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  1. Chernobyl, hbo continues to deliver on its perfection. Other than the last season of GOT
  2. Uk and USA are always mirroring each other like an alternate dimension where things are the same but slightly different. The hair, The hair, the hair the hair. He's going to win
  3. it is serious. I feel like Im alone in the world when people like these shitty movies and music. People loves these awful films.
  4. I saw empire strikes back in the theater. Waited for return of the Jedi I really hate CG. I understand stuff like background landscape. Thats fine. Unnoticeable. Hate creatures and robots done in CG. Hate it,
  5. I just realized today that a tambourine Man could never play a song for anyone. It is impossible to play a song on a tambourine
  6. x files predicted 9/11 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmmOVSmmdwk&feature=share
  7. Black mirror is nice and all but its always the brain implant / alternative reality upload consciousness thing.
  8. Big question. Why do I hate everything about Star Wars now even though I loved the first 3 and still do? Nostalgia? Or are they really better?
  9. Had a friend tell me he has cancer on a facebook message. (since died) There is nothing you can say without making them feel dead already. They withdraw from the world. Told him my basement flooded , he said there was too much rain there too and a week later he was dead. Down side of having a penchant for older friends, they die on you.
  10. No soundtrack in the Sopranos. As far as I could tell. It might be the quietest show ever made too. Not the songs they play (like Aphex). but just a general moody soundtrack. Doesn't exist
  11. Only thing is not many people make it through their 70's
  12. Satan & Adam doc.. Hit me in the feels. I knew immediately they were the group in that rattle and hum track
  13. Watching the Strain. I like it, but keep feeling it might fall into the Hemlock Grove file of why the fuck did I watch that?
  14. marf


    Still haven't watched this season, yet. I feel like summer is a bad time. The fall seems more appropriate.
  15. any older fucks like me remember the going "postal thing"? That was it. No other mass shootings. Now, it's someone going postal everywhere BUT the post office everyday
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