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  1. I think it would be really nice if some newly transferred SoundCloud stuff was put up for sale/download. I would very much like to hear what’s on those old cassettes in best possible quality. That would definitely make my day.
  2. We’re sooooo much cooler than the afx reddit crowd with their ”here’s my aphex collection: syro on vinyl and the on cd single and a bootleg tshirt and here’s a photo of it” posts
  3. Aren’t those bars noise from the flyback transformer on a CRT monitor? Normally they’re in that region... (jesus what is MY life coming to?!)
  4. Nailed it! Some of the ICBYD bonuses from his Warp site has similar looking spectrals so it’s definitely a 32 kHz DAT thing.
  5. I have never seen myself and RDJ in the same room. Food for thought.
  6. Listening to new phex shared for free by the man himself gives me hope for humanity. Thank you RDJ, I sincerely mean it!
  7. I’m pretty sure he meant he’s done new transfers of the original cassettes using better equipment, not re-recorded SAW1. Also, Tha2 is a thing of beauty!!!
  8. Every release. I remember the good old days of OiNK and what.cd and ICBYD was ”flagged” as being lossy, so I assume it’s baked into the original master? I could have a look at the spectrals myself but can’t be bothered to start the computer right now. [emoji3064]
  9. An important question: Why is ICBYD lossy? Was it mastered to MiniDisc or something?
  10. Stellar playlist and design work! I’ll have to give those playlists a spin later today. Thanks!
  11. What does ”51/13” mean? A CD with 51 tracks in 13 minutes? I’d like to go to Japan but I hate flying.
  12. Aphex Twin feat. Amy Grant — Melodies From Mars REDUX I’d buy it!!
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