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  1. Staff members in all four fast food takeaway places in my neighbourhood wear their masks under the nose all the time. Both the people preparing the food and the people facing the customers do this. I'm not sure if this is illegal or not but it's definitely stupid
  2. It's kind of interesting how Boards of Canada might seem more like Kraftwerk on first impression: they have few albums and the albums are all very refined. However, based on old interviews with Boards of Canada, their creative process is actually more like Tangerine Dream's (involving a lot of loose jamming and tons of outtakes). They just have a very tight filter for deciding what ends up on an album.
  3. ghsotword


    Yes. This is especially bad if there are any electrical cables or plastic water pipes in the attic. Given enough time, the squirrels are guaranteed to chew them into pieces, causing either a fire or a flood
  4. DAWs normally have automation tracks that are independent from MIDI CC tracks. What DAW do you use? Can't you just use the DAW's automation tracks instead of MIDI CC messages?
  5. Google still tracks you when you're logged out and the Youtube recommendations are still affected by what you watch when logged out. I never log in to Youtube and the recommended videos still change based on what I click on
  6. The Channel Blocker browser plugin helps to remove stuff like this from Youtube's recommended videos
  7. Has anyone put together a comprehensive list of tracks that Aphex has never made? It would be handy to have a list like that. I'm pretty sure he never made a track called River Wharfe that starts with a reversed 808 cowbell. Unfortunately, I can't think of any other tracks he never made besides this one
  8. It seems to me that the main thing that made Jordan Peterson world famous was some odd quirk in Youtube's recommendations algorithm that made Youtube persistently shove his content at everyone a few years ago. The quirk in Youtube's algorithm can also explain why there has been such a backlash against his content: viewers get annoyed if Youtube tries to force feed them content they don't like. Without this force feeding, the viewers wouldn't really care what this guy's opinions on things are
  9. It's a bit hypocritical of Putin to say he has no interest in invading the neighboring Easten European countries, and yet be upset about the NATO bases established in these countries. If he is not going to attack these countries, why does he see these bases as a problem? The idea that NATO itself could invade Russia is so implausible that it doesn't really count as an answer here. Also, the main reason for the expansion of NATO bases to countries neighbouring Russia was that these Easten European countries themselves invited NATO there to be guarded against Russia. The expansionism of the U
  10. I don't think I've ever come across an IDM fan who is a Trump supporter, so there seems to be a strong correlation between listening to IDM and having certain political views. The music, track titles or artwork themselves don't usually contain any explicit political messages, though, so it's not obvious to me where this correlation comes from
  11. Does anyone remember the Syntheme controversy from 2009? As far as I understood, the tracks were presented as if they had been made by a girl (Louise Wood) but they had actually been made by Global Goon (Johnny Hawk). And because of how they were presented they got more attention than Johnny Hawk's tracks normally did.
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    It's above 20k now (new all time high). Does anyone on WATMM care?
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