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  1. Finally getting back to Miles Morales after playing tons of Astro's Playroom. Sackboy is pretty fun as well. Should I pick up Demon Souls if I haven't played any of those games except like 20 minutes of Bloodbourne?
  2. When is twoism.org finally going to merge with autism.org?
  3. Love seeing him go all in on a concept. The single isn't my favorite because hooks has never been his strength, but the production and all the glitchy viral marketing has me very excited.
  4. I heard SIGN stands for Super Intelligent Great Noise
  5. Looks like he's using the Ganz Graf Max device. I've used it for live performances before. https://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/1530/ganz-graf-mod-x
  6. It's a Samurai Math Beats reissue https://disciples.ffm.to/bogdan-smb
  7. Happy Birthday to the one and only user18081971
  8. I like the John Talabot remixes more than anything on the album
  9. So does this guy have any releases worth listening to? I only know of him from that episode of Twin Peaks and this single is pretty shit
  10. No need to flex joyrex I was just making a cheeky lil reference to Come to Daddy (Mummy Mix)
  11. He hasn't got that many
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