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  1. Confield for me but I absolutely adore both records so it's neck and neck for me (with this and the incu vs amber poll i swear im seeing far more appreciation for their earlier period than before which is neat)
  2. You can hear previews of every track on Apple Music btw glad i finally got a proper excuse to check out his discography (like i did [or rather still am] with Plaid)!
  3. maybe its just bc i havent tried it yet but i Really dont understand the hype behind Atmos also i wish it was ...ICBYD instead
  4. nice!!! whats your favorite tracks from it?
  5. ngl i wouldnt mind an EP series in the vein of Analogue Bubblebath & Analord (those are the two that comes to my mind ik i should listen to more music)
  6. if hes not gonna release anything new can he at least put the Analord digitals with bonus tracks up on his store just any kind of musical activity at this point lol
  7. ill keep using IDM if only bc i love saying the abbreviation but otherwise i do feel pretty icky about it sometimes ngl
  8. lol so i just revisited all of their officially released projects and i see this poll personally love Tomorrow's Harvest & Geogaddi more with TH winning out idk that album just feels so immersive to me
  9. I always thought that one repeating sound in C/Pach was saying "C Pach it up"
  10. on first listen i like it less then both of the previous tours and im not sure if that will change really its still great though!!! btw, did the second bit remind anyone of that one Confield tour jam????
  11. i heard the preview and i wasnt impressed but listening to the full track... yeah it's pretty good!!! a lot more excited for the album now
  12. tbh this would've been a way better cover than the one on that site, ig that one fits the music more though idk
  13. https://www.phonicarecords.com/product/plaid-feorm-falorx-lp-pre-order-warp/183121
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