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  1. Yes, the end of the Paris show is the start of the Lyon one, with that huge "synth in a cathedral" part !
  2. Praying for the soundboard, this is peak AE.
  3. I'm really hyped for what's next, they're at the top of their game !
  4. I like that one a lot, way better than that last Westside Gunn album.
  5. Early access version is finally out : https://madronalabs.com/products/sumu?locale=us
  6. He sent me a partial refund for the full set in 2017 but I just received the 5 tapes, real boss move, thanks Dave !
  7. Yes, Syro will be 10 in a few months, new music please...
  8. New EP out today : We Are The Music Makers | Volume One by Various If you are serious about IDM and abstract Electronica chances are that you know about Oberman Knocks, whose music was touted by Autechnre's Sean Booth as making Autechre sound 'like a posh garden party.' With ‘Khaptop Arc Phore’ Oberman Knocks continues the tradition of confronting the listener with pointy shards and blunt electronic knifes, but adds a strong emphasis on a softer and more human layer. As stated by himself this release is ‘really a glimpse into some months of both emotional and thought processing around the loss of friendship and love.’
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