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  1. Pharaoh Saunders Miles Davis PRINCE Beatles Zeppelin Velvet Underground Christ, this could go on forever. And change
  2. and Pitt's voice gets on my nerves. Seems like an ok guy but sounds like an idiot trying to sound smart
  3. John malkovich has nothing to do with global warming, this is getting ridiculous
  4. I was middle aged when I realized Pewee Herman got his style from Tintin
  5. are Meryl Steep and Glenn Close the female Robert Deniro and Al Pacino?
  6. gun control is practical in places like New Zealand Australia. Gun culture is so interlinked with rugged individualism in America. Just mentioning It people will stockpile weapons.. There are more guns in America than Americans. Politicians are also bought. We know that. I know the whole video game debate is often guffawed at. In the 80's they were blamed for things, but First person shooter games really started taking prevalence around the time Columbine happened and it's all been fucked ever since.
  7. Does anyone here really think gun control is going to solve this problem?
  8. I guess these kinds of jobs attract people with a fetish. Like necrophiliacs working in a funeral home. Or gore junkies working in EMT.
  9. Holden is annoying but the Expanse is damn good sci fi. If you are into that
  10. marf


    Well, you'll get a real proper Brexit now
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