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  1. marf

    Brexit :(

    I told him Berlin or Canada would be better than the usa. he agreed. he's mainly looking for English speaking places
  2. marf

    Brexit :(

    I had this back and forth with this English guy on an auction site. He sounded really depressed, He's like. "I just want to sell this and get out of this horrible country, please go enjoy living in paradise and troll someone else" I asked if it was Brexit and if he was British. "I am, on my Italian side my relatives from New York fought in WW2 in Normandy and my British family did the same, but my Italian relatives are treated as Americans now, yet it is a bit like Nazi Germany in the UK, I am treated as a foreigner and rejected from healthcare, education, social situations and job opportunities by race, name and looks, many people just want to get rid of europeans from the UK. Even newer groups like Muslims and Indans are now more common and more British and they are even more racist/discriminating against people of European descent. It is becoming a bit like early Nazi Germany and I just want to leave and not be persecuted, I just wish my grandfather had went to the states with the rest of his family. I don't speak Italian and there aren't many of us here of Italian descent, I don't know anyone else. I would apply for US asylum but I don't know if they will take a UK application seriously. I will have to see what happens. Sorry for the serious message but the Brexit thing has been out of control"
  3. suck yooor asshole , sounds more natural than proper spelling. FYI
  4. I loathe the "what do you do" question. I don't do much, I work for money. I don't really have a career. What do I do? Lie through my teeth or get a career?
  5. never laid eye on seefeel ever. I thought it was one guy. Apparently it's a band
  6. Missing 411 hunters; Really interesting. crazy stuff. YT sounds below is from one of the stories
  7. Who would like to be high functioning asperger? I think I would. I already don't really like people that much, but then you get all these special powers.
  8. I don't understand why they are still doing long intros. Now with the bing watching thing. Cut the intros down to three seconds.
  9. Props to whoever recommended Snowfall, (rip Mr singleton), Excellent show and a true story pretty much. I somehow new the main character Franklin was British. Something about the way he walks. Something I can't put finger on, but I just knew, and he was. Rest of the cast is American.
  10. Thats cool. I watched a doc on him, He does have a nice house
  11. If our sun blew up we wouldn't know it for 8 minutes
  12. Those orphan tracks are orphans for a reason
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