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  1. what a great day. woke up to new aphex twin.
  2. first time making a track like this. it was fun jamming to it. https://soundcloud.com/ruethewhirls/seq-gem-xfak
  3. Just got a fresh PC and this is my first track from it. I used maschine with reaktor. TrYbe: Listen to TryBe by Rue The Whirl #np on #SoundCloud
  4. Listen to Round3about by Rue The Whirl #np on #SoundCloud
  5. jumped on my maschine today and made this jam.
  6. I was in high school circa 2001, sitting in my best frineds room. after smoking a joint he puts on 'vi scose poise'. and i'm like my jaw fell off and I had to pick it back up to ask "whhat is this?". I've never heard rhythm like that. He looked at me and laughed a little saying 'aw tek er'. Then puts on 'Rae' and I fell in love. like that.
  7. So I was at guitar center the other day looking around and I saw this maschine (used) for 250$. Picked it up and started messing around. This is my first jam.
  8. I saw you. I was up against the wall with my girlfriend. I didn't see any merch, what's up with that? I wanted a shirt dammit.
  9. Hhaha me too. I was in a black shirt and glasses.
  10. I recorded a few bits here and there but no set. I was on the balcony the whole night chillin. Autechres set was awesome!
  11. flaptop

    US dates

    See you there! Swing by a 420 store, sushi joint, voodoo doughnut, etc while you're nearby :) Hmmm sushi and weed. I always put myself in a food coma after smoking and sushi.
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