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  1. it's estimated all around 800.000.000โ‚ฌ worth of gas will leak til around sunday... no idea what to think about anything anymore tbh. ๐Ÿค”
  2. only knowing them 'legs i guess i can kinda get behind the notion of the set lacking dynamics, which to me is no prob at all as long as it's full-on-dialed-to-11-blasting. but then again i do play grindcore music n shit so yo... different strokes? majorly hyped about imminent soundboard, personally.
  3. wow, i literally don't get any of this. still: sorry for your loss oft interest?
  4. wish i knew. ๐Ÿ™‚ it's actually the sequel and yet to be released.
  5. well if they're actually distributing recordings of said gig output should've been fine from their side... i guess?
  6. steam port pls. on topic: ghostrunner. not bad. hollow knight is the most metroidvania game i've ever played. it's a masterpiece.
  7. tbh quite content being an unwarranted beneficiary of this kinda compensation.
  8. deffo seconded, a tie tween 2 and 3. 2 is probably my favourite game ever. 4 is still very good (introducing mega buster etc) but that's when the franchise started feeling a bit stale imo. 9 and 10 were both great, too, tho (obviously not included in legacy edition). only talking about the 8-bit style ones here btw. edit: 2 also has an easy mode.
  9. only now getting into this... rly good album. los might be my favourite plaid track yet, somewhat reminds me of lp5 era ae, 777 etc.
  10. dunno, if you have to actively cling to some "be yourself" mantra all day that sounds rather convulsive to me and not in line with letting shit flow. also not sure about authenticity being a value in itself, like i don't like the way that works for a dude like trump. also isn't self-/impulse-control an authentic part of one's character, too? i like to think of identity as a dynamic system, rather than a strict instincts ("true self") vs. civilization dichotomy, but whatevs. ah, more directly on-topic: peterson still's a poopy-head. that bit about climate change, jeesh... "we got this" my ass.
  11. "how to be authentic" ... kind of an oxymoron, innit.
  12. exactly. i think the series' morpheus comes off as too soft for that. also crying over that raven they made up just for him to cry over... dunno man. otherwise he's pretty good tho. should have specified: in comparison to the comics.
  13. one more complaint: morpheus is too off-character sentimental imo, far too much wet-eyes shit, not enough monarchic pride and cruelty. couldn't imagine the dude damning a woman to hell just for rejecting him.
  14. yeah show certainly got better as it went on, death nails her part well enough actually and godling's portrayal was also very entertaining. one thing that's still majorly annoying is the added exposition dialogue / voiceover, like the intro or the "they're only bad because you destroy their dreams" yadda at the end of 24 hours, kinda ham-fisted and underestimating the audience's intelligence imo. ah and hell felt somewhat uninspired in comparison to the comics... well whatevs, enjoyable enough as it is after all. if it helps kids getting into the comics that's cool.
  15. i see, interesting! on topic: amazing track, deffo top 5/ exai.
  16. iirc he said it'd highly depend on the kinda person (as in musical background) he'd introduce the music to and your example was his "metalhead" solution. _if_ we're talking about the same ama.
  17. if yer based or on vacation in berlin these days i'd highly recommend visiting this: AKIRA โ€“ The Architecture of Neo Tokyo standing before production originals, among others the legendary city skyline from the intro (which was actually made last in merely 2 1/2 days!), is absolutely unreal. you'd expect them to be kinda bigger than appearing on screen so scaling down makes for the ridiculous amount of detail in each background... but NO! this shit is even SMALLER than expected! i have no fucking idea how a human being can even draw that freakishly intricately. snatched some a+ art prints along the way, too. here some impressions (photographs weren't allowed oc and i'm an asshole but yeah, the things i do for love):
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