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  1. Dude this is amazing. I've been listening to a lot of Jazz the past two months and decided to revist this thread today and find this. So cool.
  2. Not sure about this album, but in general why a lot of japanese pressings are not very desirable (and part of why they add bonus tracks to them to incentivise locals buying the japanese version over the imports) is that in general, in Japan the mastering is done in such a way as to cut a lot of the low end and raise the highs. This being done as most of Japanese housing is quite tight with thin walls and so they don't want a lot of bass frequencies disturbing neighbors. That said it's not always the case, and hope that's not how it is with this release. Cos if it is good I'd also like such a UHQCD 😁
  3. 大家好! I made a listening schedule to follow leading up to the release. I tried to make it as chronological as possible, going by when it was recorded in some cases, and release dates for others. Example, peel sessions are ordered by recording date, rather than release, and same with AE_LIVE. I tried to include all miscellaneous compilation single tracks not on albums. I didn't bother with remixes, nor did I include gescom. I did include Lego Feet, however. Anyways, hope some of you enjoy this. And let me know if there is anything I missed/is out of order. Autechre Album Chronological Listening Schedule Day 1 1989-1993 Warp Tapes 89-93 Day 2 1991 Lego Feet 1991 Cavity Job Day 3 1992.06.06 Crystel / The Egg 1993.09 Lanx 3 1993.11.29 Incunabula Day 4 1994.01.17 Garbage EP 1994.04.25 Basscad,EP 1994.08.16 Chatter 1994.09.03 Anti EP 1994.11.07 Amber Day 5 1995 Nonima 1995.08.30 Peel Session 1995.10.02 Anvil Vapre 1995.11.06 Tri Repetae Day 6 1996.04.14 We R Are Why / Are Y Are We? 1996.11.12 Chiastic Slide 1996.11.25 Keynell / Keynell Day 7 1997 Puch 1997.01.27 Envane 1997.08.26 Cichlisuite Day 8 1998 To Day Retreival 1998.06.27 Stop Look Listen 1998.07.13 LP5 Day 9 1999.06.07 EP7 1999.08.09 Peel Session 2 1999.08.23 SpltRmx12 Day 10 2001.04.30 Confield 2001 All Tomorrow’s Linoleum 2002.08.05 Ganz Graf Day 11 2003 /]{- /](||) Excerpt 2003.04.07 Draft 7.30 2003.12.04 æ³o Day 12 2005.04.18 Untilted 2005.07 æo³ Day 13 2008.03.03 Quaristice (Quaristice Versions) 2008.04.23 Digital Exclusive EP 2008.05. Quaristice.Quadrange.ep.ae Day 14 2010.03.22 Oversteps 2010.07.12 Move Of Ten 2011.04.07 6852 2011.07.11 Ts1a Day 15 2013.03.04 Exai 2013.10.28 L-event 2014.05 SYptixed Day 16 2015.1208 AE_LIVE AE_LIVE_KRAKOW_200914 AE_LIVE_BRUSSELS_031014 Day 17 2015.1208 AE_LIVE AE_LIVE_UTRECHT_221114 2014.11.28 spl47 AE_LIVE_DUBLIN_191214 Day 18 2015.1208 AE_LIVE AE_LIVE_KREMS_020515 AE_LIVE_NAGANO_300515 AE_LIVE_GRAFENHAINICHEN_170715 Day 19 2015.1208 AE_LIVE AE_LIVE_DOUR_180715 AE_LIVE_KATOWICE_210815 Day 20 2019.01.31 AE_LIVE AE_LIVE_PORTLAND_240915 AE_LIVE_SEATTLE_250915 AE_LIVE_VANCOUVER_260915 Day 21 2019.01.31 AE_LIVE AE_LIVE_CHICAGO_290915 AE_LIVE_TORONTO_011015 Day 22 2019.01.31 AE_LIVE AE_LIVE_MONTREAL_021015 AE_LIVE_NEW_YORK_031015 Day 23 2019.01.31 AE_LIVE AE_LIVE_BOSTON_041015 AE_LIVE_PORTSMOUTH_051015 Day 24 2019.01.31 AE_LIVE AE_LIVE_PHILADELPHIA_061015 AE_LIVE_WASHINGTON_071015 Day 25 2019.01.31 AE_LIVE AE_LIVE_ASHEVILLE_081015 AE_LIVE_ATLANTA_091015 Day 26 2019.01.31 AE_LIVE AE_LIVE_ORLANDO_101015 AE_LIVE_MIAMI_111015 Day 27 2019.01.31 AE_LIVE AE_LIVE_AUSTIN_131015 AE_LIVE_LOS_ANGELES_151015 Day 28 2019.01.31 AE_LIVE AE_LIVE_SAN_FRANCISCO_161015 AE_LIVE_DENVER_171015 Day 29 2016.05.19 elseq 1–5 Day 30 2016.0729 JNSN CODE GL16 2020.04.07 AE_LIVE 2016/2018 AE_LIVE_ZAGREB_061116 AE_LIVE_TALLINN_131116 Day 31 2020.04.07 AE_LIVE 2016/2018 AE_LIVE_HELSINKI_141116 AE_LIVE_OSLO_171116 AE_LIVE_NIJMEGEN_221116 Day 32 2018.04.09 NTS Sessions 1-4 Day 33 2020.04.07 AE_LIVE 2016/2018 AE_LIVE_MELBOURNE_220618 AE_LIVE_DUBLIN_150718 2018.12.07 Sinistrail Sentinel
  4. hey watmm, 好久不见。 been listening to the vinyl since i got it yesterday. i really am enjoying it more and more as i go. first listen was positive overall, some of the tracks were just so wild i couldnt quite crasp them on the first or even third listen. sounds great both blasted on a system and on my hd 600s. havent listened to the remix of the single, didnt realise i had it until last night lol. first side is overall playful and fun. i agree with whoever it was who said that second track sounds like it belongs on big loada. side two is dark and chaotic, love it. few other things i noted, detroit people mover is beautiful and unexpected and i get a lot of vangelis ala blade runner vibes on that one. makes me picture the dpm going around as if detroit was a futuristic world like said film. final track is very haunting alian horror sci fi invasion vibes. was also pleasantly surprised and almost confused at first as the closer. reminds me of the final track on UR Interstellar Fugitives cd "UR on Mir" which is a favourite of mine. tldr; enjoyed a lot at first, gets better with repeated listens and you're able to dig into it more. a grower for me, and keeps me wanting to listen again. well done tom. cheers! edit: youtube had the wrong track listing, thats the track but wrong title.
  5. Holy shit this is awesome! Just listened to the Chicago show last night. Goddamn. So glad I get to hear this again, I had no context going into that show so it was a lot for me to take in at the time and came away not knowing what I just had experienced. Man does this sound so good after having heard the other AE_LIVE recordings and their recent work. Cheers Bob and Jon!
  6. high-frequency edges get dulled. try an a/b comparison with 6ie.cr there are more details in high frequency waves because they're smaller Yes. the high frequencies and sub bass frequencies will get cut on lossy audio. You won't notice it most of the time on very compressed music, but through some nice cans or speakers and with detailed music like Ae you will be able to pick it out. 6IE.CR is a good example too. Just listened to a lossless rip of my Draft cd last night on new headphones and holy shit I've never heard this album sound like that.
  7. actually really dig that NTS T. Shame I don't really wear T-shirts anymore lol. Still I might buy it just to add to the collection. I suppose it could be like a team jersey. Only ever put it on while istening to NTS Sessions.
  8. Yeah the auto translation was fun. Overall really cool read tho. Thanks for posting that!
  9. Finished Session 4 on vinyl. So I can say there are no issues on all 12 discs. Just a few comments on Session 4, column thirteen is amazing. Out of all the sessions, this one the vinyl shows the most crackle and pops during the quieter parts of all end and mirrage. Also I have to say that the effect all end has had on me in the past seems somewhat lost in having to switch between three parts. It is interesting they gave shimripl casual its own miniature ending. Love having this on vinyl and will certainly spin it more in the future, but the digital release is still the definitive version and probably will be what i listen to most often. Will dive into the CDs next.
  10. Finished Session 3 on vinyl today. Again, no playback issues whatsoever. Love how off the walls this one gets. some highlights for me this time around were acid mwan idle, fLh, g 1 e 1, nineFLy (holy shit does it ripples your floors, love this one, particularily the thickest track on the wax yet), and icari. going back to nineFly. it's like you're drowning in a huge vat of resinous cannabis honey and there is like a shimmer of light you can hear reflecting off the edges of the steel walls.
  11. sounds to me like this thread really went off the raels but yeah while I personally don't mind bqbqbq, it's not a track I'd pick out to play on its own. I do prefer nineFly and four of seven to it tho.
  12. Ha I have a bottle of Rare Breed. Opened. 101 is good stuff too tho. I will forever associate NTS Sessions with Whisky; I was drinking scotch malt whisky the first time I listened to it in its entirety.
  13. Listened to Session 2 on vinyl today. Sounds great. No playback issues. I can say that I noticed that the 3rd disc in Sesssion 2 was considerably more bowed than the others (all of them have a slight bump in them tbh) but it did not make the needle jump at all. If it were a 45 it might be an issue as I have some 45 rpm discs where that is the case, but as it stands I had no problems. Also, 9 chr0 is killer on wax!
  14. Have you played with your counterweight at all? Sorry silly question maybe. I can try, but it hasn’t happened with any other side of vinyl so far. I noticed that four of seven has the heaviest bass of all the tracks on session 1 so the tracking force thing mentioned by Marked might be a good idea. Do you see any warping or defects in the surface of the vinyl?
  15. Played back Session 1 on vinyl just now. Sounds amazing to my ears. As good as I remember it. Been a few months since I last listened to this so it's gonna be fun revisting it again. No playback issues, pops or clicks etc. Would love to play this on a more powerful system again like I did with the wavs back in April. Tho whenever I get around to taking a trip to this stuff I think I'll stick to the wavs for the gapless playback.
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