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  1. just realized how amazing of avtrack Syptixed is as a track, gonna raise my 8 to a 10/10 😛
  2. just started hell YES edit: my dumbass didn't realize Mary Anne Hobbs has her slot during it but makes sense so she said on the broadcast the Plaid mix isnt until 12 GMT. Another hour give or take some minutes
  3. Just realized Nil is definitely Plaid-like in the synths once the beat fully kicks in. I know Plaid gets a kick out of Amber in general so I can see why.
  4. Even though I’ll admit I say all the time I find Bytes and Temple of Transparent Balls to be dated and not the best material around Plaid, but I still really enjoy them and I can understand it was early fucking IDM and was influential at it’s time. Loads of tracks I go back to. I really need to listen to post-Plaid Black Dog to see if I love them as much or even better than what Plaid would become
  5. Okay so I think everyone knows I'm a big fan of Plaid and how they're best IDM act I've listened to, but I also really love Autechre, and been thinking of songs from their varied discography that sounds closest to Plaid, and so far I feel Melve is an easy one, and for some reason Chimer 1-5-1 reminds me of a collab track with Plaid, since the main beat reminds me of the kind of softer sounding beats Plaid does in albums like The Digging Remedy. You got any others, guys?
  6. it got leaked? damn... i think i'll be patient since i got plenty of time and I'm already halfway there I think everyone will kill me if I end up liking the the post-Ultravisitor stuff better compared to his 98-2002 works
  7. Relistened to this yesterday and god damn, Tahr and Psilcosyin are grower tracks (I loved them both anyway to begin with but they grew on me more, since I'm more into the Peel Session cut, Psycosyin), but I think when they up the tempo feel less out of place in Psilcosyin for me now even though the track always sounded great, I just felt Psycosyin was better because that track is just the faster tempo part but extended.
  8. okay so since I don't really have resources to find and laugh at relatable electronica memes and since I like SpongeBob, I searched for SpongeBob Autechre way back and came across this image made by a Facebook page called "Berlin Meme Club". Anyway I just wanted to ask you guys what the Plaid one exactly means lmao, is it supposed to be like a "thinking IDM group" joke or is it supposed to be that one SpongeBob meme from the past where it uses the same image saying "Hold on, I'm searching for a fuck to give" as a joke to Plaid not being one of the most adored of IDM groups. Besides this I find it funny tho I wouldn't call Autechre exactly "robotic" since those motherfuckers make some beautiful emotional shit. also yeah feel free to discuss this stupid meme in the comments since I felt it was a little bit worthy of a topic. *send me more idm memes pl0x*
  9. anyone got plaid memes

  10. ^by the way there’s still plenty of stuff I’m curious to check from last year later this year so this is pretty much a work in progress. also fuck yes Los is probably my favorite off the whole album, besides Maru, All to Get Her and Dancers.
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