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  1. Increasing rental prices all over the world and lack of space therefore? 😁 Must admit I also don't see the need to make it even tinier than their previous model. But well, it has advantages and disadvantages to have small gear.
  2. ---- Talking about GAS - New Micromonsta 2 has arrived :0
  3. The BCR2000 (the one with knobs, no faders) are great because of being endless and having led-rings. Quality-wise of course it's still Behringer. Bonus with those is you can turn it into a very dope sequencer if they lost their purpose as controllers - https://zaqaudio.com/ .
  4. Only had 1, the Yamaha Rm1x. Not sure I'm planning to buy a groove-box so soon again. Always felt I lacked a certain overview on things, would accidentally turn knobs on the wrong track etc. I heard the Deluge also suffers from that classic groove-box-phenomen of just being way too much things packed into one box. The MC-707 looks like the best balance of features vs hands on in the whole evolution so far. Also interested in the polyend tracker, which has almost the feel of a hardware daw to it.
  5. True was wrong on that. Guess another thing that set's the korg apart is the amazing sequencer that is also on de xd. One of the best for achieving quick results, pretty sure it's superior to the other two. Anyway 2020 seems like a great year for improved fm synths!
  6. I think they're both great. On the operator-side Korg one looks like an fm synth+ with seemingly endless sound design possibilities. That might be as well it's pitfall though. FM-synthesis is unpredictable enough already with just 4 operators IMO, which makes the Mega look more like a winner with it's great overview. However, the korg has filters and effects, something I'd definitely miss if I get the Mega. Or the preenfm3 😉
  7. Word. Wanted to fund but ain't got no credit-card. The buzzzy by the same developer is also a cool instrument that I might wanna get my hands on. Waiting for the crisis to end and the money to flow again ...
  8. ooooooooooooooh thanks! Preenfm2 was on my list but it might be too complex with it's 6 operators 28 (?) algorithms operated from a small led-screen. This looks like a step up! I think it all depends on how you use it in which workflow. I'm not expressing that wish from assumption. I have a Zynthian, which is a great sounding multi-timbral synth but there are just a lot of things you can't edit for the plugins I use, including enevelopes. Hence I'm looking for a replacement. For the workflow I have, combining an Alesis mmt-8 and an Arturia Keystep, a multi-timbral synth is grea
  9. I want !multi-timbral! though I appreciate the tip and think it's a sweet synth edit: ok realized the ms-2000 is bi-timbral. Would rather have 4 parts tho :))
  10. What I thought Yeah, Nord lead is on the candidate list. Already decided that I'm gonna look at a second hand Virus. Had a nord lead 2 back in the days and hated it. But it was my 2nd synth ever and I think I had very little idea what you could really get out of it.
  11. Thanks for the tip. I understood it's mono-timbral. Might still consider it.
  12. I wanna get a new simple yet multi-timbral polysynth. Something lush & digital sounding. Has to be knobby/slidery. And not be above 500 Eur. Anyone has ideas?
  13. I guess I would have to listen to his other stuff more thoroughly. It's definitely very well produced, just not my coup of tea.
  14. Gave it a brief listen. I have "U'll Be The King Of The Stars" on vinyl and it's one of my fave records. Everything that came after didn't live up to that record including this new album. Still it's already better than "2 the sky". And the rest of his other aliases I think just isn't my ting.
  15. That first one is quality stuff for sure!
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