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  1. This is one of those things that totally changed my life. Just a 2 minute video.
  2. I wrote a joke.. What did they call the slut on the indian reservation?........"spread eagle"
  3. Locke and Key isn't bad. It's a pretty visual show. kind of fun actually. Just watch it at home. You get to relax and not get a manslaughter charge for driving though a farmers market.
  4. He’s managed to endanger the lives of others and piss off David lynch at the same time
  5. He is so obsessed with measurements except his own time. He can code, but chooses to work minimum wage at walmart 7 days a week and spends 2 hours degreasing a pizza.
  6. Right, well there are people who can see numbers as shapes. They literally have what it seems to have super human function. So, cute come back
  7. Are you sure he said that as Noam cannot be understood with the human ear. If Bernie wins he better do a damn good job or we are going to end up with a Carter thing and maybe an even more extreme republican swing the other way. It would be great if Bernie won but he won't get much done with the gridlock we have
  8. Wilford Brimley is still alive. He was old in the Thing. That was like 1981
  9. The plague had a 50 to 100 percent mortality rate. Plus side is after the great plague there were less people and workers could request more money for their labour. It totally changed the world for the better. For a time
  10. Servant. Feels like episodes are ten minutes because it is THAT good
  11. Well, suing someone is not easy. Takes money etc. Also, ideas are cheap? I'll have to disagree with you there. Maybe your Idea of an idea is totally different. Most of the greatest Bands have only a handful of great songs with great melodies. A great melody is like a pearl in the ocean. Not to sound cheesy, but maybe your bar is set too low?
  12. had a food idea. DictaterTots. "If you can't beat 'em Eat 'em"
  13. You guys or gals ever get afraid someone is going to lift your melody? Id love to post stuff, but Im afraid ti be honest. Until it's a proper release
  14. Maybe God meant Atom and not Adam. To give us a leg up on knowledge, but a fucking typo added 4000 years to our progress
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