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  1. Three years later it’s finally here! https://bleep.com/release/244094-gcom-e2-xo A forward-facing, blue-sky-thinker at heart, DJ/producer/sound designer/composer Tom Middleton holds a vital place in the history of UK electronic music. He returns with more innovation in the form of his new project GCOM following work in Global Communication in the early 1990s with Mark Pritchard. Right off the bat, we’re in uncharted territory — for Middleton, as well as electronic music in general — as the whispering static ambience of ‘Noctis Ultimus’ gradually morphs into urgent, bellowing strings usually found in film scores. This sets the stage for the epic galactic journey of E2-XO, as disparate strains of cinematic string sections and Middleton’s hardened D&B pedigree coalesce into a world beyond boundaries. The frenetic beats on the likes of ‘XO 1 (Luyten B)’ collide with the mournful performance of ‘Noctis Reprise (For QEBRUS)’ with the force of tectonic plates. The zenith of these combined classical-meets-electronic approaches finds a particularly full-bodied, multi-layered form in the third act of this LP, as swathes of strings ebb and flow across pinging arps like the flow of a great tidal wave, captured slow motion. GCOM is the new unique project from Tom Middleton, an artist capable of inspiring the grandest drama regardless of his choice of instrumentation. It is a thrilling voyage across this 20 track epic.
  2. “… in 1889, an instrument called a spectroscope revealed that Mizar’s brighter telescopic component consisted of two stars – making Mizar the first binary star ever discovered by spectroscopic means. At a later date, Mizar’s dimmer telescopic component also showed itself to be a spectroscopic binary, meaning that Mizar consists of two sets of binaries – making it a quadruple star. As for Alcor, it was long believed that Mizar and Alcor were not gravitationally bound and did not form a true binary star system. In 2009, though, two groups of astronomers independently reported that Alcor actually is itself a binary, consisting of Alcor A and Alcor B. Astronomers now believe that the Alcor binary system is gravitationally bound to the Mizar quadruple system – making six stars in all, where we see only two with the eye.“
  3. https://www.discogs.com/Radiohead-Amnesiac/release/13638243 deluxe Amnesiac from 2009 has all the Bsides. (Tracks 1-8 on CD 2)
  4. Aleksi gets star nerd and includes Alcor in the ζ with Mizar cuz it’s a binary star (that actually includes 6 stars in the system) https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/album/northern-lights-alcor https://earthsky.org/brightest-stars/mizar-and-alcor-the-horse-and-rider/
  5. Good stuff here: https://napoleon-tunes.bandcamp.com/album/shelf-life-unreleased-demos-91-to-21-vol-1
  6. so what are they actually? (not that the "titles" really help differentiate one track from another)
  7. okay what's up with Phantasia V having the same track titles as Phantasia IV? PHANTASIA V by Aleksi Perälä
  8. From FB today... "I've been writing a sort of follow up to Lunatic Harness called Magic Pony Ride..." Plus Cover Art for Deluxe 25th Anniversary Vinyl Release (and I'm assuming 2xCD) of Lunatic Harness and Accompanying EPs (squint for bonus tracks...)
  9. They sent me an email asking for my address to send to. (I had inquired if they would be correcting the glitch)
  10. So, I'm guessing we'll be getting the 7 stars in the Big Dipper (with occasional II's and III's) alternating with the 9 Letters of "Phantasia" ? gonna bee a good next 12+/- weeks woot!
  11. All tracks named after ursae major stars… a la Northern Lights…
  12. Also he wrote that to Chris knowing that his child is trans. Chris Tee releases musics as “Pushkin” and it’s lush. https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/sertra-line
  13. Here’s a comment Carbinax wrote on my friend Chris Tee’s fb: “Chris Tee, society is clearly being subverted and eroded. You may be perfectly happy with primary school children being taught that they can change their gender, but I certainly am not. That is child abuse, plain and simple. Whether you believe in the bible or not Chris, the evidence for a society becoming more perverted and freakish, is everywhere, and as soon as one taboo is permitted, the next tier of taboo is immediately challenged. None of this non-binary nonsense entered peoples minds until society caved in and permitted the "fundamental" taboos that would then also allow all it's offshoots to be questioned. The things that are taboo right now, will be legal in 10 years, because we now have a society that says "well, they challenged the court system, and so can we.......what about MY right to happiness......what about MY human rights?"..............and because society has proudly championed deviance and perversion, instead of preventing it, the next generation will target their own set of taboos. You happy with that kind of depravity, because its coming. And yes, it bothers me greatly. Not because I use the Bible or a "comic book " as you put it, to self-righteously bash people with, but because I see society, oblivious, and damaging itself, and proud of its enlightenment, which is actually myopia.” -his rant after the “disgusting perversions” on display at Eurovision. (Conchita, Iceland, Madonna et al)...
  14. https://www.facebook.com/groups/864907786964149/permalink/3915836561871241/
  15. There’s been a few threads on twgeema on fb regarding multiple peoples’ interactions with him spewing Transphobic bullshit and other hateful rants. (I’ve personally had same with him as well). Running to work, so can’t quote them right now.
  16. Would be psyched about this except Carbinazi’s on it. Hard Pass.
  17. FI3AC2151140 (Track 14) phantasia II... nice little standup-bassline rollin'...
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