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  1. andrd

    Joyrex stop

    Shouldn't it just be 'My picks' ??????
  2. purple version is probably sold out by the time i post this https://furthurelectronix.bandcamp.com/album/automatic-tasty-youll-never-work-in-this-town-again-double-lp-purple-vinyl-edition Regular edition will be distributed to shops
  3. Wow this album is excellent! Really really good Conditional's such a great label, love every release of theirs.
  4. That sold out fast! Really enjoyed this release, will get a bunch of replay imo.
  5. Would be nice to have the digitals too, but that shipping is intense ($34). Got it from redeye instead edit - nevermind the digital would just be those 1:24 clips. not the tracks. Bleep and others have it for order now too.
  6. I've liked everything Nkisi has released so far. Hoping she has some more LPs out soon!
  7. Really hyped for this release. I hope I can snag a tape in time!
  8. Yeah, I've been slowly gathering stuff, but nothing super special I backed this kickstarter, so I should have this in the next month or two: https://sonicware.jp/pages/liven and then a Monologue, Axoloti, and Casio CT-6000. I've been wanting some sort of non-computer way of sequencing stuff, so this should be fun
  9. Won a Polyend Tracker in a contest today. Very excited!
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