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  1. That's funny, I often get gas after the food cart...
  2. I just love that new display. zooming into it and doing that wave form work on a piece of hardware looks fun. if it had a better sequencer i guess it'd be better.
  3. Grain size adjustment is very important! yeah.
  4. I'm thinking about trying French press coffee. What kind of grinder would be best to use? Is a big electric overkill for a single serving of coffee or should I look at a manual grinder?
  5. You should really watch this podcast. The guy was raised off the grid without electricity running water all that. He says at one point concerning people that say they are poor, if they live in a home with all the necessities, they are not poor. This guy was poor. Also he's a successful weightlifter and runs a successful company. I've been thinking about the same stuff in your post lately, who doesn't. It's best not to judge yourself and try and put yourself and your happiness first.
  6. I had a tape titled Junior Jug Band which was a compilation of kids songs that someone copied for me. Used to play the hell out of it and still remember the songs but it's not on YouTube. I found it on discogs and was by these guys but it wasn't any of these specific albums, just a mix of this and that: https://www.discogs.com/artist/8153012-Junior-Jug-Band Edit Just so I have something to share, it had this song on it Oh snap I can buy it https://www.kenwhiteley.com/product-category/junior-jug-band/
  7. Just a nord and waldorf?
  8. I remember seeing the vinyl and couldn't afford it as I still lived at home. 😟
  9. wasn't the first dune pretty boring too. going to still see it.
  10. You could carry a pack of cue cards in your back pocket
  11. Because often in classical the melodies are more complicated or sophisticated
  12. My step dad went all out on their yard display for Halloween.
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