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  1. Hell yea, sounds like a fun set!
  2. I'm only a few hours in, but it is really fuckin good so far
  3. Me too! Very weird game, but so far interesting. I just downloaded this today. Even with the glowing reviews, gameplay vids made me believe I still wouldn't enjoy the game. I was very wrong
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIwZ4mX6pHY&t=742s
  5. One true and one false statement in so few words, well done!
  6. Killing of a Sacred Deer was just like Lorganassthermos doing a parody of Lorganasstits which is itself is a parody of Lorganautistictoast and falling out of his own ass.
  7. This is something that I made back in my crazier days that I completely forgot was online. If you like fucked up shit, this might appeal to you
  8. http://time.com/5159134/who-is-the-florida-shooter-parkland-nicolas-cruz/
  9. Probably my favorite movie. The way the visuals, music, and storytelling go together is masterful. It's like a play, symphony, movie, acid trip, and opera all had a baby.
  10. Guys, geez. It all depends on what you are trying to do with the song in question. Composing a tune with a free flowing melody, as fxbip said, works well in some contexts. In others, bringing in some classically uniform techniques such as stating a theme, variations on the theme, and recapitulation will work great. A lot of electronic music doesn't have to stray away from a single key or have any kind of development. Personal preferences will dictate how they are received, as well as the current mood of the listener. There are no rules, but I think one thing that has been stated in this thread that I completely agree with is that learning theory is not going to hinder your creative output. My opinion is, if you are going to dedicate a serious amount of time to making music, why not learn as much as you can about it?
  11. https://soundcloud.com/auditorsounds/wool
  12. Bushwick Tries to be that scene from Children of Men for an hour and a half. Succeeds occasionally, fails more. The female lead is not good.
  13. Can't fault her choice in a partner either, as far as it goes. Tetris rules
  14. Phantom Thread was very enjoyable. The shots of Woodcock and Alma driving were a blatant throwback to A Clockwork Orange. And then there was Hitchcock all over the place. The score was impressionistic bliss. Can't wait to see it again!
  15. Just to add on to what thawkins said, listen to some of your favorite artists that use interesting melodies. Since you know theory, analyze their works and steal accordingly. Alter to your tastes. I often find that using exotic scales, including the octotonic and whole-tone scale, makes eerie and interesting melodies even over rote chord progressions.
  16. Gump is great, but my favorite song of his isn't a parody. It's the Alternative Polka!
  17. I bought Axiom Verge yesterday and I'm limiting myself to one game a month (maybe, probably not). Either way, I won't be buying Darkest Dungeon anytime too soon
  18. I find it really frustrating. You'll watch your beloved high level party die because of a few bad dice rolls. It never feels like you're really in control. It's sort of the point, I really love the macabre atmosphere, but I got to the point where I just didn't feel like playing anymore because I never felt like I was making meaningful progress. Perhaps I'm just terrible at turn based combat, but it feels like a very difficult and very punishing game. Word, I'm a huge fan of XCOM, so I'll probably try it out. RNG can be a bitch tho
  19. Anyone played Darkest Dungeon? I'm thinking of picking it up on Switch when it comes out.
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