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  1. I certainly am uncomfortable with having used this site for so long without contributing so if you could delete my account (since that is also, for some reason, something I haven't ever been allowed to do myself) that'd be great
  2. i thought christians were against changing genres
  3. I don't know why people keep saying inserting fade-ins and fade-outs (plus several seconds of silence in while flipping sides) in All End is alright, but it isn't funny
  4. i know this sounds like heresy but this album kinda feels like an extra NTS Session (in a good way)
  5. @HerrJan you need to see this (the tagging system currently doesn't work, but I'm tagging so he sees when the new WATMM rolls out and it becomes active, hopefully retroactively)
  6. The name of the album isn't printed anywhere else, oddly enough. Neither on the CD nor the booklet I reckon people dropped the 'The' naturally, and at some point EMI decided to drop it too for marketing purposes. Would be cool to jump on discogs and pinpoint when exactly they dropped the 'The'. If I'd to guess I'd say it was during the first CD issues? or for the 90s remaster with the new art (pictured)
  7. am i caught between universes? love n light
  8. i dont think I 'got' 2666. Been trying to find good texts elaborating on its supposed greatness but couldnt find any, though i'm sure there must be and i haven't looked in the right places
  9. I honestly can't see a reason why you wouldn't buy this album Was this made entirely on nanoloop? makes me want to give it a try
  10. I'm putting this thread on hold for the time being. The mu journey will continue on CHATMM - the active one, not the official one that's near impossible to get into (and is dead anyway once you manage to get in) because Joyrex doesn't know or care enough to foster a half decent community in the current year. You can get in by PMing me, hello spiral, herr jan, triachus, or whoever. If you've already been in CHATMM and found it too harsh or unwelcoming i recommend muting the 'camp hiya' channel and just chatting in the gear, vidja, books, etc. channels much like you'd avoid /b/ in 4chan
  11. squarepusher and shitmat for me tbqh also whoever that is who programs the drums on Agoraphobic Nosebleed
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