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  1. edit : sounds lush, way more subtle than most "algorave" music (I mean I love that too but still, good to hear something different !) can't wait to hear the full thing !
  2. Quel bel homme ! Top stuff Nil, hope you’ll record more tutorials ( very nice musical example BTW)
  3. I'm a bit sad about the last two albums TBH but Homework, Discovery and their side projects on Crydamoure and Roulé are all time classic IMHO
  4. Listening to it right now, absolutely lush.
  5. regarding the FM part I would say yes both are 8 operators fm synth, FS1R bonuses are formants and various filters. edit : wait is FM8 a 8 operators fm synth ? I'm not sure about that. Anyway it's probably way more flexible and easy to program than the FS1R
  6. Remember reading it's a Yamaha FS1R they're using on this album. ( correct me if I'm wrong)
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