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  1. someone do a transcript im not watching 5 hours of this
  2. It's a fun read, and not too long... I'd give it a go. I was thinking of re-reading that, actually
  3. beware of known scammer 'Joyrex', head of the WATMM forums. He's claiming to sell unreleased Aphex albums but it's really just a blank CD-R
  4. it's nothing short of impressive how they've been milking their Minimum Maximum material for over 20 years
  5. if you count the years it's been since the last BoC release you get the average BoC theorist's IQ
  6. he (legally) DJ'd at a New Year's Eve party in Kiev last year with COVID in full swing, complained he got stuck at the airport "due to Brexit", then doubled down when people got mad at him https://mixmag.net/read/blawan-stuck-in-kyiv-brexit-new-years-eve-party-news/
  7. Waititi and Jodorowsky are the perfect match in that they are both completely insufferable. Will always have a soft spot for The Incal cause I was able to trade it for a much better OOP book
  8. do you really not remember the abyss-staring-back-at-you that is the 'What If I Told You' thread? Maybe it really was a Mandela Effect and it never existed. Wouldn't that be something
  9. Stormzy Half symmetrical/Half asymmetrical union jack
  10. Now they make hits like conkers, get dizzy on the stage and the crowd's going bonkers
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