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  1. Ah. Agiesm. Nice touch. Im done. Not getting into it. I'll go sit in my rocking chair
  2. Im also reading the Beatles put their whole mix through the Fairchild. One thing about Get Back that I didn't know was the album was recorded on the roof. I thought it was just a promo show. Totally impressed with John too seeming too not give 2 shits about anything, but Yoko pulling it off.
  3. Didn't they put the drums through them? Yeah. value is perception for sure. So we've decided that discrete vintage tube gear is thin sounding and narrow. I don't know. Im no expert at all. But a software synth doesn't come close to a real analog minimoog or the like. Or a huge sounding preamp. I don't think I agree with you after using a lot of gear. Now the tape is what's missing. Thats what makes everything so tiring to listen to these days. I need those transients squashed. Limited bandwidth? Really? On paper maybe you are right. Ill have to ask some techs. My ears say no Analog gear isn't just for colourisation. Its paper or plastic. Meat or Vegan burger
  4. You aren't working? Im the exact same way. My sleep schedule rotates
  5. marf

    Now Reading

    Is Proust a Buddhist? I can't read at home. Where do you guys find the time and place? Im so distracted at home by screens. And will power doesn't work
  6. Suggestions? The Beatles Gear is the most high end gear ever made. A Fairchild compressor costs 60 thousand dollars. Their mics were all high end valve mics. Probably the best studio ever made.Theres a 100 dollar book about it The better the gear the less instruments you need. Everything is fuller and thicker and clearer and occupies each place in the spectrum .
  7. Yeah, I get laughed at. But the best sounding stuff is discrete and through hole design. Maybe its the faults that make it better. I dont know. I own an old ems synthi. It's the best sounding synthesizer Ive ever heard. Ever. Ive been told it's the Fet distortion. It's a discrete machine with quality components. Its just lovely, So I go with that mind set. How can I follow the sound that entrances me? Thats what keeps me sitting in front of something twiddling a knob back and forth for an hour and wondering where the time went. Chim; Right now I have a Sienhiesser m8 Im selling. It sounds great, Really nice. Lots of transformers. Nice eq, not enough channels for me. And a tech Im talking to says I need to go line level and just use outboard eqs and stuff. And I kind of agree with him. here's the sale if anyone wants it; https://reverb.com/item/54790862-sennheiser-m8-1987-black Im currently looking at the tonelux (nice price) https://vintageking.com/tonelux-otb-16 or the https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MFTwenty5--purple-audio-mftwenty5-summing-mixer Im going to run everything through a bae 1073 on the master for that harmonic saturation. https://www.baeaudio.com/products/1073mp
  8. "best sounding records have been recorded with the gear that’s of mediocre fidelity " That doesn't make sense. I agree a good musician and the music is the most important thing .Of course without question Why do people like Neve ? I have golden ears. I dont like the sound of records today. To clean and crisp. I can tell its all computer. I like the sound of old records. 80's, 70's. I know there was tape, etc. I can't get into it with a tech. Ive been talking to techs all month and Im exhausted. They all differ in their opinions too, I might add. Funny since its all math at the end of the day. Sure there is noise with discrete but there is a softness and color I like with that stuff. I have dynaco A25's and a quad 303 33 amplifier. Nope. Not transparent. But I plan on using neutral headphones for the final mix. Getting into room acoustics and all that is a rabbit hole too.
  9. Im obsessed with the best quality sound I can get. Mixer wise. I can't afford top end mixers. I want discrete Class A design. Or at least discrete. I dont need too many channels, Just want thick beautiful sound.
  10. Im constantly Gas lighting myself with this dementia shit. Looking at comments online I don't remember making. Or videos I don't remember liking. Life is getting scary. Im always afraid.
  11. Oh I know. Its a bitch getting off Benzos. Now they say it causes dementia. So I have to get off. After I tackle the depression. It will probably take a year at least. Sucks being so dependent on something
  12. Oh I know. Ive been on Benzo for ten years, Benzos preclude Ketamine from working.I went to a detox centre to get off the klonopin in 14 days to try the ketamine. But the rapid detox just doesn't work for benzos. I tried Got close. I really wish I could try it
  13. To be honest ever since Covid dropped I think the world has been cursed. It all started then, and I've felt a darkness about the world. I think my depression is tied to it somehow. As kooky as that may sound. I forgot; I got the sciatica from jumping out of the hospital bed and landing on the floor while handcuffed during my manic episode. One day that totally fucked my life up
  14. Ive been suffering from debilitating depression for 2 years. Nothing has worked. Even ECT.(shock therapy) Ive been in and out of mental hospitals in that time. Month long stays. For suicidal ideation. It's been a nightmare. Long story here we come. Note: I was stable for 12 years on Zoloft. I have a cough. A constant dry unproductive cough. It just happened one day. I don't know what it's from. Ive had surgery for a hiatal hernia (Gerd). Didn't go away. CT scans. Pulmonologists. Nothing. So the depression started with the Allergy test. I couldn't take Benadryl for a 7 days to get the allergy test. So I turned to Robitussin Dm. I liked it. I liked it too much. After swigging bottles of it for days, I asked reddit if I could just buy the dextromethorphan in pill form. Yes, you can get it at the dollar store. Well, I was tripping balls for days. To the point I had a manic episode. I thought I was a god. I thought I was going to be famous. I thought I was going to be gifted extended sight. To be able to see the Milky Way in all it's glory. I was running through the neighborhood like I had super powers. I felt incredible. I had incredibly creative Ideas. I could all if a sudden draw! Draw really well!! Anyway, It came to an end with the police in front of my sister's house. I tried to throw rocks at the cops and dared them to shoot me. I said they wouldn't do it because I was white. This was at the height of the George Floyd protest. I was tackled and sent away for 5 weeks to a psych hospital. They changed my diagnosis to bipolar and yanked me cold turkey off the Zoloft 200mg for 12 years and put me on scary bipolar drugs and plunged me into a deep dark depression. Not to mention all the side effects. Too much to get into. Im not bipolar. I had a drug induced manic episode. Those idiots ruined me. Tried to go back on Zoloft and it didn't work. Anyway, after 2 years of this shit, My sister gave me a Kratom drink for Christmas and the shit made me feel so happy in 30 minutes. It was like flicking a switch. Proves depression is chemical. At least mine is. Affirmations don't mean shit. But as usual it got out of hand. I was spending 100's of dollars on Kratom. (took my sciatica pain away too). I was forced by my mother to go to rehab. I ended up on Suboxone. And it has the same effect as Kratom at taking away the depression. At least about 60 to 70 percent. (knock soon wood). im trying other sari's but nothing is working yet.
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