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  1. Great release. Also just happened to come across a likely unintentional announcement of an upcoming Kindohm album called 'VR Sunset' coming out on NADA sometime this year.,. http://sebastiancamens.com/vrsunset/ The album art looks pretty neat.
  2. Got this today to join the Liven 8bit warps I got last year. Now to have the time & motivation to use them
  3. I enjoyed it 🤷‍♂️ i didn't take it as some genre defining opus from sasu, just was nice to listen to, and a few tracks stuck out as better than the rest. Will i probably like the jana rush pmu release more? yeah most likely. But you can listen to Rakka I and II as well as fun is not a straight line, you don't have to choose just one.
  4. Is that how you feel about footwork and adjacent genres in general, or just this release? the more i listen to footwork the more I love it, but opinions etc. Hadn't heard of it described that way before.
  5. Really very good. Listened twice in a row
  6. Love all these UK labels releasing physical editions of things at 3-8AM US time (eastern time, the only important zone). Guessing they just dont want people in the US to buy them. I love acid is especially bad with this. I didn't even want this, it's just the principle lol interesting first post
  7. I see. There are addons that can do it and not turn deleted peoples posts into 'guest' too. Deactivation is nice vs deleting since you can just take a forced break,
  8. is there a way to deactivate or delete your account, and if not how in the hell is there not
  9. lookin to see where i said there was. .... nope couldnt find it ✌️
  10. great ep. hope some of his other untitled/unreleased tracks see the light of day
  11. this felt like a 4rd release more than a bewwip one 2 me. shame
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