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  1. I really love this release. Great stuff.
  2. he had a very unique point of view that I always liked hearing and reading, i'll miss it a lot.
  3. https://dontkillmyvibe.bandcamp.com/album/--3 More great footwork from CRZKNY. Also worth checking out the other releases on this (his) label, and his other stuff in general if he's new to you.
  4. https://autechre.wetransfer.com/downloads/060ed6ed78020802587bcef0306ca13220210102215750/403ba0 They posted a link to the Gescom set on their fb.
  5. Available on vinyl here as well https://www.lowcompany.co.uk/products/int001
  6. Firmware V1.2.0 is out, adds a ton of useful things: https://polyend.com/downloads/
  7. not from bandcamp, but I got mine a bit over a week ago ordering from the pmu store The unreleased tracks in this mix (done by mike p) are great
  8. This has been good
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