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  1. yes, was not a big fan at first but regarding sound design it's great. Also is this pop ? lol I don't think so...
  2. Limited edition cassette on bandcamp : https://dgohn-music.bandcamp.com/album/undesignated-proximate
  3. order was shipped last tuesday but still nothing here in france
  4. Also, I really need to revisit Aleksi Perälä 2020 output, same thing for Cylob, lots of stuff I haven't listened yet...
  5. Autechre - Sign/Plus/Live16&18 Atom™ - ❤️ SDEM - ZNS Rian Treanor - File under UK metaplasm Synalegg - Beating the odds Mantle of Gets - Sba Per/Puffing like an Adder/Vanity Board Powell - aƒ19 ➜ multiply the sides_lp/aƒ18 ➜ flash across the intervals_lp Doline - Vieux Nous (fantastic EP, massively slept on)
  6. praying for another FM synthesis techno banger
  7. this is dope. edit : Just bought the digital, conditional always on top.
  8. Indeed ! The essence FM sounds lush (plus 16 parts multitimbral, 300 voice polyphony, 4X stereo outs)
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