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  1. What about those old behringer knob boxes. They made one model with knobs and one with faders
  2. It's the gift that keeps on giving
  3. More and more every day now on the island toooaaaddd Get to the bunker!
  4. Lol! Wattem's target audience is getting older and older.
  5. Thanks! It's Purina veterinary diets kitten. Same brand for both wet and dry. I just picked up more and we're looking at 75 dollars but will last a couple weeks
  6. New kitteh's cat food is a special vet brand that is SUPER expensive and she needs it for the next 3 months. Oh well, no more buying vinyl and other stuff I guess.
  7. Or just do drugs and watch the static channel.
  8. My mom is weird about vaccines. She told my sister she wouldn't take a covid vaccine. I might have to hold her down and 💉 her.
  9. You could anonymously post it here, make a secrete account 👀
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