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Community Answers

  1. it's a matter of time til Jon gets obsessed with how he remembers the union jack being symmetrical
  2. I was looking forward to his 2nd novel more than any special or TV program. Wonder if he actually finished it.
  3. for a book that was only like 30% finished, this was a pretty good read
  4. coming in over a year later to say SU&SD can suck a big fat dick, their opinion is worthless and Brass: Lancashire is the Good version of Brass
  5. dingdong it looks to me like you're only about 50 self-pity boo-hoo woe-is-me blogposts away from curing your """""depression""""". It's been a long journey but you're almost there
  6. good luck, you have about a dozen well documented mental breakdowns here in watmm you can get some insight from, some of them still in process
  7. would explain why he hasn't released shit in years
  8. my only wish at this point is my parents are gone before shit truly hits the fan
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