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  1. So does this guy have any releases worth listening to? I only know of him from that episode of Twin Peaks and this single is pretty shit
  2. No need to flex joyrex I was just making a cheeky lil reference to Come to Daddy (Mummy Mix)
  3. Pretty cool even though I know whatever I'd make with it would sound like absolute shit. I'm assuming this means an EP or LP is imminent if they're trying to get more newsletter subscribers though.
  4. https://blackcataloguemusic.bandcamp.com/album/back-2-black 1. Back 2 Black 2. Too Shay Label: Black Catalogue released June 5, 2020 My favorite King Britt release in a while. Just straight forward techno
  5. I want a whole album of tracks like Debase (Soft Palate)
  6. https://bjarki.bandcamp.com/album/toiled-rush-ep
  7. I'd highly recommend finishing Mr. Robot and catching up on Better Call Saul. The last couple BCS episodes were insane.
  8. Man The Paris Track is so good. Guessing by its name that it's been floating around for a while?
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