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  1. The other guy is James Mcartney the creator of supercollider
  2. Oppenheimer, second time, still boring. The trinity test was lack luster. Could have been done better. The whole film lacked something im enjoying older films, 50’s, 60’s . The hustler was great. I watched it the night Piper Laurie was dying, strange coincidence. Also watching twilight zone, and outer limits, both wonderful.
  3. I sold my synthi to get a 2600, never got the 2600 and found an even earlier version of a synthi. She's even nastier than the other one. vid below https://streamable.com/5v0b76
  4. Some video stuff on TikTok Ive seen is very impressive. Like 1000 times better than cgi.
  5. marf


    So that Uap that was one piece and then split into two pieces when it skipped under water . That was Idm as fuck. I simply can't believe that all we have are B&W vids of those things when they were doing aerial gymnastics next to an aircraft carrier in San Diego.
  6. any time I listen to something done on reel to reel. Especially a nice one like a revox or studer, it always sounds amazing. Thick and heavy. People that go out of their way to buy those are going to use them to record, though. Not necessarily to experiment with. You can of course. Dac is a toss up. Depends, highly, if the person knows what they are doing. It can get so messy so fast. With tweaking. Really glassy sounding recordings, usually. It's like tape finishes the track for you. Im unloading some stuff and maybe getting a distressor with brit mod. Was going to get some emt stuff, but it's risky. No one knows what that stuff sounds like. A distressor is like the all purpose compressor.
  7. Anyone ever thought of recording to reel to reel? Ive been waffling either way on this. Not sure it's worth the hassle. Less tracks would get made for sure. But it can sound nice. Straight to two track. The good ones like the revoxs are over 2k though.
  8. Watching a lot of Russell Brand gossip. Rapist? Or establishment gadfly?
  9. I was on a family trip with my grandparents, uncle and his girlfriend back in early 90's. I thought my uncle was so cool. He built race cars from scratch. Custom built and modded cars for he likes of Seinfeld and Jay Leno. Real California couple. He looked like Clint Eastwood, too. So he was a little intimidating. He didn't mince words. He needed music to drive him and his girl through national glacier park in his classic Porsche . I gave him Saw 2 and a Simple Minds CD. He made sure I knew that Saw 2 CD was absolute shit, He stared me down like I was insane to give it to him. Reiterated that it was awful crap, and they both hated it more than anything they've ever heard. They loved the Simple Minds CD. So it cancelled out
  10. This is an exact copy. Ive had both. The plug in sounds nicer, less grittier, I guess. But it's very very close. He sampled the entire library. https://www.nilsschneider.de/wp/nils-k1v/
  11. I can't show people electronic music. It's not real music to them. I feel alone sometimes in that way. Not that it's the only genre I like, but I keep it to myself for the most part.
  12. He might have made these tracks years ago. You don't know what he has sitting on the shelf. He might have years of experimental stuff he did ages ago. and live off that for the next decade. Who knows. I do think this release is his worst tho. I don't get it. But appreciate everything he does release. He can do anything he wants. I just hope he's having fun.
  13. you want to make sounds like Aphex? Like those little pads with a chiff going? Get this; I had to stop using it cause it's just too much like afx https://www.nilsschneider.de/wp/nils-k1v/
  14. If he put this on there it would be a good release. At least something. Otherwise this release sounds like those throw away tracks he does. Its ok. He's human. I wasn't sure for a while there, but he is I guess
  15. people are posting Cameos on TikTok Paul Reuben did, and they are funny as fuck
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