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  1. the cipher is different for each "disc" but are versions of morse code as near as I can tell... let us know if you get a translation
  2. Fucking Blerp. Today they changed the Transmissions page. It no longer says WAV/FLAC included... and they finally responded to email: The sampler is the only DLs included. Shady shit. What It's looked like since it was announced: Today's New Updated Version:
  3. So, I wrote that wrong. It’s not Mighty Force’s first release, but it is the first release from Matthew Herbert, apparently. anyway, carry on.
  4. Mighty Force Records' first ever release gets the remix treatment! 19 tracks including the Sonation "Can You Phase Me" Mix, with additional production from Tom Middleton. Evolution Records alum, The Horn, also contributes a mix, along with fantastic work from Puskin, Myoptik, Chuck Cogan, and many more. Fog City was Mighty Force honcho Mark Darby and Matthew "Wishmountain" Herbert (with Tom Middleton on Piano on one track as well)... All proceeds will be donated to Medecins Sans Frontiers. An almost accidental project set up by Mighty Force Records to remix the track “Sidewinder” by Fog City, written by Matthew Herbert and Mark Darby in 1993. The original track (not included in this release) was inspired by a rattlesnake moving across the desert sand at night. The project began as a question on a Facebook post, wondering if anyone would ever attempt a remix. Mark expected maybe one or two people might give it a go but this very soon spiraled into 19 remixes each of which has a unique sound. https://mightyforce.bandcamp.com/album/sidewinder-rewound
  5. Interesting to hear these original mixes vs. what Alan Moulder ended up working them into for the released EP.
  6. Blindfold EP - Bootleg EP Series 1 Original Unreleased Blindfold EP Mixes by Steve Osbourne - Curve Produced by Dean Garcia Toni Halliday and Steve Osbourne https://curve.bandcamp.com/album/blindfold-ep-bootleg-ep-series-1 Dean Garcia digging into old DATS...
  7. https://gerd.bandcamp.com/album/vulcan-princess https://gerd.bandcamp.com/album/starbirth
  8. Singles Bsides Remixes and this album with bonus tracks and previously vinyl only tracks now avail digitally. I think the warehouse finds of vinyl copies very quickly sold out but cd copies still there. hella good sounds from Universal Language/Evolution Records Circa ‘97
  9. https://gerd.bandcamp.com/album/this-touch-is-greater-than-moods Third and final release in the Gerd trilogy series for Universal Language/Evolution released back in 1997. Now available digitally for the first time. Including 9 previously unreleased tracks found on the original mid 90's session tapes. Some physical stock copies up for grabs too.
  10. If you missed the preorder there might be a couple of cancels and copies re-available because of the delay. Keep you F5 armed and ready.
  11. I’ve always wanted a dub/instrumental version of that one. I love PJ but it’s because of her abrasiveness. And her voice in a global communication ambient mix is just a little extra for my liking.
  12. I’ve been rinsing this on a loop. So much classic brilliance and new shiz I would never have known about.
  13. 01. Tom Middleton - ASIP + 9128 intro02. Global Communication - 0:5403. The oldest sound in the cosmos - cosmic microwave background radiation from the Big Bang Tuning out Saturn radio waves04. Carl Sagan - Voyager Gold Disc interview05. Ganymede and Whistlers06. Jean-Michel Jarre - Equinoxe Pt.107. Tomita - Suite Bergamasque / Clair de Lune08. Vangelis - Dr. Tyrells Owl09. Chihei Hatakeyama + Federico Durand - Luisa10. Sigur Rós - Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do11. Underworld - Sunshine12. Brian Eno - 3M513. Julianna Barwick - The Harbinger (Alex Somers Remix)14. Lowercase Noises - The Last Stages of Consumption15. Global Communication - 4:1416. Kara Lisa Coverdale - Grafts (edit)17. bvdub - Make The Pain Go Away18. Steve Roach - This Moment Is Memory19. GCOM - Atmosphere Test20. Brian Eno - Signals21. Qebrµs - ۩ ִ ְ ֲ ֳ ֲ ۩ - 05 ฌฎ๒๓๔ญ°°°°°22. Marc Streitenfeld - Earth23. Vangelis - Heaven and Hell (Theme from 'The Cosmos')24. Tom Middleton - Sunset25. Reload (+E621) - Event Horizon (TM edit)26. Boards of Canada - Olson27. The Orb - O.O.B.E.28. Shur-i-kan (Tom Szirtes) - Ebb and Flow29. Jeff Taylor Cross - Ambient 0230. Spooky - Orange Coloured Liquid31. Marcomé - Memoria32. Aphex Twin - Lichen33. Lowercase Noises - Ambient Songs 0634. Laraaji - Being Here35. Machine Drum - 528Hz Love Frequency36. Yoko Sen - Sleepscape 637. Tom Middleton - St Ives Bay38. Dustin O’Halloran - Memories (Lion)39. August Wilhelmsson - Somewhere in Between40. Sienna - Seven Bays for Seven Days41. Lights & Motion - Glaciers42. Rone - Human43. Tom Middleton - Sea Of Glass (Jon Hopkins mix)44. One Divided Soul - Of45. Jakob Ahlbom - Ether46. LA Synthesis - Zyllvakrynn47. The Presets - Promises (Nils Frahm Version)48. Ilya Malyuev - Universe49. Global Communication - Incidental Harmony50. Tom Middleton and Ulrich Schnauss - Midaus 151. Tom Middleton - WYV AUW CHU (Ambient mix)52. Mmoths - Deu53. John Beltran - Clouds Pull54. Universal Solution - Liquid Love55. Ralf and Florian - Tanzmusik56. Brian Eno 1:1 (excerpt)57. Felix Mendelssohn's Hawaiian Serenaders (featuring Tommy Middleton) - Always and Always58. Ben Kenobi - The Force Will Be With You Always
  14. Download avail from link at site/article/interview.
  15. Holy Toledo. 58 track 3+hour mix from Tom Middleton. Transcendent. https://www.astrangelyisolatedplace.com/blog/2020/6/10/isolatedmix-100-tom-middleton
  16. Standalone 76:14 and Pentamerous Metamorphosis Vinyl avail at Mark’s updated warp shop: https://markpritchard.warp.net/discography
  17. https://www.daisrecords.com/products/you-sunchaser
  18. as far I know they own all the rights for Jedi Knights. It seems to only have ever been released from Evolution/Universal Language. The issue with Jedi Knights is use of the name "Jedi Knights" (see their old lawsuit/cease and desist from George Lucas after the DM remix came out) and the likelihood of not being able to clear any of the multitudes of samples throughout the album. and then the difficulty/expense of securing rights, finding masters to the songs they remixed. we can always hold out hope it can be sorted. I would love a deluxe pkg. And finally decent copies of the bomb the bass remixes, disco magic, the flow, return of the jedis ep... If I had any say in what a Deluxe Edition would look like: New School Science: May The Funk Be With You Noddy Holder One For M.A.W. Science Friction The Truth Lessons Air Drums From Outer Bongolia Dance Of The Naughty Knights Human Blancmange Solina (The Ascension) Afterlife (Bonus Track?) Antacid (Jedi Knights Remix) - Link & E621 Bonus Disc Pubic Funk (Live) Catch The Break Big Knockers Nutsin Time Machine Absorber (Jedi Knights Mix Part I) - Bomb The Bass Absorber (Jedi Knights Mix Part II) - Bomb The Bass The Flow (Jedi Knights Mix) - Model 500 Home (Jedi Knights Drowning In Time) - Depeche Mode Jumbo (Jedis Electro Dub Mix) - Underworld Jumbo (Jedis Sugar Hit Mix) - Underworld Afrika Shox (Jedi's Elastic Bass Mix) - Leftfield Disco Magic (Secret Ingredients Mix) - The Jedis
  19. Mark and Tom and WARP were worried it wouldn't sell out, because of the whole MOV bullshit. Now that it has, it means that they might press more depending on demand... now of course that is hard to gauge... But, because it sold out, despite MOV's product being out there, WARP will be more likely to back a deluxe Short Stories Box... I cross my fingers tightly.
  20. MFAcid #1, #2, & #3 avail for DL at https://mightyforce.bandcamp.com/ Also dig into The Horn's Synscrypt EP while you're there...
  21. Mighty Force - MF ACID #4 Hot on the heels of Volume 3 comes MF ACID #4. And what a big one it is! Featuring another five blistering tracks. Anthemic House from Music For Freaks mainman Justin Harris. A rare excursion into Acid House by Carpe Sonum chillout master Sven Kössler, another chunk of 303 courtesy of Macros, Inkipak's squelching Breaks and a slab of Electro as only _Nyquist can do. It's already picked up radio plays from Wes Baggaley/Rinse FM, Jaye Ward/Netil Radio and Alan Mackenzie/1BTN The vinyl campaign will run until July 31st which is also the digital release date. As usual, everyone who purchases the vinyl release will receive the digital files too. This release is pre-order only so, ONCE IT'S GONE, IT'S GONE! However, 100 is the minimum order to get this pressed... any orders over 100 will of course be fulfilled. Thanks again to Arni Gretar for mastering and Christian Bjurinder for the artwork. Preorder yours at: https://qrates.com/projects/20904-mf-acid-4
  22. hayhook

    ventolin eps

    The DJ mix was by "DJ WARP" compiling a bunch of unreleased Vibert jams. The Tracklisting named it Ventolin (Luke Vibert Actual Mix)
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