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  1. ❤️ Jaffee and Aragonés always were me favs.
  2. ya, tis silly. recently i walked by a bakery and saw this: explanation: stuff's actually called "russischer zupfkuchen" ("russian chocolate-cheesecake" basically), but as you can see the "russian" was pasted over. duh, it's "freedom fries" all over again... also actually this isn't even a russian speciality, the "russian" was just a marketing ploy by dr. oetker lol.
  3. Yeah i also read lots of those work in IT / tech, brain drain is real: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/13/technology/russia-tech-workers.html https://www.capital.de/wirtschaft-politik/brain-drain--russland-erlebt-einen-exodus-an-schlauen-koepfen-31782382.html (German)
  4. this thread is my life elixir. ❤️
  5. yeah no way i'm watching any of that stuff, reading about it is hard enough to stomach, leaving that to the hague folks. also honsestly it'd kinda feel like snuff voyeurism.
  6. Arthur Russell - This Is How We Walk On The Moon
  7. interesting, actually reminds me of the more melodic tunes of "si monumentum...", like the prayers. not bad! apparently this one features quite some guest vocalists besides aspa, like mgla and funeral mist dudes, but dunno fo sho.
  8. totally missed out on this guy during playthrough 1, turns out he just randomly hides in some tree along the way. this game is just full to the brim with secrets and obscure mechanics, seems new stuff is still discovered almost daily, amazing. still holding out for ng+, as some quests still seem to be patched, also i'm strongly believing there's gonna be DLC in the not so super-distant future...
  9. Well, it's the talk of the town most certainly. Economic experts discuss the matter all across mainstream media, as usual to varying conclusions. Supply chains have become so complex hardly anyone can really fathom what's at stake, in any case this isn't just about heating but impacts on whole industries like pharma and chemical as well. Russian share in gas imports is estimated to be 40-50%. Nay-sayers emphasize GDP recession estimates up to 6%, while others deem the impact as manageable and security-political priority. Current minister of economic affairs, Robert Habeck, already sought out deals with Katar as alternative, naturally a lesser of two evils at best. Kinda ironic and heartbreaking, since he's from the green party, one of the few that pleaded for more independency by turning towards renewable sources since pretty much forever. Politically these are very exciting times with or without the war, as Germany's got it first three-party coaliton EVER to finally replace the era Merkel last december, consisting of said Greens, the SPD (biggest share of seats in Bundestag, think +-Labour) and the FDP (so called liberals, but mostly in an economic sense, quite different to what's associated with the term in the US), the latter traditionally leaning more towards the right-wing, the former two being slightly to decidedly leftist. A strange melange indeed, with powers being quite evenly distributed in terms of ministries, so who knows what's gonna happen eventually... At least during election campaigning carbon neutrality was one consesus among all 3, so in theory gas heating would have went out of vogue regardless... but naturally this can't happen over night, especially considering how much the matter was slept on over the last 16 years. What's becoming clearer every day is just how much Merkel actually fucked up, holding the country in a kind of prolonged-20th-century-cryo-stasis, leaving several fields unattended for 4 whole mandates despite lip-service galore ((digital) infrastructure, energy transition, public health, social inequality, pay-gaps west/ former GDR, misuse of power within her own party... to name some major ones). This started to become more apparent to the mainstream with Corona measures and like i said the trend still holds. Blah. OK, veering off. Bottom line: Officially, an Embargo is not considered at this moment by the government / chancellor Scholz, but they are quite actively looking for alternatives to become independant (enough) until end of the year... As for public opinion: Well, your guess is as good as mine, bubbles n all that. In popular media like Spiegel the matter's mostly discussed as dilemma, with extremes battling it out on twitter as usual. Quite a heated one, particularly since the Буча massacre reports.
  10. shadow of the colossus on pcsx2. still 10/10.
  11. Absolutely. Just recently saw a documentary about kids growing up in Dagestan and Chechnya, whose best chance in life is making a career in MMA, for which there are even special martial arts highschools with ultra strict schedules, like first training starts before even breakfast, when it's time for math and language classes kids fall asleep at their desks etc. ... Anyway as you might guess popularity of said sports is extremely high and of course one of Kadyrov's six sons, then 13 years old, partook in some kind of big boxing tournament. The other kid didn't dare to throw even a single punch, just standing in place in a defensive stance, randomly getting counted out for a technical KO eventually, with the crowd going all apeshit. A bizarre spectacle indeed.
  12. fucker arrived! and sheesh, it's a friggin TANK! top notch quality all around, can't wait to dig in. genuine lols @ adding sfx translations in the appendix: all kindsa geeky and awesome.
  13. like srsly what the hell is the deal with rl these times? condolences to anyone close... a terrible loss. RIP
  14. stumbled across this and had to have it. thus far only owned an ages old colored (not badly tho) german translation, this one's english while retaining japanese "sounds" and reading direction, meaning no mirrored panels n shit. also including the akira club artbook and a "good for health..."-patch. all hardcover to make the afficionado equally hard. ye. not reading as much comics as i used to... but yo, well into moore, gaiman, moebius, some miller... the usual rly.
  15. the fact i actually went through the tedious ordeal of purchasing 20-something single tracks from this person is testament to how much i dig the musics. thx!
  16. this one really stuck out to me: phew... and it's just a minibosses' theme. also this struck me as almost ligetian: absolutely mesmerizing. already looking forward to the inevitable endgame dlc.
  17. yeah that part was quite lolsy, i mean the reveal of the source of the singing... done with first playthrough btw. 🙂 sure i missed quite alot of stuff (only now reading about dozens of npc quests, didn't want to spoil anything before getting to one of the endings* first... also didn't bother respecing for some of the puzzles i didn't have int for etc.) but at least i got all (optional) bosses and cleared all caves n dungeons i could find. what a ride.
  18. btw apparently she's malenia, blade of miquella. at least that's what she keeps telling me. XP
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