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  1. Don't worry someone is making a profit out of it, it's not all bad. https://theconversation.com/food-giants-reap-enormous-profits-during-times-of-crisis-184223 https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/oureconomy/russia-ukraine-war-who-profits-fossil-fuel-cost-of-living/ https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/oureconomy/global-food-emergency-small-farmers-putin-russia-ukraine/
  2. "Night Sky" [very nice adventure/sf/drama something not unlike "Outer Range" which I also enjoyed], "Bosch: Legacy" [my favorite police/detective returns now as a PI, I like it except for the horrible intro music "singing"], "Flight Attendant" [quirky crime/spy/drama with the Penny actress from big bang theory] and new season of "Barry" [best funny/comedy series in years]
  3. Seems like I bought it yesterday, damn I'm getting old 😞 ... haven't listened to it for ages, gonna put it on now. Will go for the digitals 😄
  4. Spymania's first ever full length album and first release on CD. 31 tracks of mind boggling, genre defying mayhem and beauty from the mind, soul and hard drive of Martin Wood-Mitrovski. To describe this album as 'across the board' doesn't even come close. Originally released in 1998 to much critical acclaim, with a full page MDK feature in NME and hype reviews all over the place. Big ups to Harry and all at SRD for their help. This is one of our proudest moments for sure. Turn it up and enjoy! credits released April 1, 2022
  5. Reissued on bandcamp, if you don't know it check it, it's ...
  6. Too many trash-tv formats on Netflix lately, quantity over quality, more and more. Who in the hell watches that reality-tv shit anyway? The walking dead?
  7. Hot on the heels of 🛸 comes 🌻 Sowing the seeds in mid-April and hoping for beautiful flowers for better times in the future. Featuring all of your favourites and some super special guests. This compilation is pay what you want and all proceeds will be donated to UAnimals: linktr.ee/uanimals Since 2016, UAnimals has been promoting the humane treatment of animals, their protection from exploitation and abuse. We have managed to ban circuses with animals in two dozen cities, agree to abandon natural fur by several dozen designers, as well as achieve the adoption of several important animal rights laws over recent years. However, on February 24, 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine and now the main efforts of UAnimals are focused on rescuing animals in this situation. We help shelters financially, we provide them with food and try to evacuate animals to other countries. Thank you for your support. Humanity will win!
  8. oh no! RIP Mira Calix 😢 2022 I hate you!
  9. Yeah, Utopia Cloak is great, needs more luv!
  10. Nice, thanks for the rec! You posts are maps to treasure trove
  11. https://www.wsj.com/articles/ukrainian-president-asked-biden-not-to-sanction-abramovich-to-facilitate-peace-talks-11648053860
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