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  1. Tom Jenkinson: When we remastered the record, we used the original as a sonic reference point and also to compare relative levels between the tracks, length of gaps and so on. It was pretty surprising to hear how different the album sounded to my original DAT tapes. It seemed like a lot of the 1-2 khz band had been filtered out and generally the music sounded over-processed, so the remastering was focused on getting a decent overall balance while retaining the bite in the original recordings – overall how it sounds in the new edition is much closer to my original tapes. The memory of the first mastering session is clouded by drinking several bottles of Champagne so perhaps that's why it ended up sounding so weird.
  2. The remaster was done in 2015 by Matt Colton who also did Damogen Furies at the time. There’s some deep bass in some of the tracks that just wasn’t present before. To my ears it sounds more clear and each instrument is given its proper space in the mix. But at the same time, as you can read in the notes of the reissue, the album was made on some dodgy equipment so I’m not sure it’s meant to be like an audiophiles wet dream. I would grab the vinyl since the point of this reissue is to make it more widely available as opposed to paying insane prices for an original press.
  3. xyz888


    Maybe that headline is from 2016 and we don’t actually know anything yet. 🧐
  4. Thread seems like a pisstake. From about 2010 onwards, arguably before, name a more influential artist. He should have his own forum ffs.
  5. Well, this is a treat. Big up the man for basically crafting my taste in music since the late 90’s. Dirty, broken electronics. Brilliant artist and label.
  6. https://m.facebook.com/permalink.php?id=31422322848&story_fbid=10157604741547849
  7. Idk, I don’t really agree.. it’s a blending of underground and mainstream sounds. . the result is quite interesting with most of these artists, it’s created almost a new type of sound.. i wouldn’t even say they are doing it consciously.. blurred lines.. regardless of that, there’s always a track or two on every album that stays true to the original flavors..
  8. Yea OPN, Flying Lotus, Squarepusher, Bibio, Battles, Nightmares on Wax, Stereolab... really trendy shit
  9. slightly off topic, but i'm quite excited about the bleep store.. who knows what we could be getting down the line.. repressed vinyl, vinyl exclusives, digi exclusives, unreleased tracks, live sets, live vids, merchandise..
  10. on the warp.net site, on the squarepusher page under 'information'
  11. “Be Up A Hello is a phrase that was used in my circle of friends when we were teenagers growing up in Essex but in particular it reminds me of a very good friend called Chris Marshall, who very sadly died of natural causes last year. He was only 44. I was devastated. I loved him to bits. He was only a year older than me but was like a father-figure in some ways. He made sure we were all safe when we were running around Chelmsford like little maniacs. Chris was very technically minded and we both went on a journey when we were kids, learning about synthesis, about how sound is mixed, about how samplers work… So with this album I tried to go back to the ways of making music that we’d investigated as kids. I went back to the analogue equipment.” Ultimately Tom hopes Be Up A Hello stands up as new music which also pays tribute to a good mate who had to leave the party early. He concludes: “When we were 16, Chris and I used to listen to a lot of music driving about in his Dad’s Ford Escort. Before I started releasing records, this was the first outlet I ever had for my music, the first time I ever observed the effect my tracks would have on other people. Just outside Chelmsford there was this old disused and derelict barn you could just drive right into. We’d park the car up, open the car doors, crank the stereo up full and that was our club. And it was perfect.”
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