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  1. FB was easy insta was harder, but not bad reddit is the one i can't get rid of for some reason....and i know it's toxic
  2. dan carlin made a great point regarding right wing nut jobs in his most recent podcast. before the internet, these fringe ideas were not spread nearly as easily. shit like q anon, these ppl didn't have much of a voice. the only way you heard about stuff like this was if you came out of the grocery store and saw a flyer on your windshield, or if you saw someone holding a sign on the sidewalk lol. now they have free reign to spread lies and manipulate desperate and gullible people to not only get money from them, but to control them for their own gain. we're living in an age
  3. lol there are definitely small differences. i couldn't quite match the pads in either track, and the kick is too quiet in Xtal. His versions are glued together much better imo, and also have much dirtier sound from being "mastered" to cassette tape.
  4. I used the DX7 for pads toward the middle of Xtal and throughout Ageispolis
  5. i love this record...bought the CD years ago. this is like Actress 20 years before Actress
  6. Anyone have any ideas? I know he was using roland r8 with "dance" card....but its a weird sound i've never heard before. Sounds like cymbals, maybe 808 ride.....but also like a guiro? i'm stumped
  7. i recently switched to apple music. not sure if they're any better, but fuck spotify. apple has essentially every artist that spotify has and pays the artist more (allegedly)
  8. yep this ones great. philip seymour hoffman is so good at yelling
  9. massive facebook hack over the past week or so for a bunch of ppl....hacked my 10 year old deactivated FB account lol changed the password and recovery email/phone # so i have no way of recovering and re-deleting haven't had a FB in like 7 years and now theres someone on my very first account posing as 19 year old me. annoying
  10. "This is like someone giving a high school presentation with an assault rifle" lol but seriously how the fuck do we fix this? i don't see a viable solution. these people are not going to stop using the internet any time soon, and their critical thinking skills are not going to magically improve. is there just going to be separate realities based on whatever source you get your news from? what is the "objective truth" anymore?
  11. Yep i have personally diagnosed my dog with narcissistic personality disorder. shame.
  12. 3 possibilities here imo. either: a. he's got something up his sleeve...the Trojan Horse theory b. he was forced to do this under pressure from pence/his cabinet (i.e. we will 25th you if you don't) c. he's trying to cover his ass and seem like 'the good guy' so he doesn't face consequences when he's no longer in office.
  13. David Bowie on the internet in 1999: "I don't think we've seen the tip of the iceberg. The potential of what the internet is going to do to society - both good and bad - is unimaginable. I think we're actually on the cusp of something exhilarating and terrifying.....It's an alien life form, just landed."
  14. This is cool, thanks. Will try it out tomorrow. Also that track you made with it sounds great, gave you a follow on SC.
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