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  1. I think I agree w/ you. I think I'm turning into Russell Brand. The President doesn't actually have a huge amount of power except when it comes to the military. So, if Putin wanted to really win this thing why didn't he go in when Trump was in office? I mean, really?!! The real number in financial aide to the Ukraine from America is suspected to be 40 billion. But give a guy some food stamps and you vomit https://theintercept.com/2022/09/10/ukraine-military-aid-weapons-oversight/
  2. Technically a prison, but not really, I would nominate midnight express. In fact, most psych patients are housed in prisons, now. Nice country we have here.
  3. im ok with his style. Sure he lied and wasted my time, but it is a refreshing break from the ego consumed narcissists in music
  4. I never went that south, I saw some shit though. People get lost for decades
  5. Mine just sounds like a lion made out of metal. Its fun though https://vocaroo.com/1ek1yeYcwBKJ
  6. I don't doubt it. Ive chatted with Cylob waaaay back cause we both used supercollider and he said Rich did all his own stuff in SC1. So I wouldn't underestimate him . Rich thinks outside the box. Has a great ear and great attitude. I love his attitude to creating music. Its about fun Im just super annoyed CDP has been sitting there for years and years open source and nothing has been done. Its the best sounding software for fft out there and nothing. You can hear it in recent Aphex works too. He knows how to use it so why would he want to change it. The sound of the animals with that harmonic streeeetching sound in MT1 t29r2 is CDP.
  7. Kurt was a lovely dude. I regularly think about him and how such a waste it's been. He had so much more in him. Depression wasn't really talked about back then.
  8. Got it working. Just followed the quick start. Added a couple short samples of my own. It's lovely. I really love apps like this where you just play around and it comes up with cool shit by itself. Very fun app.
  9. Cobain's favorite film was Rumble Fish
  10. Just use your fame to get a guy to make a fun interface for CDP, Richard. PS, doesn't work for my 2017 Mac
  11. Ive been in enough psych wards you'd think I would have seen one flew over the cuckoo's nest. But I haven't. I need to get around to it. I used to fill air freshener machines for my Dad's company in state facilities all up and down the east coast of the usa. These places don't exist anymore. Most of them at least. I saw some crazy shit. Wow, what a nightmare. I was admitted to one later in life as a patient, but it was just the one in the whole state. Now they are just wards in general hospitals. Regan got rid of them, Hence the huge homeless problem.
  12. I had to block Quora. It was all America sucks this, America is worse at that. It was constant. No other topics.
  13. I heard a Louis CK story about Larry doing stand up way back before Seinfeld. And he would yell at the audience. Like "hey, where are you going?" kind of stuff. Some of his act ended up in Seinfeld. And thank god Louis CK is coming back btw
  14. The world has never really had anything nice to say about America. Doesn't Britain generally dislike America?
  15. I still have no clue how that contraption works. I just know it works
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