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  1. So that spectral effect. That's just for adding artifacts to your sounds?
  2. I have a kitten and the guys upstairs also have a new kitten and they both met today. They were together for about 5 minutes when one of the guys says that's good for today. They barely sniffed each other, how are they supposed to bond if they see each other for such a short time? It's kind of frustrating. They were being waaaay over protective.
  3. I got confused with what time it was and showed up half an hour late to work. Fortunately it doesn't really matter if I'm late as I work alone. Was wondering why it felt like I had extra time before the job today, lol!
  4. I bought these chips today and they are not sitting well in my stomach. It's late night and I'm about to go to bed and I feel like I'm going to hurl. Never again, takis.
  5. Anything that complimented aphex's music would be awesome. Some head-fucking face-melting acid type thing Would probably:
  6. I 100 percented Bowser's Fury. Two days worth of playing. Still is a good game though a tad short but who said all games should be long, right? Not super difficult but I had some frustrated moments. Was cool to play a mario game that was open world. Will be interesting to see if nintendo releases the next mario game in this style and if they can one up it.
  7. My work keeps trying to put me in a box...
  8. Only so many games. NES Adventures of Lolo Balloon Fight Baseball Blaster Master (+ SP version) City Connection Clu Clu Land Crystalis Donkey Kong Donkey Kong 3 Donkey Kong Jr. Double Dragon Double Dragon II: The Revenge Dr. Mario (+ SP version) Eliminator Boat Duel Excitebike Fire 'n Ice (available from 17 February 2021) Ghosts'n Goblins (+ SP version) Gradius (+ SP version) Ice Climber Ice Hockey Journey to Silius Kid Icarus (+ SP version) Kirb
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