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  1. There is still some chance that the number of new COVID cases per day in the UK will not hit a new all time high before the grand reopening on July 19th
  2. In computer games, when the map has a fixed size, it's done to save computational resources (e.g. the CPU power it takes to compute everything that happens within the map and the memory and disk space to keep track of it). But of course, if our universe is a simulation, I would expect the that external universe that is running the simulation does not have the exact same laws of physics as the simulated universe, so it's impossible for us to tell what kind of computational resources are needed to run the simulation. The simulated universe having an expanding map or a fractal-like map are possibilities too. The idea of a limited map fits especially well for explaining the Fermi paradox, though. I think humans will never find out whether we live in a simulation or not, and if we are in a simulation, what's outside of it.
  3. One possible explanation for the Fermi paradox is that the universe we live in is a simulation, and distant stars or distant galaxies do not actually exist in the simulation. The entities running the simulation may have created a universe with a limited map in order to save computational resources. This would be similar to an open-world computer game where when you get to the edge of the map, you will run into a barrier that cannot be crossed, e.g. an endless ocean or mountains that cannot be climbed. When you are at the edge of the map, you will still see something at the horizon but the territory at the horizon cannot be reached because it is outside the map of the game.
  4. People who refuse to get vaccinated increase the spread of COVID and thereby make it more likely for someone who is vaccinated to still catch COVID
  5. Where's this quote from? I tried googling but nothing comes up
  6. Yes, I think stealing people's money and then quickly disappearing was his plan. And it's pretty stupid anyway but that's what he did
  7. It happened in the BoC fans community. Some guy called Jason Dowd ripped some artists off and sold the music pretending it was his own. Here is a Twoism thread about it: https://www.twoism.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=13672
  8. I think Claudius t Anuuslim posted in a wrong thread by mistake. Mods, can you move his post to the flat earth thread?
  9. I think being boastful is quite a harmless character flaw compared to other kinds of character flaws. Most people have some kind of a character flaw, so if that's her worst trait, that's not that bad at all
  10. Music theory doesn't really say that all your notes have to be on the same scale. Theory tutorials for beginners might say something like that but that's just oversimplification of theory that's done with the aim of making it easier to digest. Music theory has concepts e.g. passing notes, chromatic harmony, borrowed chords and modulations for describing the off notes. I'm sure whatever you come up with by moving the notes by 2 semitones, theory actually already has names and concepts to describe it.
  11. Not necessarily. Music in some melodically and harmonically complex styles like jazz or classical is generally made by people who use theory while constructing the music. Music theory is less relevant of course for making three chord punk rock, or techno where the only element that's not a percussion is a three note bassline
  12. Is it known for a fact that Aphex doesn't know music theory? To me, his early 90s stuff sounds like it's been made by someone who doesn't know music theory but I would guess he has picked up the theory later
  13. Anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, COVID deniers and too early releases of lockdowns increase the spread of the virus and make the return to normal take much longer than it otherwise would
  14. Are you trying to insult me for my valid concerns right now?
  15. I would also say that yes, many people are unaware. A large proportion of people are dumbasses who are in denial about the pandemic, or still haven't understood the basics of how the virus is transmitted and how to prevent its spread
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