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  1. He's been making poppy electronic/EDM for his first couple of releases, so I completely passed over him until this point. Incredible turn in sound and style and the accompanying video/visualizer is a delicious eye candy. 1. "Hi This Is Flume" 2. "Ecdysis" 3. "High Beams" (with HWLS featuring Slowthai) 4. "Jewel" 5. "╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌" 6. "Dreamtime" 7. "Is It Cold in the Water?" (by Sophie) (Flume and Eprom Remix) 8. "How to Build a Relationship" (featuring Jpegmafia) 9. "Wormhole" 10. "Voices" (
  2. "No Autechre." Boo fukken hoo. They released their wxaxrxp shit for free already.
  3. Sorted by year, no particular order, just the stand-outs for me 2010 Ceephax Acid Crew - United Acid Emirates Susumu Yokota - Kaleidoscope Tobacco - Maniac Meat VHS HEAD - Trademark Ribbons of Gold 2011 Marconi Union - Beautifully Falling Apart James Ferraro - Far Side Virtual Nils Frahm - Felt Ford & Lopatin - Channel Pressure Seefeel - Seefeel Fishing - Hookz 4 (Lophiiforme) Com Truise - Galactic Melt Darwin Deez - Wonky Beats 2012 Death Grips - The Money Store Black Moth Super Rainbow - Cobra Juicy Mark van Hoen - The Revenant Diary 2013
  4. From a place called Jus Burgers in Perth, Western Australia. Some seriously addictive burgers. Chargrilled buns, paprika aioli, juicy af
  5. HTRK makes some excellent hazy post-rock / electronica stuff. From wiki: Originating in Melbourne, Australia and based in London, England since 2007, HTRK (pronounced Hate Rock) started playing in November 2003 when guitarist Nigel Yang and bassist Sean Stewart invited vocalist Jonnine Standish to create music inspired by the surrealistic films of David Lynch, along with protopunk and post-industrial ideas. Using a very slow 808 drum machine, minimal bass grooves and highly textured noise, their attitude clashed with the "rock and roll" status quo in Australia.
  6. Beautiful 1986 New Zealand sci-fi film. "When everyone around him vanishes overnight, scientist Zac Hobson (Bruno Lawrence) finds himself seemingly the only person on the planet. "
  7. Best ginger beer on the planet. I like the Diet one more because they brew it much stronger to compensate for the different sweetener. Still contains cane sugar though!
  8. Always had a thing for this Legion of Green Men track. I saw the music video as a kid and it left an impression... but never liked the cut-up shortened radio-friendly version.
  9. Embers


    Stellar track. They dropped it into their 2010 (oversteps) live sets. I heard it in the Sydney gig and remember the whole room being held in this austere static suspension. Hard to pin down exactly what the feeling is.
  10. A fun and intriguing Spanish film from the early 00s based on the gimmick that luck can be traded and gambled for like any other commodity.
  11. His twitter shows he's been at this since 2015. That's dedication!
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