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  1. Embers


    Stellar track. They dropped it into their 2010 (oversteps) live sets. I heard it in the Sydney gig and remember the whole room being held in this austere static suspension. Hard to pin down exactly what the feeling is.
  2. A fun and intriguing Spanish film from the early 00s based on the gimmick that luck can be traded and gambled for like any other commodity.
  3. His twitter shows he's been at this since 2015. That's dedication!
  4. I've been regularly visiting WATMM since about 2005. I made a few posts but got chewed out pretty harshly by the community. Seemed pretty tightknit, but the people were assholes. Participating in a culture of dickheads just wasn't worth my time or effort, but the music recommendations were good so I lurked without contributing. I've only contributed recently as I've come to realise that the culture here is still shitoxic at times so I can easily distance myself from it. But a new generation seems to be coming through at the moment that is more pleasant to interact with. Probably gonna cop some shit for this post, but like I fucking care.
  5. And some very legit acid..
  6. It's definitely not the United Individuals of America. Individual "liberty" and "freedom" is markedly more important than the rights of communities to survive and to thrive. Such shortsightedness. Fear keeps those in power in power while pop entertainment and access to cheap consumer goods is prozac for the masses, nevermind that fucking with China is driving prices up. The place is not headed anywhere positive and people not currently living there are wise to stay the fuck away.
  7. There is no good music like Autechre. There's good music, and then there's music like Autechre.
  8. Embers

    Now Reading

    I really enjoy the format as I don't need to dedicate long sessions to reading. I can read one essay, let it churn in my mind and move on when I'm ready. The essays are short, sweet and to the point. They're grouped into "chapters" with a common theme, but are loosely connected so that you don't have to read it all in one sitting. What's been really surprising is the amount of research that has gone into this. All factual stuff is appropriately (scientifically) referenced which opens up further exploration of topics. Though you may find the references themselves equally bizarre. And this is all seamlessly blended with fictional narratives to create a kind of conspiratorial / esoteric vibe to the stories. Something that would sit comfortably within a dystopia framework. Reminds me of Blade Runner at times. For the price it's great value!
  9. Chill and Quirky. From the Film Australia Collection. Made by Film Australia 1987. Directed by Jamie Robertson. Kevin Peek, composer and guitarist with Sky, teams up with Mars Lasar, composer and ‘Fairlight’ whiz, to take an unusual and experimental voyage of discovery into the untapped potential of the Australian continent. With cinematography by Jim Frazier, this beautifully crafted film interweaves the sounds of nature and song recordings of rare Australian birds—the Victoria’s Riflebird, Lyrebird and Emu among others—with synthesized music that celebrates the Australian landscape and its wildlife. Superbly photographed, Sounds Like Australia breaks new ground in bringing music and the natural world together. Narrated by Robyn Williams. Developed by Peter Vogel and Kim Ryrie in 1979 the Fairlight CMI went on to be a dominant device in late 70s and early 80s music and film production. It was used by such artists as Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Elton John and Jean Michel Jarre. www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRflfzzP8i4
  10. Embers

    Now Reading

    Have been slowly churning through UNSOUND:UNDEAD https://www.urbanomic.com/book/unsoundundead/ "A brilliant multi-disciplinary, multi-genre exploration of reality as perceived and unperceived. Unsound:Undead exists at the intersection of fact, fiction and philosophy. It weaves these together into a collection of short essays that are both intriguing and thought-provocative. An absolutely fascinating compendium into audio research and audio intelligence and its application into physical and metaphysical realms."
  11. Announced! "Venus in Leo" https://htrk.yourcomicbookfantasy.com/album/venus-in-leo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJ1EIvV0VjE
  12. This free course begins soon! Looks very beginner friendly, but pros might get some use out of it. https://www.kadenze.com/courses/programming-max-structuring-interactive-software-for-digital-arts/info
  13. The brilliance that is Harry Egipt, 1980s Soviet television advertisement director.
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