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  1. I dreamt last night that someone I'm related to operated submarines. It's kind of hazy but it was a trippy dream.
  2. I asked them how to make idm and I was questioned if I was being legit. Thanks hyperreal 👌
  3. I have always felt the 70s look and feel as well with BOC. The bellbottoms on the mhtrtc cover and the hairstyles look 70s.
  4. Thanks man, I'll look into that if i like Johnny
  5. Rave sounds like it's going to be really good!
  6. Left side drive is an interesting choice. It's good but I'd hardly rate it as top tier, but hey
  7. My friend bought a dreamcast today and he's paying me to burn games for him. Looking forward to seeing them running on his crt tv and maybe playing some of the great fighting games that system has.
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