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  1. Don't watch porn much but I popped it on yesterday and saw a guy with a dick that had not the girth of a baby's arm but the girth of MY arm. And I work out!
  2. Lawyer, go fuck yourself. Ive been looking for this for ages
  3. Ive been informed by a couple very nerdy genealogists in my family that Im directly related to William fucking Wallace. Perhaps through this brothers? Freedom motherfuckers!
  4. Now this, Multiplicity syndrome? Is she a great actress? She truly switches into different people. How can this be real. My heads exploding
  5. Sacha is a bit older than me, but we both remember a world pre social media. Pre needing a computer to do anything but write a term paper. We know we can live without it.. But as time moves on a whole world will not be able to see this objectively.
  6. IM confused. Is this aphex's stuff? If not they nailed that early sound.
  7. Such an amazing sounding pedal. Sunn in a box, but that is the problem too
  8. Check out the doc one child nation. every food and medicine in China is touted to give you a bigger boner. They can’t stop fucking.. Really, tho, check out that doc. i dont know why people want kids but I’m weird
  9. I remember Beck coming out with Loser, and he was like 24 or 26 and it seemed so old to me at the time. Woah.
  10. Popped on In the Flesh on Telly. Gutted there is no season3
  11. How come I have to cough when it goes down the wrong hole but gay guys get off scot-free when it goes up the wrong hole?
  12. You can't breathe in India. These under developed countries are going to want to start shitting indoors sooner or later. The problem is it makes me think like a sicko. Like we need another plague, maybe a nuke wouldn't be so bad. The holocaust was bad but less humans are good right? Abortion could be helping things. Over population thoughts devolve into some really dark thoughts
  13. Pop music has gone down the shitter. This is a great track.
  14. He's cut out the "please kill me" scene in a few of his films.
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