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  1. d-a-m-o

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    A release before Friday would be nice. Rob, Sean, pls.
  2. d-a-m-o

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    let's hope the Lyon set is in the batch ! sean pls !
  3. ffs Someone ban this giant cunt pls.
  4. https://undiagnosed.bandcamp.com/album/undiagnosed-chapter-two-2 chapter two is out.
  5. Yes maybe d’arcangelo (was thinking about mnlth because of the acid bits but the whole thing is more"cerebral")
  6. Don’t sound like aleksi to me, maybe I’m wrong but sometimes it sound like mnlth
  7. shared by grant on facebook, don't know who's behind this but it's good. https://undiagnosed.bandcamp.com/album/undiagnosed-chapter-one https://undiagnosed.bandcamp.com/album/undiagnosed-chapter-three-2
  8. 50 £ for the ZF but the two discs are unplayed and the whole thing is pretty much mint !
  9. Muslimgauze : Azzazin (repress) Zoviet France : Shouting at the ground (original pressing)
  10. Here’s your safe space, snowflake : https://www.reddit.com/r/aphextwin/
  11. « The problem is everyone else, not me» Indeed.
  12. Translation : « I wish I was as talented as this guy but I’m just a random youtuber who post idm related video in 2019, I’m pavlov’s Dogshit. Let’s call him an afx clone.»
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