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  1. Well, it came from a real place. ...it came from a real place. After I watched this today @ 5:17
  2. depends on what u r sampling. Orchestra stuff? There are crazy things now on the computer. Whole programs dedicated to recreating an orchestra. It's a work flow thing for me. where is the joy? Samplers always lacked that immediacy. Id love something that sounded like tape. Musiq concrete stuff. I know Neve sells a 500 rack with some tape head tech.
  3. Men who come out and admit they have a micro penis have a lot of balls
  4. s612 was designed by the guy who made the Ems synthi. These days. Id go Euro rack with a touch screen. Pump that through a million different Euro things. Say good bye to 1980's screen diving
  5. s612 only sampler with a fun interface plus, sounds good
  6. Probably a wise move pretending you didn't know about the bounties than a war with America and Russia
  7. marf


    I think I'll take the shots
  8. when I heard about that Russian shit. Paying militants to execute US soldiers? That is beyond the pale. Not hearing about it as an excuse from the commander in chief doesn't hold water. Basically an act of war he doesn't hear about
  9. The John bolton book. Spite over not getting his war ? Wherever it may have been?
  10. this Eric Andre story with the dick. I have to see the film. Ive been loopy on cough syrup lately (trying to make it to an allergy test) . And seeing this made everything all the more loopy
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