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  1. Does _Altar_ count? What about KTL? No, I suppose not. I do love Sunn 0))) but I can honestly say I listen to the NWW remixes of 00 Void, along with Altar, more than anything else branded Sunn 0))). Straight up, I'd have to say Grimmrobe Demos.
  2. If you legitimately don't like either of the two principle candidates, if you legitimately think neither candidate is suitable for the task, then by all means, vote for a different candidate. If you like none of the candidates on the ballot, then write one in you feel to be suitable. Consider it your protest vote and go to sleep knowing you participated in the democratic process. But if you abstain from voting, you are nothing but a lazy, apathetic bum who deserves the shit politicians you keep complaining about.
  3. ^Isn't that the definition of a rave?^ I always thought trance was an attempt to make new age music by X'd out DJs. Is that not the case?
  4. Rob looks like a wookie and Sean looks like Brad Pitt's effeminate little brother. SIGN_4U
  5. Having re-viewed this thread over the past few days, may I remind everyone: 1. A funny picture is inherently funny. A pictured annotated to be funny is a meme. 2. Any post that requires scrolling, and that scrolling is not directly related to the humor, should be made as a two or more posts. 3. LOL posts contribute nothing. Use the damn like button, dammit. 4. LOL posts that quote a multipage post that must be scrolled just to see the 'LOL' at the end should be a lifetime ban. 5. Pictures are funnier than text; see rule #1 above. OK, back to th
  6. It was all those suck up 'pls' posts, wasn' it?
  7. Not sure I follow your point. Yes, bad names have existed in the past too.
  8. Did they get you for the 7yr extended warranty? Beware, there are a lot of scammers out there.
  9. Addendum: https://stockhausenandwalkman.bandcamp.com/track/sponge >>>NOW<<< I feel clean. Never was there a better song that defines, "That sucked, I need to purge". I love Sponge in a way very few songs have ever been privy to. Addendum addendum: How do I embed a specific song from bandcamp??
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