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  1. yeah honestly i should probably start listening to those before complaining about no new music
  2. can someone tell me what the reaction "Farnsworth" means?

    1. dcom


      I've thought that it's when someone is really detailedly geeking out on something, flexing their knowledge (whether valid or not), being a know-it-all - but there's probably more nuance and variability than that; he's a character from Futurama, so I guess it's meant to reflect some of his personality characteristics. I'm still looking for a definitive explanation on the burger reaction, but I suppose it's whatever you want it to be.

  3. yeah those are the best tracks on the album for me i remember putting this album on loop the day after it leaked. i need to revisit it though been a bit.
  4. ah ok I understand though tbh I heard pretty good things about Death Peak (I know that's not what you meant by "wishy washy semi classical territory" but yeah)
  5. I never like stopping when it comes to artist discographies. But thanks still!
  6. also Discogs is listing it as "³oæh"? While the site is listing it as "ae³o & h³ae" which is just the title for the first of the trilogy. Yeah it is REALLY confusing lmao
  7. oh wow the excerpts actually sound pretty good! I haven't heard most of this besides the shortest of the trilogy (æ³o & h³æ) but after hearing those excerpts I am a bit more interested
  8. So I was shuffling my phone library while going back home and W32.Deadcode.A came on I never paid enough attention to Analord past 6 or 7 i think every time I listened to the entire series but holy shit this track makes me want to reconsider that. Pure bliss especially that second half. Hope it isn't too underrated amongst other Aphex fans
  9. Maybe a bit off topic but where should I start with this guy? I was thinking about this but after reading this thread maybe not....
  10. I think I heard about them thanks to me getting into Aphex Twin in 2018. I kept watching this video about the NTS Sessions and the other video the guy did on ae and one night in January 2019 i said "fuck it" and listened to NTS Session 1. First impressions went about as well as you'd expect of a persons first Autechre project being NTS01 but I still found a bit to like about it so I tried about every album they had and it finally started clicking with my second listen of Exai in March of that same year. I've pretty much been an ae fanboi (heh) ever since.
  11. X4creek

    SIGN or PLUS?

    I usually just listen to them together as a two disc album but if I had to choose I'd say SIGN. Has more highlights while PLUS has higher highs but not too many of those.
  12. not really? at least from what i've read of the thread (which is not *too* much I will admit)
  13. Absolutely incredible. I haven't listened to many albums this year so far (in fact this is literally my 2nd project I heard from the year LOL) but I can absolutely see this being one of my favorites of the year.
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