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  1. Beautiful picture, always sad to lose a cat 😞
  2. Like super lush boxset with unreleased tracks gathered by LPs/EPs era and a fat booklet with Sam and rad giving details about each Ae era. Would jeez in my pants.
  3. Since this year is warp 30 I really hope we’ll get a box of unreleased tracks, one can dream !
  4. need to investigate TLS’s discography, what do you guys would recommend ? edit : just grabbed stay down and tiny reminder.
  5. Yes, pretty weird, instantly liked it on first listen.
  6. Was browsing a bunch of old move of ten related threads, and basically, at the time, it was not super popular. What about now ? 9 years later do you like this ep ?
  7. gave it a listen in my car this morning, production is stellar, this guy is seriously gifted. Also, some of his releases remind me of iglooghost (Lattice ep in particular)
  8. Ep is out today and it’s pretty good.
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