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  1. this is a pretty bad movie and I'd love someone to convince me I'm wrong. there are interesting ingredients: sound design, some of the lighting and scene stuff, maybe two acting moments. it's pretty. it does not make a good movie. it feels sterile, and the soundtrack is boring and apes vangelis hard, but in a boring way. this is like star wars ep7 all over again where a massive crew of people attempt tirelessly to capture old magic, and instead make lifeless ingredients which amount to an uncomfortable echo. shame on me I guess for re-watching the original last week and re-reading the book too. at least that was enjoyable
  2. 'fraid not. The samples sound like someone's mastered mid-90s Underworld through their grandmother's gramophone: https://bleep.com/release/90434-burial-pre-dawn-indoors accurate, and I want more of it
  3. couple weeks ago I revisited Remain In Light. just as solid as I remember it. middle of track 4 on this album I turn it off and think "what is the point?". not interesting enough for me to find out, but the comparison to remain-in-light-era talking heads is 10,000% accurate
  4. yeah this is a great album. It's not front-heavy, I think the reason it feels that way is the super flat mastering that just gets totally fatiguing half way through it. It's a weird choice, because the musicianship here is top-notch and I want to hear more space between it. Drums being so crunchy-up-front remind me of indie singles from the '00s, but why here? I don't know if I like the production, but the music is so good I'll swallow it.
  5. I've felt those AI warfare moments too, like on Surripere, a rich fabric of terror and wonder. But 'chre's music encompasses so much breadth of emotion. More range than BoC. What I think they have in common is psychedelia, in exploring those depths of consciousness with texture and everything outside the boundaries of speech. They each go off in different directions toward a similar goal. Mining the psyche. Autechre is way more explorative tho. BoC taps that alternate history childhood stuff heavily.
  6. Rpeg

    Clark - Death Peak

    Listening now, and Catastrophe Anthem moving into Living Fantasy has done things to me. There are Edgar Froese vibes on Living Fantasy. I'm vibing on those vibes, this is vibey. With his s/t I was bored after one listen but I've cranked the volume three times and it's not over yet.
  7. Rpeg

    Clark - Death Peak

    ^ dis guys this is good music.
  8. The Painters EP [x] warm watery sample-topia [x] chillllllll vibez [x] singing about breakfast foods hey, they're back.
  9. trailer looks like hot garbage trying to be the next post-whatever, a nihilistic panic, but I respect flylo so might be ok
  10. Would have been more realistic had they argued over which protocol to transmit with leading to their deaths and a failed mission.
  11. def the highlight on the album for me, tho thought I was alone on that one. It's a quiet album against the rest of their work but I keep returning to it, I don't find it boring or half-baked- I enjoy it for being a gentler thing. If their next work is a sharper, more layered album that maybe more fans have come to expect, it may also foster more fondness for this one. Not my favorite but love it just the same.
  12. Drawing comparison in tragedy is hardly useful and it's not about numbers. Collection of young creative people perish in a horrific manner midst of a joyous event- yeh that's extraordinary. By all means continue to minimize people's response to loss tho.
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