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  1. andrd


    They probably wanted to announce after the box set shipped out so it didn't overshadow it completely
  2. Love that preview track. Can't wait to hear the rest
  3. test pasting: Yeah, I can paste images now. I couldn't paste them when that addon was enabled 🤷‍♂️
  4. andrd


    I found where the OP's image came from, attached it at a much more legible resolution
  5. Did the tomorrow's harvest theme get messed with again? it's doing this to me now. Also can't paste in images anymore.
  6. If you're near Minneapolis, he and William Fields among others will be at this festival there next month: https://www.nadarecs.com/insitu
  7. Pressed at 45rpm for some reason, and only room for 8 of the 9 tracks. Don't think I've seen it mentioned in the thread, but the last sentence gives some nice info:
  8. Enjoyed this release. it was put up for sale yesterday, may be why the color version's already out of stock. It was still in stock ~8 hours ago.
  9. I saw on twitter that it's only supposed to cost €149
  10. Sold out fast on bandcamp! Available at boomkat too. https://boomkat.com/products/meme-booth Great release!
  11. It's available on bleep, or it was. Shipping was only ~$6 to the US from there.
  12. Very nice release. Sad i missed out on that ltd edition with a bonus disc.
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