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  1. my job is fairly unsupervised and set-your-own-goals so I waste between 1 and 3 fourths of the day just walking around and reading stuff on the internet
  2. video is pc -> monitor -> eyes audio is pc -> speakers -> ears
  3. i was on the fence about common human mistakes being the result of multiverses colliding, but now that you mention Crazy Frog's cock and balls I see what you mean
  4. Chinese Nu Year is the only Igloo that I really enjoy; Neo Wax Bloom and Steel/Clear dont do much for me for some reason... Actually enjoying Kai's music more lately
  5. I was at home sitting on my computer chair on a saturday night eating ice cream directly from the tub, watching people have fun at a live show and I must say they're all fucking retards and I'm way better than them
  6. at least he's not a nonce edit: as far as we know
  7. diatoms whats your take on the way weed affects your memory
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