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  1. Been there (minus actual fever, tho i still had chills), should be over in a day or two... All it took in my case was 12 hours of sleep. Get well soon! 😘
  2. flol, exact same here, h5. funny how the prospect of pixelated boobs can boost the will to educate oneself in an early teen.
  3. pretty fucking fantastic i must say, expansion requested.
  4. Blasphemous update inbound: Those challenge rooms look lovely... mmmmh.
  5. ftfy: Für Autechre verlief 2020 positiv. Ein Satz, der im Krisenjahr nicht zu vielen Künstler*innen passt. Mit SIGN und PLUS veröffentlichten Sean Booth und Rob Brown zwei Alben auf ihrem Haus- und Hoflabel Warp. Besonders das Erste fand sich in zahlreichen Jahresbestenlisten wieder und sorgte mit seinen zeitlos schönen Melodien für einen musikalischen Höhepunkt des letzten Jahres. Nach den ausufernden elseq– und NTS-Teilen kehrten die introvertierten Veteranen außerdem zum konventionellen Albumformat zurück, mit dem sie sich besondern in Neunzigern unwiderruflich in die Geschichte elektr
  6. obvs 3d chessing everyone, mr. stable genius. jeesh...
  7. oh and btw: we still got dl codes out the ass if you're (or anyone else is) interested.
  8. cheers! yeah, frankly so do i, alas things might take a while... hopefully not another 8 years tho.
  9. image tracing in adobe illustator. had to reconvert to png after scaling tho cos it violated spreadshirt's anchor point limit.
  10. flol... hey ho, hope all's well.
  11. ivan to the rescue? from what i can tell it's pretty accurate.
  12. sean says he actually felt quite honored by yorke's attention and that he liked ok computer at that time, but they pretended like they didn't give much of a fuck and proceeded to release some of their most unaccessible material like gantz graf, for which he apologizes.
  13. can't remember ever seeing the winded one not exhibiting his trademark grumpy look*... haven't been following thread that extensively tho... *
  14. can't remember reading this one before (belgian): https://www.humo.be/muziek/wij-hebben-een-eigen-smoel-omdat-we-geen-geld-hadden-voor-deftig-materiaal~b4718778/ some lolsy remarks regarding radiohead appreciation.
  15. i have to correct this statement: it's their best album closer period.
  16. nice, strong early dcd vibes imo.
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