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  1. I completely agree on the hipster value being somewhat ridiculous. Great music has been made on computers just as without any DAW. And yes I remember too the days that FL was seen as some kind of kids software that you can't make serious music with, which is obviously utter nonsense and is a good analogy to frowning on people who use laptops today. The way you describe your setup it sounds like little hassle and very close to using the r16 standalone. I guess what attracts me about using it that way is a stronger sense of being "closer to the music" when recording, re-recording and hearing the result without looking at something. Plus an extra sense of reliability (no crashes, no accidental falling into standby etc.) and less distraction. Anyway I'm aware that it is a first world problem if I can call it a problem to have to record in a DAW. So that Tascam model 12 might just wait a little longer before I need it with which we're back on topic 😄
  2. The thing is that I only use hardware for making music. It's way more comfortable, reliable and immediate for me then to use a standalone recorder. Nothing beats having found the right groove for a jam to just hit the record button and go instead of booting the laptop, booting reaper, arming the tracks etc. Like most people today I live a life where my face is in front of a screen 80% of the time and just enjoy getting away from it for a while. If I'd do a lot of post-editing I'd stick to recording into DAW but that isn't the case. I've been DAWless since long before that word even existed. Started originally on a DAW (fruity loops and later renoise) in the early 2000's but could never find real enjoyment in using it. 2008 I got my first roland vs-880 and never felt a reason to go back to a pc.
  3. xox you"re right, I meant to say absence of eqing knobs and midi is a shame. The digital eq on the zoom is very annoying to use being a submenu together with panning and fx. Very difficult to get an overview that way what is equalized in which way. Better to export and load the single tracks into a DAW but then one of the main points of the whole device for me is to not have to use a DAW.
  4. Sweet. I am looking to replace my zoom r16 with this. Love multi-tracking and while the zoom is great, absence of eq's and midi is a shame.
  5. Surprised nobody mentioned this here as a way to extend your 707? https://hkadesign.org.uk/tr707expansion.html I sold mine 2 years ago but starting to regret it. 707 was my first ever piece of hardware and I got and sold several drum machines since. None of them could beat the simplicity of the 707 with it's little onboard mixer. Reason I sold it is cause I just got bored of the sounds after using it for 9 years and it didn't sound "pumping" enough for me (something I can definitely say of my drumbrute impact). But interface-wise I think it's the best of all and that new extension could have taken care of my tiredness with the sound-set. Oh well...
  6. I like this one. Very nice atmosphere. Almost feels like there is too much variation on the breaks and melody, might have been enough to just let the loop exist more by itself.
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