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  1. Thanks! I know that filming (instagram, tik tok, etc) is a better way to reach listeners but I just can't be bothered to set it up. It's 99% for me, anyway. also lmao thanks for the compliment :) :) :)
  2. and now with Bandcamp, with my new release: https://pigeonst.bandcamp.com/
  3. My new album of 2022 tunes, made in ye old forum type music likeness. Digitakt, Digitone, Circuit Mono Station, and Ableton. Some of the songs were performed live on the gear some fully composed in Ableton. Enjoy! And lemme know what you think.
  4. Glad you liked it! It's a crazy deep instrument
  5. Happy early birthday! All of the sounds used/created were from the Arturia CMI plugin, except for the kick. Still so much I need to learn about that thing but damn it's very powerful. I gotta make some more music with it. Anyone else? You can just request ahead of time.
  6. Not buying music gear for a month is challenging? I didn't buy an OBXA or Moog One so far, I've saved so much and it's only September 3rd
  7. I was thinking about this solution this year! And looking at a Nob, but I feel like having a Kensington Expert Trackball would be a better and more universal solution? Could cursor over to a knob in a vst click, hold a button for fine adjustment (shift in ableton?) and then adjust everything that way easily instead of dragging a mouse all over which is pretty frustrating. Why wouldn't this work even if you don't lock axis? I'm curious. Oh I think Tube Corp was investigating above ^^
  8. Well, edited my original post. Turns out in recent years he was a grade A break-the-law creeper. RIP tho. RIP.
  9. ain't that the truth, but I mean I was always cool
  10. Well, assuming this is true (would still like to see an obit honestly given the previous hoax). Rest in peace, dude. He was probably the person I talked to the most on watmm, maybe just because he was the most persistent? But he seemed like a sweet guy at heart, with a terrible addiction problem (heroin). He was genuinely interested in my life and welfare and we would chat on AIM and stuff. I invited him to my personal friends fantasy baseball league and he played in there for a few years. I met up with him in Chicago (where he lived) to go to a White Sox game when I happened to be in town and he was way more reserved in person, and pretty awkward. But again, seemed genuinely nice. He was the one who gave me the leak of the caustic window tape back in 2002(?) as the ultimate sign of "trust" back before it got a wider leak. He did try to track me down years after I left the board, on FB, which I was a little weirded out by and I did not reply. I dunno if I regret that but the whole thing is pretty sad. Leafing through some of his YT channel it seems kind of the same as back in 2000-2008 era when I knew him. I was thinking about him recently and hoping he was okay but always thought it probably wasn't going to end well. I hope he went peacefully. Rest in peace. edit: turns out he did some heinous stalkery shit in the last several years, that sucks
  11. I think half true is about right. I have done a couple 40 track dumps on a friend to pick out 5-6 for release and we overlapped on half our picks I think in general my point was, don't ask for attention on every single thing you do
  12. I feel like you owe people who give their time and attention some curation of your material. Maybe at least a 5:1 ratio of stuff you never show vs. stuff you do?
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