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  1. c'mon those shape-shifting squelches and ambivalent mood are ae af! endless repeat over here.
  2. lost³. how on earth is this supposed to be cheesy?? track's an unrelenting badass of the highest order: straight to the balls yet elusively disorienting! whatever you're sniffing, you should try something else. imho.
  3. well let's just say it leaves me wanting more. sgood.
  4. so many rooms within rooms within. ugh. edit: dizzily good fucker! edidit: just the mix is lush as all hell in itself. major plasticity!
  5. holy sheets, heavily in love with this one. ❤️ can we have albumen like this? thx shrob.
  6. yeh times seem to be refreshed if i'm not mistaken... 4:45 of goodness inbound, mmmh! Edit: YO, full track's on bandcamp!!
  7. haha that transition at 0:56, all fuk yesses.
  8. never ever joined any "out-in-the-open" social media like fb, insta and the like simpy because it seemed to mainly attract extrovert, narcissistic wankers. "social" network my ass. finally caved-in to whatsapp tho so my granny can stalk me 24/7. 😕
  9. life's not complete without having played super metroid.
  10. highly unlikely, but can't shake off a tiny rest of hope that this might result in some kind of live setting with each chre streaming their parts seperately, would make for some major awesomeness imo. speaking of which: when will the 2020 tour be made up for? i already got my 3rd shot godammit, let's go! no petrol for the tour bus? 😛
  11. Ah, just a failed BGP update apparently... which locked out potential remote fixer-uppers as well. Duh.
  12. jaderpansen


    Hey yo so this was... pretty adequate actually! Didn't read the books but from what i've heard it was quite a faithful adaption. Turns out some stuff i missed was entirely Lynch's idea lol. Ah well whatevs. While i always felt the Lynch version starts out well enough and only really starts falling apart in the second half, this one was pretty much the other way around, got better once shit got down on Arrakis. My fav scene was the one with Paul and Jessica being tied up on the Ornithopter... actually i think Ferguson's performance was my favourite overall. ❤️ Hoping for pt 2 now. Peace.
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