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  1. I’d like to hear some Kid A/Amnesiac sessions. Would probably have a lot of experimental/electronic stuff they didn’t want to release
  2. That ending is lush. Please Rich, may we have some more?
  3. RIP Peggy Lipton https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-me-peggy-lipton-dead-20190511-story.html
  4. There’s too much padding and wasted space on the mobile site. Otherwise it looks great. Replying to posts on mobile is a thousand times better
  5. Just added it You’re the man! Thanks for everything
  6. Did anyone grab the album art from SoundCloud before it was deleted?
  7. I guess you have to be a bit aggressive if you’re out of your element intellectually and your target audience is right leaning dumbasses.
  8. "But Dr. Zizek's analysis was so complicated it was difficult for me to follow" - Jordan Peterson
  9. +1 for Cosmogramma on acid, especially the music video for Zodiac Shit But I do agree with you Bulk, his last two albums were not good but had some great tracks. I definitely don't like his jazzy, Thundercat bass heavy tracks as much, so I'm hoping this album is a lot different
  10. The consensus seems to be indifference with a few people sniffing their own farts for hating him
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