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  1. it never ceases to amaze me how much better and smarter than everyone else darreich is
  2. I have never listened to Aphex Twin
  3. mixl already filled the mental breakdown quota mesh can you wait a couple weeks
  4. the multiverses might be fucking up when it comes to spelling random words and the uk flag, but i'm pretty sure diatoms looks exactly like you'd imagine he looks in this and every other universe
  5. ugly ass t-shirts tbqh specially for that price. I dig the actual cover art though, could've used some gradients too for the shirts
  6. is this guy for real
  7. He also happened to whip out his cock and start jacking off, which I think is a relevant detail
  8. thing is I think actual impersonations are lame, I thought it'd be obvious it was a fake account, like the H character would show up all wonky. So in the end it wasn't even funny
  9. the milk n cereal post was me... I thought I'd change my username and do an impersonation for a laugh, but it turns out the 'fake' display name is actually indistinguishable from the real thing. And then I couldn't change it back lol Sean please unblock me from chat. Think of all the awful shit I could've posted but didn't!
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