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  1. Rian Treanor - Closed Curve at ~32mins the whole show is great though, should listen to it all imo
  2. Yeah, due to the shipping restrictions to the US they all came at once. I think Germany still can't ship anything here yet. They've become one of mine too, and their physical releases are so reasonably priced I end up grabbing them all. Still waiting on the Wetlooker to go up on boomkat.
  3. This is out in full now, so everyone who isn't Stephg can finally listen to it
  4. This record was delayed a bit, but it's finally out today! Really nice release. The label described it as a prequel to his Ascii Snake EP on Conditional, which is also excelent. label writeup:
  5. More great stuff from Kindohm. label writeup:
  6. Love the preview track. Hope they put out a physical edition too.
  7. Great comp. great selection of artists, a fair amount of ones from Svbkvlt too
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