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  1. Compiling my best to worst for Autechre will be challenging, since all releases hit past a 6/10 for me, even if stuff like Incunabula and Elseq as a whole are underwhelming to me

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    2. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      l-event i found to be fine but yeah i also believe it's a bit weak myself, it also gave me a headache on first listen which is interesting considering Autechre had noisy stuff beforehand that didn't do that to me.

    3. dingformung


      It escapes me how it's possible to find elseq underwhelming. It really is one of my favourites. I think all of their 90s stuff is underwhelming compared to the new stuff, still gorgeous though. Over the years I trained myself not to rank AE. The music is so rich and abstract that you can listen to it from so many perspectives and it still makes senses. Sometimes I hate AE. Autechre invites you to have a relationship to their music that goes beyond simple liking or disliking. It plays with your perception so much that it seems to constantly shift shape. Every time you listen to an AE track it sounds different. So where's the point in making a ranking? Don't get it

    4. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      good point, it does take a lot of relistening to see what's going on with the music but usually in those relistens I still don't hear anything that really makes me feel like I'd replay it besides "oh this noise sounds good but I've heard better" lelelel, but then again it took tracks like Gantz Graf and even Bladelores (Which is definitely one of the more "accessible" newer Ae tracks) a while to realize it's an amazing song. so i guess i'll have to keep relistening to elseq, but i still feel like the songs go one for way too long when it just sounds like a bunch of good noise and nothing else.

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