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    music and cartoons p much lmao

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  1. oh yeah sometimes i forget not everyone is on the Exai-NTS Sessions train
  2. ah no i first listened to it in April 2019 haha its just that since then ive liked it but it never fully clicked with me
  3. I think this album finally clicked with me just now Blyz Castl kicks so much ass also I definitely want to listen to the rest of the era today (including that replicated live set). I think this will be pretty fun!
  4. X4creek


    I only just realized the thread title is AIphex and not Alphex
  5. ...you know what maybe the negative threads on this forum arent really for me and i should stop looking at them for my own sake.
  6. X4creek


    yeah i really agree auxien
  7. X4creek


    ...+ the Anodyne remix
  8. X4creek

    170871 50

    lol nothing actually happened i gotta stop believing rumors i stg
  9. Arched Maid Via RDJ is such an incredible track especially that second half my fucking god :catghost:

  10. lol wtf is this album rollout?????? pre-order date on iTunes changed to the 13th, couple tracks have stars next to them on AM and now the length and title of the second track is revealed i almost forgot this fucking billboard lmfao
  11. X4creek

    170871 50

    guess we'll hear about what this actually is next week?
  12. X4creek


    ngl I actually haven't listened to the onesix edit in full lmao but yeh elseq 6-10 is fantastic made me appreciate the songs on AE_LIVE more easily
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