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  1. marf


    Just restarted, had to cut it short 3 years ago due to health issues, Watched episode 1 last night. I was hesitant cause I hate everything around that dramatic time, but it's so good so fuck it
  2. marf

    louis ck

    I was just reading an article on how apparently lots of people say Ellen Degeneres is actually a horrible person. Totally a fake persona, That's basically it. More of that shit. It is down to intent. The words matter a little bit, but usually the hurt is much more insidious than some idiots yelling fag from a passing car window.
  3. marf

    louis ck

    Instead of policing words I'm for outing assholes and bullies. Get right to the intent. Not the word. The woke culture hasn't helped with kindness, just their own version of controlling people.
  4. Tiger King is something, Awful people the all of them. But fun to watch. It's fascinating seeing the angles people use to con people.
  5. Not to be an ass Ive just been playing tha on my guitar. Maybe he forgot , the notes are BB B A B BB AA E E (octave higher ) back to low E then another Octave higher E C# C# A A B F# F# F# F# F# A Tha from Saw1. He said he wanted to recreate the originals in better fidelity
  6. Is tha2 supposed to be an improvement? Because he got rid of the bass melody. Which is what it's all about
  7. Its just a little thing I recorded with my iPhone. Not a track. Im selling my 303 to go towards a KS for my synthi. I hate selling things. Ill regret it I'm sure
  8. crickets. Maybe I should give up this music thing
  9. Soundcloud sucks. Deleted mine. If you upload you get spammed to death
  10. I cringe sharing stuff. but,
  11. My father tested positive, but no symptoms yet 😞 I don't know what that means. Stupid amount of people have it at his nursing home. Like someone fucking infested the place on purpose
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