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  1. A dem president probably won't get much done if the partisan politics of gridlock continues. You'd have to be very savy about timing. People said to wait on Obama care but he went forward and it helped people. In a climate of total obstructionism.
  2. Ive been recently mesmerized by the Tarim Mummies. Then you scroll down and you see these idiots "let them sleep"
  3. Do professional golfers retire to office jobs?
  4. gaddafi blew up an airliner. You know how they love to blow up airplanes. Its only ben a few days
  5. I wouldn't fly commercial right now Why is Iran such an issue, anyway? Pakistan has nukes and that dump is barely held together with gum and toothpicks. I think saudi arabia controls the white house and has for a while. What's the first thing a new president does. Goes over there and kisses them on the lips. Literally and sanctions are immoral. It does nothing but hurt innocent people and it isn't effective.
  6. He might have OCD, but I don't think that is what makes this man the way he is. It has to be autism.
  7. Its really who did the ripping. Pirate MFSL or find someone who is known for great rips from vinyl. Or you could go crazy and buy the wav. If you have a great system you'll feel the difference, but who the fuck am I
  8. Looks like the way to go is Modalys-er with openmusic. Or scrap all that and get a good contact mic and roll your own stuff with a sampler
  9. Rip Ram Dass. Zero news on his death
  10. it was peer pressure. i think one little puff now days wouldn't be so bad. When i took acid once i took a huge bong hit. i was drooling after the hit. But it was the only time i got really massive immersive visuals. So the two really worked together. And no anxiety. What a night
  11. I used to smoke so much fucking weed. Wake and bake. all day long. I realized I hated it. Took me two years. Every time Id smoke it Id go into an existential crisis. Ive taken everything but crack and meth. No problems. Weed Im crying in bed I would love to go to an opium den, though. There is one near the border of northern India.
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