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  1. I love this track and the other two “transmissions” - next level bangers, and they work so well within the “narrative” of the album, but they are so jarring against the sound of the rest of the album if you wanna just play it on random.
  2. Vinyls arriving. Finally. Noctis (91 Mix) IS actually a different version. The unnamed mix of it is the same as the “epic mix” on the digitals (unnamed mix on the cd) (a “beat mix” apparently either doesn’t exist or is as yet unreleased.) Beyond the Milky Way, on the vinyl, is the edit, same as on the cd… a lot of the track lengths, as per the album art are incorrect… am I missing anything? !K7 dropped the ball on this pretty hard, regarding liner notes/descriptions of product on their bandcamp etc. (also the “V Mix” of Last Rains” is the same as the undesignated mix…)
  3. The DJ Mag Feature is online now... Tom Middleton: cosmic communication A decade in the making, Tom Middleton’s new LP as GCOM, ’E2-XO’, on !K7 boasts themes of space exploration, alien communication and utopian “super-habitable” exoplanets. Ben Murphy meets the self-confessed sci-fi nerd to talk aliens, Aphex Twin, and more... https://djmag.com/longreads/tom-middleton-cosmic-communication
  4. Wow. There’s A LOT to dig into in there. Just fantastic. Eager to get into the short story(ies)…
  5. Check Insta for unpacking limited purple vinyl of Magic Pony Ride. Looks and sounds fantastic! https://www.instagram.com/mikeparadinas/tv/CYn-nLzBwkv/
  6. ooooh. just found this little Amorphous nugget from 1994, that i never knew about... (Ephidrena outtake?) Track 11 on this Virgin Comp: https://www.discogs.com/release/755100-Various-Signed-Sealed-Delivered-2
  7. Why hasn't Aleksi posted Astrobotnia II on the bandcamp? The digitals were up for the 12 or so minutes that the Rephlex store was online, so, they exist...
  8. Just looking at Aleksi's release schedule for the last 8 years since he's been on the Colundi tip... 2021: 274 Tracks 2020: 108 Tracks 2019: 22 Tracks 2018: 126 Tracks 2017: 23 Tracks 2016: 72 Tracks 2015: 125 Tracks 2014: 82 Tracks
  9. I never find any colundi disappointing. I also never find any that is “holy shit!!! This fuckin track!!!” I find it all sits in a very comfortable, enjoyable space that I quite like. I keep adding it all to the collection and keep playing it all on shuffle. I get what I get. Nothing I’m mad at. The ears and soul are sated.
  10. on a positive note, the music is still spectacular and the package/art/etc. is absolutely brilliant. Just Gorgeous all around.
  11. So Here's a screengrab of the tracklist of the CD I thought I was purchasing from K7 bandcamp: And Here's a current screen-grab, after I pointed out to them that the CD they sent does NOT, IN FACT, have 7 exclusive tracks, vs the digital version. But actually has one less song than the digital version (no XO 5) and an Edit of Beyond the Milky way. (They still haven't corrected that the first Track is actually the "Epic Mix" as also on the Digital and that The Last Rains is actually the "V Mix" as also on the digital release...: I bought the CD specifically because they advertised 7 exclusive tracks to that format: 1) Noctis Ultimus (Beat Mix) - Ends up being the "Epic Mix", same as on the digital... 5) The Last Rains ______ (No Mix Listed) - Ends up being the same track as the "V MIx" on the digital... 7) Noctis Ultimus ______ (No Mix Listed) - is not on the cd 9) Nebula Fly Pass - is not on the cd 17) XO Transmission #4 - is not on the cd 18) Alpha Centauri System - is not on the cd 19) First Step Onto Proxima B - is not on the cd other 19) Beyond The Milky Way (CD Edit) - not originally listed but is on the CD as Track 19 when 20 were listed... GRRRRRR. Poor Form, !K7 : ( Add Insult to Injury, but I also had to pay an extra 8 Quid to get it from the mail, because of customs charges due to Brexit.
  12. https://www.magneticmag.com/2021/10/album-review-gcom-e2-xo/ https://igloomag.com/reviews/gcom-e2-xo-k7
  13. And on the Scientology thing… yeah… https://daily.bandcamp.com/lists/colundi-aleksi-perala-interview https://ra.co/features/2567
  14. Probably a desire to dig into Level 17.1-17.6
  15. also. The Colundi Sequence Vol 1, 2 & 3 are a sort of "best of" the first 16 "Levels" and Ovuca "Bonus", so also nice tasters to get a start...
  16. if i remember correctly, all of the spectrums were free/pay what you can... i think if you click through all the albums on the bandcamp you might find a few "free" ones to trial and then dig in further if any of it suits your fancy. beware. it's addicting stuff...
  17. Except that means there’s only one track of the lot that isn’t avail in full hi res quality for digital listeners/completists…
  18. Digital dl has different tracks than the CD. CD has 7? exclusive tracks or versions. I think the vinyl only has one exclusive version.
  19. Also a few other track differences between formats... The Last Rains vs The Last Rains (V Mix) Noctis Ultimus - (unmixed version, not on the digital version) Nebula Fly Pass - CD Only XO Transmission #4 - CD Only Is There an XO 3 (there's 1,2, 4,5,6, and 7) Alpha Centauri System - CD Only First step onto Proxima B - CD Only
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