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  1. Should be soon I hope. The label guy posted a loose release schedule last month and the only things left before the Rolando release is their next compilation and Lobec. Dunno if it's an ordered list though.
  2. Checking this out finally, and really enjoying it. Good Sunday morning music.
  3. Bleep will have 150 in the next week or so. Check your emails daily, they'll likely put it in the email when they put it up for sale.
  4. andrd


    ( https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6204648-Neuralink-White-Paper.html )
  5. I ordered from the planet mu bleepstore just because shipping was cheaper and it said you'd get the CD still, but doesn't look like it's shipped yet.
  6. The fee for a visa for 'Athletes, Artists & Entertainers' is only $190.
  7. ^ yeah I've not been in chatmm very long, but it's not some toxic hole like people seem to be assuming it is. its a bunch of people from all over the world chatting about whatever. Things like your neighbor trying to kick down your door, Segways, boomers, weird news, life and so on.
  8. Thanks! I wasn't sure. Fixed it.
  9. https://p1nkf1re.bandcamp.com/album/tape It's a collection of his favorite tracks. It'll be nice to have on tape though!
  10. just going on how many times youve asked in the span of one page, maybe assburgers?
  11. If only clone's shipping wasn't more than the record. (that seems to be universal for NL->US shipping though)
  12. https://furthurelectronix.bandcamp.com/album/brainwaltzera-alepoch-ep these are sold out now, but 150 purple copies will also be available on bleep sometime in the next week or three.
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