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  1. Oh, you can get it on bleep TODAY. Okay, downloading then.
  2. PigeonSt

    Best Coffee

    I'm not on that espresso level yet at home, just pour over and french press.
  3. Yeah, but guys, the album hasn't come out yet! O_O
  4. Apparently it's on Spotify, don't use it myself though ! What's wrong with bleep for digital purchases if you don't mind me asking ? Nothing wrong. I have a spotify account already and use it on mobile, so it's essentially the same thing as owning for now. Amazon I get points, and I've never had any issues with their mp3 purchasing system.
  5. Is this coming out on any online music stores besides bleep? Amazon mp3? Spotify? Would search the thread but I'm not sure I see a way how.
  6. PigeonSt

    Best Coffee

    Anyone buy (pre-roasted, whole) beans online? I've recently subscribed to Tonx/Bluebottle and liked it so far, but perhaps there are other places worth checking out.
  7. PigeonSt

    DMX krew

    Really can't tell if it's real or just a piss take. The rest of the sexual content leads me to believe the latter. Either way "He Exists!" is awesome. Overall I think I like his straight up instrumental stuff better, but sometimes you just want that extra cheese on the nachos, know what I mean?
  8. I don't think this is an off-base comment, but I think of it more as it all being in one session or ethos. Very Melodies of Mars type vibe to me with Pantha du Prince thrown in. It's a very enjoyable and relaxing album for me.
  9. This album is a revelation. Farewell Frenchman is like Analord++. Any similar stuff people could point me to since this came out?
  10. People realize this is far from the first or most successful music project funded on Kickstarter, right? https://www.kickstarter.com/discover/categories/music/most-funded
  11. Agreed. And the rest is gravy. As long as the terms of the Kickstarter are filled (rewards, i.e. digital download of the music) there is no further responsibility. In fact, Kickstarter does not even have protections if the person who runs the Kickstarter flees with the money and delivers nothing. It's all very carefully laid out to provide no risk to Kickstarter or the people who list. There are many cases of people running away with large sums of money or trying earnestly and failing to deliver what they said they would. I am not saying any of this will happen here. I am saying that b
  12. What a throwback to the days when you had to go to multiple record shops and piece together a discography bit by bit. Found some clips of newer Rephlex artists I wasn't up on, went to see how I could buy it...and I guess you can't. Stuff was out of stock on boomkat, too. I think the last boomkat order I made was 12 years ago...
  13. It would be a lot easier to follow things in CHATMM if it was an irc channel, but maybe that's just me. Sup was a poster I'm guessing? Only IDM heroes going as strong are Black Dog and Boards (although is one great album in 10 years going strong?). Some decent melodic/idm/whatev stuff out there. Tycho, Shigeto, etc. I'm sure there is a bunch more I will discover dipping into the forums a bit.
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