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  1. Mortal/CODE are great, Deco is almost perfect! Yeah, found out about them when someone on WATMM posted a YouTube link for a track of their The Architect album 🙂 Continuum is great, I do enjoy most of the instrumental tracks best. Too bad the digital has 4 tracks less than the unobtainable FE vinyl release.
  2. I like this Clayton, nice stuff on this youtube channel, any info on Clayton @chronical?
  3. 20 tracks from original releases remastered in 7.1.2 Dolby ATMOS and Binaural formats. Hype, hype!?! Hmm... My preference has their early to mid 80's gritty sounding works/releases and the "Dead Eyes Opened" version featured here is not to my liking at all, why not use the original? Whatever, my favorite here is the track "Rhine", ironically a "newer" track, released as Tom Ellard in 2015, but an excellent track it is and yes here it does sound better than the original, or does it?!
  4. Yeah, I was wondering what happened to those intricate guys too; they just vanished suddenly. I used buy a lot of the intricate and spezialmaterial records in the old days. Anyway I would love to see any of those classic releases on Bandcamp. This hp.stonji one was great too:
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