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  1. I think I might have that book. There's not many out there that I'm aware of. It's a hardcover biography with drawings? Have you heard of Brian Froud? He's a great fantasy artist. Oh and I also grew up with the GNOMES book but I forget that guys name.
  2. This is a David Bowie reference right?
  3. Was walking though my parents neighborhood and saw a truck with an aphex symbol sticker in the rear window. It made me really happy.
  4. You've got good taste there! My doom is my favorite of the analords and that dead code track might just be my second.
  5. At least come up with a theme, right? Looks like they just tossed a bunch of expensive stuff into the house.
  6. Psychoactive Mars shrooms?? 😇
  7. Wasn't there an old school watmm member that left to hop trains and we never heard from him again. His username was "six"? I think?
  8. This place is for sale near a family friend's house. I recommend going through the photo gallery. https://www.realtor.ca/real-estate/23151536/1700-mt-newton-cross-rd-central-saanich-saanichton?MapSlideIn=true&utm_source=mobilenativesharing&utm_medium=social-organic&utm_campaign=socialsharelisting&propertyIds=23151536
  9. Never even knew this album existed, thanks.
  10. Got rid of facebook and I'm so happy I did. I use instagram to look at photos of graffiti.. that's it, never have posted. Is this site considered social media? I'm definitely a bit addicted to it but that seems to be a healthier thing than the other apps.
  11. Yeah man gotta pay the extra dosh. My last roommate was the exact opposite of me and we'd knock heads all the time. Someone I wouldn't associate with irl if we hadn't been randomly thrown together.
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