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  1. does anyone have a tracklist for that Extra Grush tape? im ok with not hearing the contents but i just wanna see the titles
  2. Selected Ambient Works Volume II (Aphex's Version)
  3. ahhhhhhhh I love this so much pure bliss favorites were Hyper Daddy (i listened to when it came out and played it on loop like 6 times its just SO pretty), Pt. 4 of MPR, Reticulum B & C (B is a banger while C is Once Again pure bliss what a CLOSER), that run from Belvedere to Windsor Safari Park & Metaphonk hope there will be some sort of companion EP or what not for this beautiful album but if not, not complaining!
  4. this is my first Skee Mask release and ill be honest i didnt really get it ducks i love-really like half of it (tracks 2-4, Schneiders Paradox, Hölzl Was A Dancer & 7AM At The Rodeo) but the rest......... kinda leaves me cold? i wouldnt say its unemotional necessarily but i wont lie i didnt really feel much listening to most of this maybe its a grower?
  5. Fantastic album as usual! I think I liked this a little more than LXXXVIII
  6. incredible album!!! i was in complete shock for pretty much the entire thing at the premiere one of the best albums of 2024 for sure!!!!!!!
  7. not that i dont trust this but this is so random
  8. ill be brutally honest i think this is their best album by far *ducks* I don't Hate the rest of their albums but this one feels like the most substantive and least annoying Cross does have the incredible first 2 tracks though ill give it that
  9. System Verse was on the first LXXXVIII w/ Actress mix for NTS btw! I am beyond excited for this! LXXXVIII (the album) was one of the best of last year for me and LXXXVIII (mixes) were even better!!!! Won't listen to any of the singles leading up to the release.
  10. X4creek

    AE_Live 2022

  11. Talk to Me is great imo. havent heard any other song by them though so maybe i should shut up lol
  12. the thread bump reminded me that this album is miles ahead Again from last year for me. Far less annoying while being just as creative, if not more so.
  13. honestly i think this is my favorite Four Tet album on first listen though, 16O aside, i heard all of his albums for the first time this month so take it with a grain of salt but yeah idk there is not a single bad moment here
  14. love and respect this guy so much and i understand that that style of music is not his thing but why does he consistently mark the most complex and odd sounding tracks as least favorites?
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