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  1. Yes, great way to learn Max !
  2. https://contemponet.com/emasd3/?fbclid=IwAR0b3Lq3i7AAWxV4p2D1vPnqw_Ysqdm6b7FEsX6ROAPDVnNaKH249bVKNVg Sneak peek of the third volume of "electronic music and sound design" that should be out in a few days.
  3. Ae invented techwear/gorpcore, prove me wrong.
  4. New SDEM is always good news !
  5. GOTO002: 17th February 2023. William Fields, the electronic musician working in areas of algorithmic composition and improvisation, makes his debut on GOTO with “Fictions”. Continuing a slew of releases across labels such as Superpang, Tokinogake and Conditional, “Fictions” is a perfect slice of Fields’ computer music – never robotic, constantly shifting and, at times, straight up jazzy. Fields is keen to state that these pieces are performed, with several of the tracks taken directly from public live appearances. Nevertheless, each composition retains structure and familiarity, both somewhat rarities in the majority of music made via similar processes. The eight tracks here display a wide range of aesthetic approaches, however, ranging from the raucous, freeform “Febih” through the computer jazz of “Obu” to the more luscious atmospheres of “Athal” and “Ifotux”. Fields has been working in electronic music since 1998, performing regularly between the United States and Canada. A frequent collaborator, his work has received high praise from peers internationally. For several years, Fields has developed his own music software, “FieldsOS”, from which the majority of his output is produced. A particular highlight in the construction of “FieldsOS” was a weekly spot on Resonance Extra in 2019, where the system generated an hour of algorithmic music each week, broadcast without any edits. As time progresses, so does Fields’ “music system,” with “Fictions” exhibiting some of his most organic machine-music to date. May William Fields guide you through his world of musical spaces and systems. First track is some of his best music IMO, not as frantic as his other stuff
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