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  1. Biden was chosen by the DNC in SC, Bernie was leading and had a strong following. Just like Before
  2. When the Democratic Party knights someone as the next in line instead of going for the excitement and momentum of the voter things don't turn out well. I could be wrong but it looks that way
  3. Trump is going to win. At least he doesn't start wars. People hated the wars
  4. to the OP. Yes. something to worry about
  5. Well, Trump, America is a forgiving place. You can be a professional failure. If at first you don't succeed let failure be Your Style!!!!!
  6. Thanks BrainTree!! I installed everything . Loaded up my huge mkv of Alien 1979 and took screen shots. Notice the title bar It's really lush. Lots good stuff coming down the pike
  7. marf

    The Shaggs?

    The Reason The Shaggs are so good is they were probably recporded in a really good studio. With all the best equipment at the time. The Father probably made sure of that!
  8. You mean the one I Jerk off to? Thats some serious info. Im not ok sharing that. Butt thanks
  9. we are getting our fuzzy signals crossed. What I have is dynaco st-70 dynaco a25 speakers I use raw wire connection Cost about $1200 usd, altogether
  10. I download the best quality I can. But my stereo is pure luxury. That is where the sound starts. I have a valve amp and speakers made for that amp. An Album is great for the artwork. It's like buying a book or painting
  11. A quote from silence of the lambs; Hannibal Lecter "We begin by coveting what we see every day"
  12. hey guys, no movie title here, I'm a humble man. Today has been shall we say fudge factory 'esque. A real assembly line going. I decided on doing a coffee enema with olive oil and water. It worked. Worked tooo good. The Toilet said fuck you I'm out and stopped working. So back to square one
  13. marf


    OOh, can you imagine if they made oled contact lenses?! Make me a stillsuit, Id be at Kroger buying toilet paper in that shit
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