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  1. It is time to nuke the USA and everyone currently in it. A lot of good will be lost but we did the math and it evens out. Sorry
  2. pitting one against the other is an embarrasing mindset to have and the lowest form of 'discussion'
  3. not particularly slower than the last 1000 days i was looking for the vid for reasons and figured I would let the people member this led to me reading through 40 odd pages of this thread with diatoms' posts hidden and it was actually a fun read Be The Bun & Have Shart 🙂
  4. Why did Squarepusher release Elektrac, a 65 minute album, as a double CD?
  5. a beautiful parting gift from Sean
  6. first listen to 320 mp3s left me lukewarm, however after acquiring the 24 bit WAVs I can really appreciate what The Bois were going for
  7. time to turn this thread to the more watmm-appropiate thread of how to deal with rejection from music labels
  8. I remember getting dumped after a 2 year relationship, completely heartbroken in a pain I've never felt before, and the very first thought that went through my head was "now what would WATMM make of this?"
  9. assuming the question marks match the number of characters on the artist's name, the only Warp artist I can think of that fits is Battles... one character short of Autechre
  10. (why isn't a react? but dr farnsworth is?)
  11. i'm not reading all this shit but i hope there's been a reminder of how shit that cover art is at least once a page
  12. ay nice I have an L78. The extra speeds are not much use but it's good to have. I never figured out if that slider has discrete values or if you can play anything from 78 to 16 rpm (as in, 60 rpm for example)
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