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  1. Stellar playlist and design work! I’ll have to give those playlists a spin later today. Thanks!
  2. What does ”51/13” mean? A CD with 51 tracks in 13 minutes? I’d like to go to Japan but I hate flying.
  3. Aphex Twin feat. Amy Grant — Melodies From Mars REDUX I’d buy it!!
  4. I thought someone made a drone (as in loooooong notes) cover version of St Michaels Mount LOL I was there last summer and it was a beautiful place. Ive also been to mont saint michel so i can wear my afx fan badge with pride! Highlight of that cornwall trip though was spending five minutes at Redruth school. Two builders wondered why the hell i wanted to snap a photo of the place. ”Don’t miss the container there” they said. The photo turned out great and slightly depressing
  5. I was just trying to impress that giant crybaby hello spiral :( naturally im a mega fan! :D
  6. I dont like a single aphex track. Hes overrated. :(
  7. I’ve heard that Richard has been working on something with Elektron. I wonder what it might be. Hopefully ideas for implementing some next level drum programming stuff.
  8. ”The North Face”
  9. Here’s another ”wacky” suggestion: Jaki Liebezeit
  10. Rhubarb is my least favourite track on SAWII. SAWII is my favourite AFX album but I don’t care about the film of the same name.
  11. ”My soul was violated” Best AFX sales pitch ever!
  12. That Google Drive mp3 sounds awesome! Been listening to the first ten or so minutes on repeat. That’s some brilliant late night cruising music!
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