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  1. Ok Sniv is good. I'm listening to it now. I just have huge love for Green probably because it was one of my first CDs and one of my first electronic CDs. It has a very repetitious techno sound to it that always reminds me of Orbital.
  2. It's funny that Moby first got popular with his ravey dance tracks and then he mellowed out a whole lot
  3. Which album? I've only heard play and I liked it back then.
  4. I gotta give the Snivels a chance.
  5. But the green album is so good too
  6. I wonder how long you gotta take the stuff to get dementia...
  7. When you've gotta have your fix...
  8. I was on klonopin too for years Then I found it's not for long term use And that it's not effective long term but your body needs it.. Took me about two years to get off
  9. Dj Shadow to release next album on mass appeal... Maybe it will be good?
  10. I saw a Rolls Royce's the other day waiting for my bus It looked like this .. That's about half a mill in Canada
  11. I'm eating buffalo chicken sausage rolls that are CRAZY spicy. This might be risky if it makes my bowels upset, I have to go to work soon
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