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  1. U have a septum piercing ? 🤸‍♂️
  2. good looking girls with septum piercings, what a turn off
  3. I've heard the government is working on regenerating limbs buy studying salamanders. I wonder if they could find a cure for cancer by studying marijuana.
  4. I often have dreams I'm not going to graduate highschool because I'm failing one class, that I just stopped caring about. It probably means something.
  5. If I were to buy this could I put it on more than one computer?
  6. Sam acts tough, but he's really a big softie.
  7. Goddamn guys with the health talk.. I could lose a few pounds as well. I exercise but not quite the diet. I think I'm going to go back to eating eggs in the morning.
  8. so what, are they going to make a sequel cause that's what it smelt like.
  9. Just remembering why I don't watch cable tv anymore. luckily i don't pay for it, I get it from the guys upstairs
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