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  1. The world is a better place because that video exists.
  2. So much head scratching..... Here is the cliffnotes version: SIGN is to Oversteps as PLUS is to Move of Ten. Zen version: Less analysis, more enjoyment.
  3. Because I am magic, I made it bigger.
  4. No problem; WATMM is here for the finer details, (filtered through a mesh of passion and adolescent bickering). Google serves as a first front anti-ignorance gate; you might have easily established the veracity of PLUS via google, no trust required, then basked in the glory of your new found knowledge as you joined the rabble on WATMM in their praise/puzzlement/demands. It's not as if that intermediary step takes all that much effort. Surely less time than it takes to field snarky responses from crodgity old farts like myself. 🥰
  5. Welcome to the internet. Simply follow this link, type in your inquiry and press 'Go'.
  6. Wow, marhide is the most un-autechre track I've ever heard from the duo. I don't mean that in a bad way, only that I never would have pegged marhide as an AE track hadn't I known ahead of time. Overall, digging PLUS. It feels a pastiche of ae history and ae future. Now ecol4; much more ae-like and defines that feeling of past/present/future ae-sound that I'm getting from PLUS.
  7. Conclusion: be a fan of both. Love AE for their productivity, ingenuity and overall awesomeness. Love BoC like an unexpected tryst. Wurst Who?
  8. Rage quit a music fan forum; shouldn't this be in the first world problems thread?
  9. Hadn't seen a link to this, apologies if dupe: Resident Adviser review https://www.residentadvisor.net/reviews/25326
  10. FYI. As a day 1 internet super expert, I hereby declare Wurstwasser's S/N ratio to be very poor indeed. MEH would be too much praise for the value of that last post.
  11. A favorite Coil track of mine, but unmistakably Coil indeed. I can only assume your lack of familiarity with this song and/or detachment while doing the dishes.
  12. I got confused and ordered a Mavis Beacon typing instruction instead. Enjoying it immensely. Many of the clicks and pings are right on point. Not sure if you'll still get your kickback.
  13. Art for bees, among many potential purposes. As an (un)intended side effect, I'm sure someone stoned will some day find it amusing, but surely it wasn't intended for that effect...... Much more realistically, the use of fluorescent pigments make for a more intense color as the visible light and fluorescent light responses combine. That is precisely the effect of 'brighteners' in your laundry bleach and why every one glows on the dance floor.
  14. A few weeks ago there was some speculation about this; I finally remembered to check it out. The cover design for SIGN is indeed fluorescent. Image below illuminated with filtered short wave ultraviolet light. Non-fluorescent materials do not respond to this lamp, so any image present indicates a fluorescent response. Note the background is nearly black, (not fluorescent). Also note the white text appears violet, (a common response present in bleached white fibers such as paper or cotton clothing). Lastly, the artwork is similarly fluorescent under long wave UV, so will fluoresce under a 'black light' but the separation will not be as clean, (grey sleeve will look dark grey/violet). Anyway, it's a thing.
  15. A weird pairing for sure, but the knowledge is out there: https://www.discogs.com/Autechre-Amber-Quaristice/release/9967998
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