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  1. same reason no one mentioned grindcore
  2. was furious 7 the one released after paul walker fastandfurioused himself into a tree or something
  3. I dont know if this is the best way to put it but I cant think of anyone here who deserved this less than salv
  4. https://www.facebook.com/vinylondemandrecords/posts/1933992703404635 it seems plenty watmmers have been hit with a deadly disease that cuts their dick off should they dare post a link, so here it is
  5. mental health issues prevents at least half of boc from living a normal life let alone release an album
  6. back in the day we could skip the middleman and just have a nice tits thread
  7. it is a statement of fact i've seen more pictures of BCM than i've seen pictures of myself
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