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  1. as someone who REALLY needs to start listening to Richard's discography after WXAXRXP, I wanna say P-String kicks ASS
  2. sorry for overtaking statuses but a good friend of mine on the SpongeBob forums drew me a fuckin AMAZING parody of Plaid's Reachy Prints's album cover with my fun Squidward/Wunschpunsch crossover hobby


  3. hot take: XYZ I enjoy, but for some reason it doesn't click with me a lot like I want it to. It's my least favorite of the Peel Session even though the other tracks are different versions of MHTRTC tracks. 6/10 track so I still replay it since it has some nice aspects to it. 😛 I'm just happy it came out officially. Maybe it sounds more majestic in the uncut Peel Session with their voices in it.
  4. Already miffed about the SpongeBob spinoff news after the passing of Stephen Hillenburg's death as it is, but now they already announced a music-based Squidward spinoff. I'd be more positive but I hate how Squidward's been written on the regular show for years now lmao

  5. McDonald's is crazy expensive with prices for stuff nowadays. Usually if I buy a combo it's like 10 bucks, but then if I buy McNuggets separately, its 2 bucks, which is a nice price, but then the fries are almost $4 so you're still paying about $7-8 in the end, since I get hit with tax. At least their drinks are $1 down where I live.
  6. No problem! I'm a big fan of Plaid so I love to point out news when I see it. I'm no ThePlaided though 😛
  7. I've been meaning to make a topic to let all you British folks know that Plaid is featured on this month's issue (December 2019) of Computer Music magazine! I saw they retweeted the news on Twitter and scrambled to an ol British Newsstand website I used to buy the sadly defunct SpongeBob Magazine years back, Newsstand.co.uk. Very useful site if you're not living in the U.K and interested in seeing Plaid talk for a bit and show how they make Los with specific software, among a couple other features. The magazine also shows a link to an awesome video with making Los too if you can't buy the magazine. My copy came today and I peeked a bit through it. Will give it a full read later but I saw some news that caught my eye. Ed mentions a NEW EP coming by the end of November or so!!! I'm fuckin hyped, not only do we get Peel Session 2 but this too! Andy mentions it being "more pure dancey material". I wish I can scan the 12-page feature but I sadly don't own a scanner and taking pictures on my sister's phones will take ages. XP
  8. Gave a spin to The Rise of Hobo Johnson out of sheer curiosity last night and I actually found it to be not too bad... ... I liked a few tracks and found Hobo Johnson to be entertaining with his poetic flows and goofy verses. I was more entertained by it than JPEGMAFIA's All My Heroes Are Cornballs, which had some interesting production but a pretty annoying voice. ...should I be ashamed?
  9. scary thought: Warp signs Hobo Johnson one day

  10. THEY JUST DOLLAZ DOLLAZ DOLLAZ DOLLAZ DOLLAZ DOLLAZ DOLLAZ DOLLAZ DOLLAZ DOLLAZ DOLLAZ DOLLAZ DOLLAZ DOLLAZ DOLLAZ DOLLAZ fuckin banger ep. I love it more than the first TNGHT EP. I can see the lack of appeal but damn it works for me compared to the TRAP EDM shit like Chainsmokers.
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