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  1. Yeah I can definitely see the lack of appeal for it, there is some stuff that sounds like they're going through more modern trends, Wolfbane is a hilarious kinda meme-fuckery piece and some of the songs aren't as exciting for dub techno music like their older stuff. I do enjoy the album a lot though and was a sucker for The End of The End and the pretty Doughnuts Forever.
  2. Not their best work, but pretty damn good stuff. I like it more than No Sounds Are Out of Bounds. Daze is a fantastic track
  3. even though it was obvious to begin with, they debunked it. thank god lmao
  4. ITS NOT THE ONE WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE Spotify trolling us again with some nobody with the same name coming in once again with 3... uhhh… short electro-type tracks. And they're kinda good??? I'm sad since I've been clamoring for a new EP from the HUGE Plaid, but sadly, not right now. I guess this could hold me over? Still, funny and I let Plaid know that this happened. https://open.spotify.com/album/0cN9jZ48EyCCNklLPZeXIR?si=eXi-RK0pTKe0DLzfRrACYw
  5. looking forward to the new yves tumor album over the new autechre album
  6. I'm not sure, always wanted to try that place. Same with Pizza-La. Maybe someday I won't be scared to fly to another country...
  7. NAV is a fucking god

  8. watching old commercial breaks from local-affiliate networks in California and seeing old Anti-Marijuana ads is so funny
  9. Krispy Kreme is the superior donut shop to Dunkin.
  10. Woah that's pretty cool spiral! need to check out that track and album also I agree, some chats are pretty cringe (though I was cringe in it too since I have no self-esteem), but people legit requesting tunes is stupid, at least I was doing it in a joke manner since I know they don't take requests, and I was requesting shit like NAV which implies I was making stupid jokes to begin with. 😛
  11. chat would be way better without PrezSquid tbh
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