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  1. Bumping this thread to say I've realized this is one of my favorite electronic albums ever. And probably my favorite Mark project ever. The melodies, the sound design, the ambience and cold feeling it gives that also never loses it's luster... is amazing. You Wash My Soul is hard to describe how gorgeous the vocals are. Or Beautiful People. Or the pretty space progressive electronic of Sad Alron, it makes me sad how underlook this is. I prefer it over the retro style Oneohtrix does which is also good, but this feels more authentic. Under the Sun is an amazing way to close the album. Wish this got more acclaimed.
  2. My friends and I meme Acid Pants that it turned around from being ironic to guilty pleasure. Goes into my techno meme tracks such as Yimino's Covert and USS George Washington.
  3. Ooh, not yet. Will check out in a sec. I do love tracks like the opener 3i2 off of his Modulus album and the ambient piece Relais a9i ii6.
  4. my guilty pleasure Orbital is Wonky
  5. I'm still exploring slowly myself, but hearing artists like Plaid, Brothomstates, many Merck artists, stuff going on in touched music like EXM and Karsten Pflum. Hearing some Monolake or Yimino get reccomended to me while streaming, has made more eyeopening and fun experiences hearing songs by them for the first time, just like how many people feel with this album with Xtal or something. I do like Tha plenty, but I think tracks like Squeeze Me by Yimino, EMR by Plaid, Qtio EP and MDRMX by Brothomstates or Autumn is Coming by EXM will always resonate with me more and probably land as top tracks of all time for me. So, it's more of just personal opinion and seeing a lot of people judging on RYM or critic sites where this album being the sole reason everything after it must be compared to it. I appreciate this place giving so much love to electronic musicians, but I guess as a fan perspective, it's a bummer seeing so much good shit get ignored as people either just check out the top IDM stuff from Aphex BOC, early Autechre, Four Tet and then hundreds of cool releases that are just as worthy of the listeners times gets ignored awfully outside of here. But I guess it doesn't bother many artists but I wouldn't know many personally. It would just be a bit cool to see many others get a bit more recognition for their great music as well just as much as the classics do, I guess. About the derivative thing, idk hear many comparisons of artists being ripoffs of Warp because they do something melodic or glitchy. I only feel a couple artists or songs felt like that to me.
  6. I'm a bit mixed on this album. On one hand, it's revolutionary for it's time and should be remembered as a classic and an important history piece of not just ambient techno or IDM, but electronic music in general. On the other hand, it's revolutionary for it's time and it's a shame a lot of new fans who are introduced to IDM to ambient techno music as well as critics still put this album high on a pedestal to critique everything to come after, even though a lot of electronica to me is much catchier, more lush, not derivative and better than this album to me. Xtal is cool hearing it the first time, but then I heard hundreds of more melodic IDM songs, and now it's just fine.
  7. lol here's how I currently feel Scintilli > Greedy Baby > Spokes > Rest Proof Clockwork > Polymer > Reachy Prints > The Digging Remedy > Not For Threes > Trainer > Double Figure > Tekkonkinkreet > Heaven's Door though, again, that's just pretty much ranking 10/10 to 7/10
  8. This song is Plaid's longest, but also one of their greatest songs ever. I know I love all Plaid songs, but this song is definitely top 5 for me. Some of their prettiest sounds ever and the progression is fantastic. It makes me miss Spokes and Greedy Baby era, some of their greatest work yet. Essential IDM track.
  9. I don't know, they may not be as popular as Boards Of Canada, 90s Aphex Twin and *shudders*... Tycho, but they still have a big following, and a lot of love from people outside of the IDM community. Maybe the stuff around the 2000s is where it gets complicated for some regular people, but even then, it's very well received and listened to by many. I could go all day about how Plaid seems to be more difficult for people to like. It's like they're subtle with how they make their music. You like some stuff, find the rest boring, then later on it all clicks.
  10. New Tstewert is definitely one I'm looking forward to. Plaid will also drop the IDM album of the year, Brothomstates will hopefully return and Boards of Canada will remaster not only Hi Scores, but Twoism as well.
  11. Hey it's been awhile, I never renewed my subscription and I've been having a bad year OCD wise, especially on social media. I hope everyone's doing well

  12. on discord i have some friends who are disappointed meanwhile this is what i wanted autechre to sound like. oversteps, but even better.
  13. https://filabraz.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-dats Fila Brazillia returns with some rare and unreleased tracks from 1995-2002.
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