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  1. honestly I really hope they didn't scrap the set because of how long it's been since the albums dropped. guess we'll see at Primavera?
  2. wtf i cant download nearly any of the downloads on here thats fucked

  3. Sorry for bump but I listened to this album 3 times today (first being my first ever listen of the album) and yeah I think this is my favorite Boards of Canada album. Even the interludey tracks I really enjoy. That run from Nothing Is Real to New Seeds might be peak BoC for me honestly. Wonderful album. Might even get better with repeated listens honestly. (oh yeah also shoutout to Jacquard Causeway I read this thread after my first listen of the album and it really did not deserve the hate it got, incredible track)
  4. site weird or just me?
  5. I watched the Craig of the Creek 5-part season finale Capture the Flag today. It was amazing!!!! Completely exceeded my expectations I adored every second of it. I cannot wait for Season 4.
  6. I might have the unpopular opinion (at least around these circles) that I personally don't really care for it. First track, Quixote & the last track are pretty great though. (Is it just me or does this album desperately need a remaster)
  7. listening to the track that inspired the name of this forum rn

  8. I really enjoyed Manic (her album in January last year) so I'm very excited for this! It might be going for a different sound but if not I hope it goes for what she did on Nightmare or Experiment On Me!
  9. I agree it would be awesome unfortunately Autechre are not well known enough so there's like a %20 chance of this ever happening
  10. does anyone else remember when Aphex said the web store was hard to upload tracks on because Ochre made it like that? I'm trying to find that exact quote but i cannot so far I swear I remember seeing it on a thread here

    1. Joyrex


      He may have said that via SoundCloud which seems to be his currently preferred method of talking to fans...

  11. X4creek

    elseq 1-5

    glad someone bumped this because it's their best album for me at least for now
  12. Glad to hear he still has plans for Shobaleader One!
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