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  1. Chinese Nu Year is the only Igloo that I really enjoy; Neo Wax Bloom and Steel/Clear dont do much for me for some reason... Actually enjoying Kai's music more lately
  2. I was at home sitting on my computer chair on a saturday night eating ice cream directly from the tub, watching people have fun at a live show and I must say they're all fucking retards and I'm way better than them
  3. at least he's not a nonce edit: as far as we know
  4. diatoms whats your take on the way weed affects your memory
  5. looks like they just applied some effects to the actual manga pages tbh I mean I assume the actual series will be neat but this trailer looks like ass
  6. sorry diatoms i said "What if I told You that the World you know is just an illusion, that none of this is Real" in March 1997 ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice try though ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. aphex just died in a car accident what the fuck
  8. this site is slow as shit. A full minute between clicking on a track and having it play. Not to mention the layout being unasable both zoomed out and zoomed in. Its somehow worse than the old site
  9. yesterday I saw one of those Mini Coopers with union jack brake lights, and they're asymmetrical: love n brain damage
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