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  1. damn Ignatius... you got this man! Zephyr: it just so happens i listened to "what goes around comes around" today. That was such a great album. My problem is I hung out with my dad today for our yearly or so visit. He can be a real asshole. It went fairly well I'd say, except for the drive home on the highway. He's never been a good driver and has been in his share of accidents. That combined with him getting older I was fucking scared for my safety. I gotta really talk to him about it, no more highway driving when I'm with him. Edit: I missed opening ceremonies of the Olympics? Or did they not do that this year?
  2. That picture needs to be put on a postcard.
  3. The dream I had took place in highschool and we were throwing a party and we wanted girls from the grade below us to show up. I woke up in the middle of it with this phrase in my head: "if they're not freshmen they're not fresh". Please don't judge me
  4. The young kids don't realize it's sexual, while the fathers there are creaming their jeans.
  5. Hey there. Maybe you should be in the psych ward? What's the plan now?
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