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  1. @psn just received my 2 Eps ! Hope you’ll get yours soon !
  2. this whole soundcloud thing was incredible, it was hard to believe at first, remember spending hours reading this thread and refreshing the soundcloud page to find more tracks uploaded, nice memories.
  3. bit late to the party but I like it a lot !
  4. woooow so it's not a fake ! super hyped !
  5. http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2020/01/16/moog-subsequent-25-offers-classic-analog-sound-in-compact-package/?fbclid=IwAR3AUKHUH_DGspF7ExqfHXpcPGBE01ZviHjcAz_hSaEz0HrP9h75_utC7y0
  6. New Ep by Doline, out January 31 on Paradoxe Club first track : and if You don’t know him :
  7. yeah everything else is fine, records are in good condition, maybe a slightly bent corner on the caustic window comp but no big deal.
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