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  1. Every release. I remember the good old days of OiNK and what.cd and ICBYD was ”flagged” as being lossy, so I assume it’s baked into the original master? I could have a look at the spectrals myself but can’t be bothered to start the computer right now. [emoji3064]
  2. An important question: Why is ICBYD lossy? Was it mastered to MiniDisc or something?
  3. Stellar playlist and design work! I’ll have to give those playlists a spin later today. Thanks!
  4. What does ”51/13” mean? A CD with 51 tracks in 13 minutes? I’d like to go to Japan but I hate flying.
  5. Aphex Twin feat. Amy Grant — Melodies From Mars REDUX I’d buy it!!
  6. I thought someone made a drone (as in loooooong notes) cover version of St Michaels Mount LOL I was there last summer and it was a beautiful place. Ive also been to mont saint michel so i can wear my afx fan badge with pride! Highlight of that cornwall trip though was spending five minutes at Redruth school. Two builders wondered why the hell i wanted to snap a photo of the place. ”Don’t miss the container there” they said. The photo turned out great and slightly depressing
  7. I was just trying to impress that giant crybaby hello spiral :( naturally im a mega fan! :D
  8. I dont like a single aphex track. Hes overrated. :(
  9. I’ve heard that Richard has been working on something with Elektron. I wonder what it might be. Hopefully ideas for implementing some next level drum programming stuff.
  10. ”The North Face”
  11. Here’s another ”wacky” suggestion: Jaki Liebezeit
  12. Rhubarb is my least favourite track on SAWII. SAWII is my favourite AFX album but I don’t care about the film of the same name.
  13. ”My soul was violated” Best AFX sales pitch ever!
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