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  1. Ya, unthinkable this would've probably been lost forever if it wasn't for that bootleg. You sure it's supposed to be a remix tho? The original Ccec is following that track in the same set... If anything the beat reminds somewhat me of Zeiss Contarex. Tis the jam yo. More top shelf: Squeller, Left Blank, Zeiss and Netlon, followed by the rest.
  2. Went to Oulu, Finland last summer. First thing we did was eat reindeer pizza at a place called Da Mario. Can recommend.
  3. That's absolutely fucking amazing, thanks for sharing! _________________
  4. papers, please. i knew it's cherished for novelty value and social commentary, almost surprised it's actually damn fun gameplay-wise, too. also new game+ on king of cards. easily ranks among the top knight tales for me, probably tied with spectre (tad harder... which is good).
  5. wut, the (non-clean) singing is probably the best part! metal in a nutshell.
  6. nice... but that's the capcom intro in konami codes. merry christmas. and lots of bass.
  7. Shovel Knight: King of Cards... fucking finally! :3
  8. Y'know i've been thinking, one thing i could imagine as worthwhile would be a prequel miniseries of the original Ghostbusters going to college, built on references from the first half of the first film. Wouldn't even need paranormal activity in my book, just the boys bouncing their character shit off each other and life etc. (con is no Winston). Unfortunately that original chemistry is lost forever, can't think of any contemporary ensemble even remotely up to the task. Ghostbusters is as dead as Harold Ramis. That being said i'm probably still gonna watch this but yeah, 100% unexciting trailer. At least the cast seems somewhat solid... we'll see. Edit: Also that CGI is fugly as hell. Invest in some practical effects / puppets ffs, the Mandalorian really shows how much it's worth it imo (besides being rather banal at least it's got the style down).
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