point was that Sony is publishing the game so they are going to keep it exclusive to sell their propriety gaming hardware
  12. Shouldn't have sold my ps4 so soon. Probably zero chance this will ever see the light of day on PC. Anyway, looks like they finally got around to using neural network upscaling for The Longest Journey. People still playing Sekiro? I need to get back into it. I'm still on that Butterfly chick
  13. Thanks, I like your work, that track in your sig sounds vary jazzy. I got more coming, but I need to figure out why I'm getting these MIDI drop outs to Reaper. I've eliminated allot of Xruns by increasing the latency in Jack, but now I see these in Jack's log: [31mERROR: [0ma2j_process_incoming: threw away MIDI event - not reserved at time 141156560 jack_midi_event_reserve: time parameter is earlier than last reserved event I could tone things down, but it sounds good aside from the unwanted glitchiness.
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