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  1. I've been really into noise music as of late and I wanna find other people who are into it. I mainly listen to Merzbow. His music is abrasive yet strangely addicting to listen to, definitely an inspiration of mine. I've been meaning to listen to Prurient but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
  2. I can handle fucking Pulse Demon by Merzbow but Ventolin is just awful
  3. I've heard the song Altibzz off Quaristice and thought it was really good, so that's definitely an album I look forward to hearing.
  4. That's silly. If I don't like LP5 I'll just listen to a different album.
  5. Saw "The Hate U Give" with a bunch of people from my school recently. I've heard the book is better but I loved the movie. The movie ended more peaceful than it probably should have (Everyone who's seen the movie knows what I mean), but beyond that it was really raw and opened my eyes a lot.
  6. Thank you for all the responses everyone! From what I've gathered from this I should start early on in their discography or listen to Exai. I have college apps to work on and Minecraft to play today so I'll probably listen to an album or two.
  7. America is a good country but the people who represent it are not, so I imagine the rest of the world looks at America as a joke. After all, we haven't had a president for almost two years now. You know, an honorable leader.
  8. Hello knob twiddlers! I've been getting into stuff like Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin as of late (moreso Aphex Twin) and I want to check out Autechre, but since they have a monolithic body of work I'm not really sure where to start. I'm intrigued by the elseq 1-5 albums and the NTS sessions, but those things are so freaking huge that I don't think I should start there. What would you all recommend? Tri Repidae?
  9. Got ADD, Anxiety, on the autism spectrum and I've had depression episodes. Lately all of this has been a lot better now that I know the source of most of my problems (narcissistic/abusive parents). What a way to introduce myself.
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