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  1. These are UNBELIEVABLY good. I'm up to part 2 and WOW, best present ever.
  2. Saying I'm not a fan of it wasn't quite correct....it's more correct to say that it's just my least favorite release of his. I listened to it a lot because at the time it came out, we were all starved for a new album and I really WANTED to love it. Funny to think of the days where being 4-5 years between Aphex albums was a long wait....
  3. This thread is kinda dumb. OP: Why do you care that you don't like something that most people do? In this case, you just have a different opinion than most. I know what that's like...I've never been a big fan of Drukqs, but everybody thinks it's his greatest album ever, masterpiece, blah blah. I don't really care though, i've listened to it 100 times, it's never clicked, and that's okay. In all seriousness though, you are totally wrong about Syro and you should consider jumping off a bridge.
  4. I'm going to the LA show tonight....I'l be the guy in the orange Colundi shirt. Please say hi. Haven't met a new WATMMer in years.
  5. I'm going to the LA show tonight....I'l be the guy in the orange Colundi shirt. Please say hi. Haven't met a new WATMMer in years.
  6. I meant it's the first time for ME to see Richard in the US since 2002. I know he's been here a few times since but I was unable to catch him those times...
  7. This would be a great opportunity to see Richard play in the US for the first time since 2002 for many reasons! 1. Richard 2. Bringing my brother along to experience it for himself. 3. Travel around NYC 4. Visit some family that lives out there I'm most excited to hear Richard play something potentially new...as well as the mental weirdcore visuals that are a marvel to behold.
  8. I'm pretty big fan of Chromeo, but I did think this last album was a big step down for them compared to their last album. Lots of stuff I didn't like about it. However, having said that, that Pitchfork review is one of the dumbest, most irritating things I've ever read. I want to stab my eyes.
  9. Aleksi is just so fucking good. Due to his massive output of good shit and just overall excellence I put him up there with Aphex as my favorite artist of all time. This was Rephlex's greatest artist discovery, bar none. I recently went back to the Astrobotnias after being away for a while. DAMN they are so brilliant and completely unique to anything else he ever did, it's like he invented his own genre, Spacey Spastic Braindance. I'm glad he used a different name for this stuff. As far as stuff under Ovuca, Wasted Sunday is the best thing he did. One of my favorite albums of all time.
  10. What track is that at 19:00? Killer stuff.
  11. Listening....great mix and welcome back dude!
  12. Probably my favorite track of the album. I don't usually remember track names but I've looked at the song name whenever something magical is happening and that one has stood out since first listen. :)
  13. Have listened two times in full already. I can imagine that people who are exclusively fans of Andy's goofy stuff won't like this. However, IMO, after these listens I can say so far that this might be my favorite release of his. With no exaggeration, this album is unlike anything he's ever done. It's the most emotional and musically complex album he's ever written. Super dreamy melodies and interesting chord progressions. Every track feels like a sad, dreamy soundscape, but with signature Ceephax 80s drums. Nearly no acid lines in the whole album, lots (and lots) of SH instead. I can't count the number of good tracks, I really do love the whole thing. It flows incredibly well. As far as single vision albums go, this is most similar to Cro Magnox, but this one is better. So stoked to listen again today!
  14. Ceephax is performing December 15 at a secret location in Los Angeles December 15. https://restlessnites.com/acid Just $10 presale, insanity! I hope to see some of the WATMM crew there! Good going LA for grabbing him while he's in the US for Day for Night. I hope other US venues do the same! Thought it would be a good idea to post in this forum as well as the Live Dates forum to make sure all his fans find out...I know I'd be pissed if I didn't hear about it!
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