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  1. nice, fell for it.
  2. beautiful stuff, the lighting in this one is like straight out of a hopper painting:
  3. used to enjoy morningrise quite a bit, especially this part: can't say i've been following em much since, but judging by the stuff my flatmate (big fan) showed me it went all downhill from there.
  4. same. i mean obvious hit is obvious, dat ending / solo... ? meshuggah=legend fo sho. haven't been following as much after catch or so, tbh i felt they got somewhat samey after that but hey, not like they'd have much left to prove by now. carved their very own niche (and a whole subgenre in the process), so i guess it's cool to keep exploiting that... would still go see them live anytime. btw this is me whenever i have to read kidman dis: pretty incredible for a debut, always thought it sounded kinda like a more advanced version of justice for all. it'd be funny if they'd go back exploring that path, has anyone else since? also bring back them gang vokills! XD but
  5. no mention of the cirith ungol comeback album yet?? not too shabby, positively surprised tbh, especially by the vocal delivery.
  6. is max playing? cos lol if not... sounds like the original to me, or am i missing something?
  7. that's quite hilarious.
  8. oh and speaking about inside: only recently learned there's been an ARG going on since june 16, still unsolved. reads like cryptographer's delight, pretty mindblowing actually (spoilers galore obvs): https://wiki.gamedetectives.net/index.php?title=Inside_ARG
  9. This is Hideo Kojima's favorite game. Really good shit and super cinematic for a sidescroller. Not too long either so it's pretty easy to play through in a few sittings. music and sound design are top notch, too especially during part.
  10. that's some prospect alright, thanks for sharing!
  11. entertaining read. but i don't think trump is the worst human being ever or anything, would he have his righteous status as some village idiot in the middle of nowhere he'd probably be worthy of pity really. as (arguably) most powerful man in the world however... really just another of those examples that lead neoliberal ideas of meritocracy ad absurdum. imo. like white says: the most disturbing thing is the fact that apparently anything can assemble a cult following in vast portions of a society given the circumstances, and any discussion based on reason seems to be impossible. i used to think educational systems could be an answer but honestly nowadays that everyone travels with a supercomputer in his/her pocket, having the whole of human knowledge at disposal at any time, there's really no justification for ignorance anymore already. but turns out doesn't work shit, instead we got "post-factualism". i'm honestly out of ideas for alternatives that don't go in somewhat totalitarian directions eventually and that makes me sad when i think about it. blah.
  12. "*kkrrrpffl*... WASH... YOUR... HAAANDS!"
  13. recorded most twitch transmissions from 20th of april onwards, alas audio only ("incomplete without visuals") and each incompletely because of silly obligations like work. ~45 hours of music up to now. edit: according to chat others are too. probably better.
  14. yup, fresh vibe. also those visual transitions... mmmh.
  15. i wonder if kyle reese was the inspiration behind the name... would be kinda ironic rly.
  16. tbh i didn't even consider he's most likely referring to ancient greek, which i guess is fair game (wir ja sagen ja auch "kaoss" etc)... still... fucking imbibles!
  17. lol. also yo, sean in full aaa mode today.
  18. Broadcaster4utechre: all the oscillators in all the synths (incl drums) are reading the same wavetable are their respective frequencies Broadcaster4utechre: it reads what's on the screen the same way a tv shows an image Broadcaster4utechre: line by line, across and down Broadcaster4utechre: each full frame is one cycle Broadcaster4utechre: but as the oscillators are going at different rates sometimes the data in the wavetable changes before a cycle is complete Broadcaster4utechre: it interpolates pretty well though _: So the linear vector of RGB values is the wavetable? What triggers the envelopes? Broadcaster4utechre: am just using stock objects to do this Broadcaster4utechre: all the sequencing etc is just existing stuff, as were the synths before i swapped in these oscillators Broadcaster4utechre: i mean the music is new but the patches used to sequence are existing _: ahhh yeh so there's still a sequence of on off in each synth yeh? Broadcaster4utechre: yeah the synths and drums etc are all doing what they would do anyway, just the wavetable in all the oscillators is changing
  19. from twitch chat, some illumination perhaps: Broadcaster4utechre: all the synths are just playing whatevers in the frame at that point Broadcaster4utechre: it scans the frame line by line top to bottom Broadcaster4utechre: r g b are 3 diff channels so i use all 3 but i put red stuff lower, green around the mid and blue for the cooler feeling higher stuff, idk i did it by taste Broadcaster4utechre: and then combine the 3 and the output is the oscilattor out Broadcaster4utechre: the frame is actually 3 diff matrices overlaid if you like, r g and b Broadcaster4utechre: so i can use all 3 so i used a crossover to split them across the spectrum Broadcaster4utechre: 2 crossovers Broadcaster4utechre: so i put red stuff lower freq, green stuff is sort of melodic midrange, and blue is anything above that Broadcaster4utechre: i did it to how the sort of warm/cool axis works around sounds in my head idk Broadcaster4utechre: yeah _: So, can you dial in colours, or are they chosen randomly Broadcaster4utechre: its an algorithm Broadcaster4utechre: colour is p interesting it turns out Broadcaster4utechre: i like colour best of all the things i got into doing this Broadcaster4utechre: the visuals are being controlled by certain events but its minimal interaction Broadcaster4utechre: mostly its about the image changing the sound _: I guess I’m curious how the visuals are informing the audio if the algorithm is taking the music into account. Is it a feedback loop? Broadcaster4utechre: its luminance across all 3 clour planes _: So i dont think s ean programmed key changes Broadcaster4utechre: yeah the key i just set Broadcaster4utechre: i can make it keep changing but u might feel sick after a bit ... (edit: discussion is going on rn actually...)
  20. yeah it's basically generating untilted artworks right now... beautiful!
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