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  1. Immediate buy here too, the instant download track is fantastic, can't wait for the full album!
  2. Am just finishing the first listen right now and yes is a very good album! Looking for the new Heogen too of course and all the stuff in the make. https://www.discogs.com/Buspin-Jieber-Betamax/release/20273575
  3. Previously known the ephemeral 'life' of DAT storage but..... .....let me tell you that i tried to buy a copy of Caustic Window test pressing LP 2 months ago (my offer was 1/4 of the request, because the owner doesn't need to sell it so...hope he will change his mind lol) and actually on hunt for a copy of AB5 /// nerd collector i know 😅
  4. Just want to share my new find & add to my archive. A legit DAT tape by RDJ ☺️ This was used for 'Taking Liberties' compilation https://www.discogs.com/Various-Taking-Liberties/release/131325
  5. Lathe cut 8 inch record (ltd. 111 copies) + digital download Thunder my companion remixes by Cult48 Thunder My Companion (Creatures of the forest edit) Thunder My Companion (Draven remix)
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