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  1. hats were just 808 samples with light flanger applied there is lots of tape saturation on the master as well
  2. the 'variants' are mostly just fear mongering at this point. are they real? yes. are they going to extend the pandemic into next year? no. florida has the highest percentage of cases of B117 variant, and is one of the least restricted states, and their numbers are dropping just as much as every other state for months now.
  3. inglorious bastards is his best imo... followed closely by pulp fiction
  4. what is happening when i eat spicy teriyaki chicken and 10 minutes later i'm spraying? is that the teriyaki itself? or is it somehow forcing the previous meal out in that fashion. it doesn't happen with normal teriyaki, only spicy.
  5. i suspect that the quadraverb he was using on that record adds a lot more subtle background noise than the valhalla vintage verb, even though VVV is supposedly modeled after the quadraverb (i think).
  6. thanks and yep all valhalla vintage verb i used some cassette emulation so maybe that helped a bit...
  7. covid will be effectively a non threat in the US by May/June and a non threat globally by Fall My prediction based on the recent numbers
  8. my roommate had zac efrons new travel series on the other day within the first 30 seconds i could tell it was terrible and it was
  9. his excuse was that he was 'escorting' his (adult) children and wife to cancun, and then coming straight back. he decided to bring his suitcase for the escorting lol
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