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  1. Clicking a link usually takes anywhere from 5-15 seconds for the page to load for me too, midwest using after dark (wish tomorrows harvest wasnt randomly broken, after dark has no contrast or something and isnt nice on my eyes)
  2. Will say I'm glad to see box sets using clamshell cases, they're much better. Maybe they finally took some bookbinding classes
  3. Where the squarepusher at??
  4. Loved it on first listen. Have a feeling this will get a lot of replay for me
  5. they prob so pressed against each other they can only jump up & down
  6. may be available to stream on FB as well, dunno if i've ever seen a facebook region block
  7. If it comes to it, you can just install Opera and use their built-in VPN to set your location to europe or whatever. Or maybe it'll work through the red bull music site.
  8. It happened to get released a few hours after your post!
  9. Next up from Netsh (he has a few releases forthcoming as far as I know): There's a bundle also where you can pick up a copy of Dystopian Settings for only 5 Euro more! https://netshmusic.bandcamp.com/album/before-everything-ends-black-mass-cybernetic-salvation Some of these were played during his last QeQ 2019 set he had on soundcloud (I believe some levels on it are being fixed and it'll be up again later)
  10. Yeah, I've kept that site open in a tab since the nts event and that banner wasn't there a day or two ago when I last refreshed it.
  11. Bleep's writeup was giving the idea that it was an anonymous producer, but I checked his fb page and it's the opposite
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