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  1. Just tuned in and he's playing Skee Mask. Aw yeah
  2. They’re canvas prints you can put up for free. Picked this up recently too. Can’t wait for Halo 2. Did they announce a date yet?
  3. You can import an image on acpatterns.com then scan the QR code with the Nintendo Online mobile app to download them into the game
  4. Wow he's actually coming to Philly now. Might go to that show instead of the rescheduled New York show on Black Friday.
  5. Paid tribute to some of the featured artists in my Animal Crossing home
  6. https://nicolasjaar.bandcamp.com/album/cenizas
  7. I had to disable uBlock Origin to download them Can't wait to check these out though
  8. Ah looks like that’s the same recording but in higher quality and split into tracks. That’s awesome, thanks!
  9. A soundboard recording of one of his live shows from 2017 was just posted on the Animal Collective soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/anmlcollective/avey-tare-live-at-the-mothlight-04-04-17
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