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  1. Optisc just makes me want to go nuts and start drawing squidward crossover again and shit for inspiration thanks for this comp, exm. Lots of bangers in here ๐Ÿ‘
  2. I wanna know how the fuck did they make E.M.R., aka their best melodic touches ever
  3. okay i overreacted a little bit this is growing on me...
  4. Alright, Wondergan got worse for me sadly. Royalty Free as fuck. ๐Ÿ˜› Modenet, bits of Cwtchr too. Nightcrawler, Bowl, C.A., Tomason and Wide I's are good though, have potential to become favorites.
  5. Yeah this one does have some good sounds going on but on first listen I think I need to relisten for it to grow on me, this is definitely their most varied in sound since Scintilli. Wondergan might become a fantastic cheese track for me soon. It's in my head right now... P.S. first listen this is my least fav but still a high 7.
  6. I'm a huge fan of this guys but man when they said they were gonna do space and funk stuff they weren't kidding, for some reason it just feels a bit cheesier than usual that it's a bit offputting, Wondergan especially. It kind of feels a bit cheap but maybe it's the audio quality on my mp3 leaks, so far this is good but more different than usual from them tbh.
  7. Wasn't that the bonus track for Campfire Headphase in Japan though? Is it a remaster and will it include a remaster of Hi Scores?
  8. underrated album, Mark Pritchard is just amazing. (okay maybe not the follow up to the wonderful Under the Sun called The Four Worlds that was just okay)
  9. absolutely love what they did all throughout Warp with Music Has the Right to Children, Geogaddi and Tomorrow's Harvest, but lately I've been in love with Old Tunes again. Feels the most beautiful to me in terms of melody and production.
  10. We need Trainer 2 for unreleased tracks too. Hoping Warp let's them do it since they told me on Twitter during the Polymer era they'd be interested.
  11. for me it's the various remix of Dressed in Dresden Jokes aside they're not bad imo just more into the electronic stuff on the label
  12. 1. Jimmy Edgar 2. Jimmy Edgar 3. Jimmy Edgar 4. some indie band that existed on here idk lol 5. did I mention Jimmy Edgar?
  13. PLAID LADS A NEW SONG DROPPED I missed their ambient type blissful tracks like this.
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