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  1. Well, I think the first track is the sexiest thing he's released since Acrid Avid Jam Shred.... ...nevermind, I got confused for a moment and confused Collapse with Cheetah. Still, Collapse, fun romp, reminds me of what a collection of RDJ/Druqks extras might sound like. No complaints there.
  2. Alaskan King Crab Sushi with CheezWiz decoration! First class travel just isn't what it used to be.
  3. Shall I call it natural medicine then? Neither of us have ever been prescribed sugar water. But when I was feeling low on energy a couple years ago, my doc ran a blood test, diagnosed low Vitamin D levels and prescribed getting out into the sun more often, along with Vitamin D supplements, rather than just handing me a bottle of happy pills. Sure, some uppers would have mimicked an 'improvement' and I'm quite certain that would have been the solution prescribed by my previous doctor. I won't disagree that there are a LOT of bad homeopathic practitioners out there, most of them not licensed doctors. And to be fair, the origins of homeopathy are indeed bung. But the concept that the body can heal itself is sound enough: cut your finger and it will clot and heal. Again, the trick is to know when the body can heal itself with minimal intervention and when you need to reach for the big guns.
  4. My wife and I solicit a medical practice that balances homeopathic and modern medicine quite well. They don't push pills as a first course but they also fully acknowledge when a round of antibiotics or a CT scan is the best solution. There is something to be said for a healthy life leads to a healthy body, but if something is legitimately broken then modern medical science is often the right way to go. I guess the trick is to know >when< to push the pills away and when to embrace them. As far as vaccines go, I have no problem with them, nor does my doctor. A healthy individual might reasonably forego not getting the flu shot. Their immune system might easily combat exposure to the flu, perhaps never showing anything but minor symptoms even if they are infected. But there's no sane reason to refuse a measles vaccination. Seriously, do you really want measles? The vaccination works.
  5. I object to all this Karen stereotyping. Karen Lives Matter. Don't let your inner Amber spread the hate. And isn't Amber Lynn a porn star??
  6. God's down, as long as he gets his 80% cut.
  7. Never forget, half the world's population, nearly 4 billion people, is stupider than the other half. It certainly explains a lot of phenomenon, like ICP fandom, and I'm sure it explains how Kim got to be a billionaire. It can be 'curl up in a ball and cry' terrifying if you think about it for too long. Then again, half the world's population is shorter than the other half but that doesn't really affect much.
  8. Whatcha say sonny?, you'll have to speak up.
  9. I do, for sure. There was definitely a lot of '70's spillover into the very early '80's, especially '81-'82. But I also remember some hardline delineations. Flares/bellbottoms, for example are very '70's. I had a favorite pair of bellbottoms and I wore them in late '80 at the start of sixth grade. And I got >>razzed<< for it. Those are flares on the cover of MHTRTC, which says seventies to me in big capital letters. The images on Geogaddi are more abstract and ambiguous, they could even be '60's images, though the colors and compositions read early 1970's to me. The images on TCH are to me mostly '70's but I do see ambiguous, early '80's in there as well. I wouldn't put them later than '81-'82 in general. Polo T's say '80's though they had roots in the late '70's. Feathered hair says mid '70's, to early '80's BUT no big hair says pre- '83 for sure, (my 1983 high school year book is chock o'block full of big hair). That Commodore PET is from 1977. I guess my point is that even if some of this imagery actually dates from the early '80's it all feels like the '70's. Color palette for M, G and TCH are very much more '70's than '80's. The only elements that are '80's ish are vague at best, while the most the cues, legit or apparent, seemingly point to the '70's. What are you seeing that specifically reads '80's in the aesthetic? Or is based largely on the sample sources? You're right that the teal and pink, so typical of the Vapourware aesthetic, didn't set hold until later in the '80's. I grew up in S. Florida, so know the Miami retro deco aesthetic well. So, fair enough, there is certainly some crossover happening here.
  10. And they've used samples from the '90's and the '00's. It's not really important when the samples source to, I say the 'vibe' they create harks to the '70's(*). You say '80's. And I'm dead certain there are lots of young'uns who will swear it sounds like their 1994 memories. That really is the magic of what BoC have crafted. * - I do still think the visuals back me up on this point. The fashion and haircuts scream '70's. I'm not seeing any Big Hair in those visuals. Vapourwave: Now >that's< '80s visuals.
  11. I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this one. I am a '70s kid and I'm tellin' 'ya, those are '70's sounds. Now, I do realize reruns have messed with everyone's minds because everyone remembers watching the Brady Bunch as a kid, etc. And everyone saw the same Film Board of Canada films, (though I remember them all on actual film, not VHS tape). But the origin of those sounds and the vibe they evoke are straight up seventies. I think most of BoC's visuals also corroborate that vibe, particularly everything MHTRTC through TCH. The vibe is a bit shakier with earlier Boards. TH is distinctly different with its very late seventies to early eighties John Carpenter vibe to it, in both sound and graphics. TH is like the alternate universe soundtrack to "Escape From New York" That's not to say there aren't anachronistic elements thrown in as well, like the David Koresh image , but the overall vibe is squarely 1970's and my memory agrees. 😄
  12. There were more trees in my Sunday. I like trees. Kanye West: clear cutting the world of music.
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