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  1. Usually play shit on spotify unless if i can't find it there, aka bandcamp and youtube. I play it in my room in both relistens and when I'm reviewing an album first time. I really want to make an income for myself more so I can support the independent lads who deserve my money by buying more stuff on the artists's shops/bandcamp page. also just saw the speakers or headphones question. I feel a lot of artists I listen to, such as Plaid, sound rather shit in speakers on my computer or when I play in the car. Headphones depends since I constantly have to buy new headphones since I break easily and they're cheap. Headphones I can easily hear more details with but I don't know a really good brand for any electronica. Anyone got suggestions?
  2. well good news guys i was too harsh on this album its quite good
  3. kanye is a funny meme and all and makes good ass music but i fear that if people took him seriously, we'll forever be stuck with having every celebrity run for president, not like any of the actual politicans are good people anyway. we're fucked either way
  4. lol and yes i own this p.s. i really fucking hate elon musk and i hate that i like tesla cars tho
  5. The Hidden and Clever Lore Behind Batman Having a Bat Credit Card
  6. also fuck forgot to add the album Benet Walsh (the live instrumentation man of Plaid) did in February https://masonbee.bandcamp.com/album/play-flights need to listen to more albums
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