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  1. ”The North Face”
  2. Here’s another ”wacky” suggestion: Jaki Liebezeit
  3. Rhubarb is my least favourite track on SAWII. SAWII is my favourite AFX album but I don’t care about the film of the same name.
  4. ”My soul was violated” Best AFX sales pitch ever!
  5. That Google Drive mp3 sounds awesome! Been listening to the first ten or so minutes on repeat. That’s some brilliant late night cruising music!
  6. I’ll bet you’re a hoot at parties. Although parties involve more than one person and something tells me you have no friends. :( I can be your friend. <3
  7. Thanks for posting that link. Cool stuff! I reckon the ”Eno machine” is an eternal version of ”Thursday Afternoon”...?
  8. I'm pretty sure he loves: Grand Designs presented by Kevin McCloud The World's Most Extraordinary Homes George Clarke's Amazing Spaces and especially Escape to the Country
  9. so much negativity in a lot of your posts. Life and music is magic, lighten up!
  10. please step aside and hand me your afx fan club badge, sir.
  11. here's my analysis of isopropanol and why i like it: + it's got busy beats very upfront + the intro beat thingy is very catchy + there's a cool "spooky" pad thing in the background + that little hiccupy/throwing up synth riff is nice and then further on comes the hi hats and the claps are panned for a moment and things get really funky but the best part is the flowers that bloom sample and then the return of the beat.
  12. Enough of this talk, do we have a verdict? We need to reach a consensus here. What’s good AFX and what’s bad AFX? I really need to know asap. I feel lost.
  13. Think of the environment: don’t go by plane. Wait for Richard to come within bicycle/train/coach distance from you.
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