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  1. there is no respite . entering my misanthropic era
  2. ended up buying it, it's so rad
  3. Vintage clothing I just ordered. Can you tell I'm a nerd? Can anyone suggest some similar clothes? And also where to get a nice vintage baseball jersey in either xl or l
  4. neat. not gonna read that, but neat.
  5. (Kid606) offered his unsolicited advice afterwards. “I remember him leaning over,” explains Lopatin, “and screaming ‘good set but you gotta get rid of that Juno and looper act.’ I was so offended; I was like, ‘This is my SHIT. What is your shit? Breakcore?’
  6. glad that the grumpy atmosphere of watmm is validating my musical opinions edit: this was my 404th post. error, post not found!
  7. The amount of circle-jerking coming from the opn camp about the new weeknd album has been fucking bizarre... I feel like I'm living in an alternate reality. Like... it's a rehash of magic, AND it's a really generic phaux-80s synth pop record.. Why is everyone I'm seeing talking like it's some sort of masterpiece???
  8. LMAO Thanks for all the recommendations folks, I have alot to work with. I'll report back within the next few days but I also don't want to overwhelm my buddy.
  9. Yea I think I'm gonna send them some nasenbluten or delta 9.
  10. Oh my god this is the best thing I have ever fucking seen
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