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  1. That video is so great. The skipping in the track oh man.
  2. I just realized Artpop came out in 2013! flol. & Lady Gaga won for her 2014 album anyways! These people man.
  3. I wonder if this will even affect anything or just be forgotten. I enjoy Artpop a lot, but my tastes vary wildly.
  4. No, it was updated from 160 kbps to 320. It has been downloadable for a while Shruggo, I got my copy on the 4th when it was briefly downloadable & it is 320.
  5. any others updated? I know there were only a few...I really want (HAB un23) All Ivan was saying is that fmsubBass is now downloadable, not that the track was updated.
  6. I'm manually editing up the tracks for proper consumption. This shit is satisfying mang. Putting the artwork, most proper title, and upload order. I'm making it so the comments and tags and alternate titles and whatnot show up as the lyrics on my iPod. I know how I'll be filling my time this weekend. (the emoticons on here give me so much nostalgia )
  7. Happy tunes like acid organ are the best. I love the Ventolin remixes. Cool to see some alternates of them. What was the other one? I didn't tag it. EDIT: It's phuqed up. There aren't any ads on here mang.
  8. Are people copying down the descriptions on the tracks? I have a note with them all, at least I think I have them all. The main thing this event has done is remind me that I need to listen back to stuff I haven't listened to much. I like seeing people talk about a track & going to listen to them for the first time. I've been listening to tracks piece by piece. Depression has made it hard for me to get excited for things for so long. Richard's recent activity has been bumping me back into being capable of getting hyped. I am grateful. I hope I can keep the positivity going for a while. I need to put them on my iPod in a proper order.. I think I'll just put them as close to upload order as I can and dig in. But what about Girl/Boy Dark Version & Red Calx? Shruggo. I don't think it matters now, people will figure out good ways to order things.
  9. The record scratchy Windowlicker remix from the start of the music video?
  10. As I listened to it I imagined posting the song on YouTube over some RE gameplay.
  11. I have a live version of this track under the title "Gabbo Rod Fix" from some rare track download I got way back that also had the Peel Session tracks.
  12. I feel less betrayed by that voice now. I always figured it must've been a kid, not some fuckery.
  13. I can't believe I put off reading these to the point that I missed them. I am so confused now.
  14. I got Chosen Lords way back. I dug it. My non-piracy policy, and the vinyl only release, made me pass on listening to the rest for ages. I finally pirated it like a dink not too long ago. I haven't given it enough attention. Makes me sad for the Aphex-obsessed youth I was in the past. The new album hype is bringing me back. I'm going to give the shit I've neglected some good listening in the following weeks. Still need to give The Tuss more attention.
  15. http://warp.net/records/aphex-twin/syro-stockists Looks like the one record store I had in mind is one of the listed ones.. I need to look into this biz.
  16. Man, I want one. I don't think there are any real record stores around me, other than in Chicago.
  17. Q27


    If I'm anticipating something I usually want to experience as little of it as possible before release. I wouldn't even listen to a pre-release single for Syro, unless there is a video. Firefox suggested pee-release as a correction for pre-release.
  18. Q27


    Headphones, iPod, relaxed, uninterrupted. I would like to listen while driving. Probably won't though. I'll likely queue it up before work to have it finished by the time I have to start work. I love doing that.
  19. I love this thread. Yes. During the sumer of 2007 I found Aphex Twin. Someone wanted to be cheered up in a forum, so someone posted the video for either Come To Daddy or Windowlicker. I think it was CTD. I remember the first time I watched Windowlicker I was thinking Aphex Twin was some sort of metal/hip-hop weirdness. Then I got all into it. Early tracks were 4, Alberto Balsalm, ya know, the regular bunch. My birthday was coming up, & I went to my local used records/movies/games shop Disc Replay. I think at this point I had already found WATMM. All they had was S.A.W. II. I wasn't sure about picking it up, it was double price. My mom convinced me to do it. I still remember that evening. I listened to it while relaxing in my back yard, walking around, going to the local convenience store, drinking a Snapple. That might've been the only time I've really listened to the whole album. I got into it all after that. I craved the rush I would get when I'd go to a record store & find an RDJ release. I miss that feeling.. Most of my purchases were from Amazon though.
  20. Q27


    http://www.factmag.com/2010/10/28/aphex-twin-ive-got-six-albums-completed/ He's been saying this shit for years. I believe it somewhat.
  21. Q27


    Lornaderek featured his parents, Lorna and Derek James. At the time, Nannou and Nanou2 were rumoured to be named after his then-girlfriend, who was French. The last track on SYRO is apparently named after his wife. Honestly though, let's keep his family/relations out of this and afford the man some respect - discussing tracks obviously named after them is fair game, but as exemplified by my above dip into gossip-ville, it's a slippery slope for sure. I can't help but be amused by the idea of his son following in his footsteps - kids are awesome and the best hope of any parent (myself included) is your children exceed your own abilities and goals by light years. I always assumed his son was featured on multiple tracks on the Come To Daddy EP. Listening to it again this week had me wondering. If that's his kid, then he'd be around my age.
  22. Q27


    Monkey Drummer? Rubber Johnny?
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