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  1. Yeah okay, so I'll admit I wasn't completely serious in my original post... No, I know Altered: Carbon is not better than Autechre. It's just, Oversteps to me still just seems very bland compared to the rest of their catalog. I know some of their previous releases have had to grow on me in the past, but this one just isn't doing that. There are a couple tracks I do enjoy but overall, I can't help but write this one off. Move Of Ten however I'm liking a lot.
  2. Playing Lightning Bolt at loud volumes tends to piss off the neighbors
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnZ50adcpV4 Helico Bacter- Held
  4. I hear ya, but is calling it shit and making that comment standout by the tons of blankspace just cause i don't happen to cater to your tastes necessary? maybe next time don't be such a douche about it, ya dig?
  5. fuck yes! this is what I was hoping Oversteps would be (it still hasn't fully clicked with me )... This is great!
  6. I like it Odd Nosdam shifted it into a different entity... I see it as more of a soundscape than a song as it was originally, it builds slowly and kinda fades in and out before coming in fully. If you listen through the begining build it pays off
  7. I love blasting Autechre loud, how else are you gonna hear all the detailed textures in thier sounds as they reverberate the way they were meant to?
  8. It'd be a shame, but I'd just continue to listen to their released stuff as much as I do already and carry on
  9. downtempo, spatial and glitchy is best when hungover, Boards of Canada always does the trick maybe some earlier Autechre as well. Also Tycho, Nalepa, Four Tet, Telefon Tel Aviv, Wagon Christ, Yppah or Bibio ... If I were to do Radiohead hungover I'd probably stick to OK Computer or Kid A. Some of the more ambient dub tech is good for hangovers too, like the Echochord label & Rob Modell
  10. well fuck you too buddy, why'd you even bother responding then?
  11. "The record came from 2 things for the most part. Creating an album from start to finish with only female voice + a strange fascination/obsession in "contact microphones". this is also an interesting comment, the contact microphones could certainly allow for some interesting samples to be recorded. Perhaps like a Prefuse 73 glitch-hop version of Amon Tobin's Foley Room, I'd be interested in hearing that
  12. Good to hear, I'm a big fan of Prefuse 73... Security screenings was a little weak, but I don't think his mind/heart was really in that one. Preparations was decent, and I actually dug Amepexian a lot, different yes but definitely ambitious. I'm curious to see where this new effort takes him.
  13. Amazing record! What format did you get it in? The limited vinyl edition has one of the most stunning picture discs ever. I just downloaded it to be honest, but whenI get some money perhaps I'll have to look into that one
  14. ghOsty Presesnts: Losing Sleep Under Streetlights Vol 1. Tracklist: ghOsty - "By Twilight They Rise"/ Jim Morrison - "American Night"/ ghOsty - "These Streets Growl"/ Faib - "Broken Mirror (Innasekt Remix)"/ DJ Krush feat. Mr. Lif - "Nosferatu"/Paper Tiger - "Cannonade"/ Amon Tobin - "Wires & Snakes"/ Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - "Adaptation of the Koto Song"/ Layo & Bushwacka - "Let The Good Times Roll"/ Duplex - "Cosmic Dancer"/ Clubroot - "Lucid Dream"/ Amon Tobin - "Easy Muffin"/ Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - "Lobby"/ Morphine - "Souvenir"/ DynoSpectrum - "Decompression Chamber"/ Meat Beat Manifesto - "She's Unreal"/ Portishead - "Only You"/ Fulgeance - "The Mamie"/ Meat Beat Manifesto - "Intermission"/ Exile - "Love Line"/ MF DOOM - "Go With The Flow"/ Nosaj Thing - "Phase II"/ DJ Shadow - "Midnight In A Perfect World"/ Blackfilm - "Midnight to 4am"/ LV - "Dream Cargo"/ Squarepusher - "Plaistow Flex Out" + "The Exploding Psychology"/ Telefon Tel Aviv - "TTV"/ ghOsty - "Slow Current" Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?jmnmeewzymn
  15. cool stuff... do want, name is forgivable
  16. It's a pretty good record, I got the leak a while back, but plan on buying the album.
  17. I love me some dubstep... However I like the deeper more atmospheric stuff. Not to say I hate the grime and wobbles. But it does seem the scene has become over-saturated. A lot of producers out there lack real understanding of where the DUB in dubstep comes from and it's become all about the "OMGSOFILTHY" wobble wankery, I call brostep. I think it's becoming harder to find among the seas of amateur producers, which I think many newcomers to the scene get jaded by, and therefore dismiss the genre. There are more than a handful of decent artists out there though, making quality stuff. Hyperdub, Hemlock, and Planet-Mu are putting out some consistently good stuff on their labels.
  18. Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma Nalepa - Flatlands Toe - For Long Tomorrow Alcest - Ecailles De Lune Onra - Chinoiseries Deepchord Presents Echospace: Liumin
  19. I remember finding out when there was a fake leak being passed around claiming to be Oversteps, it was actually a mis-named file of the debut album by Altered: Carbon... Before I knew it was a fake, I was really interested in the new direction Autechre had kind of taken, seeming to re-incorporate some of their earlier hip-hop influences with the glitchy IDM. Upon hearing the actual Oversteps release, I was somewhat dissapointed... I haven't been able to get as into it as any of their other releases so far. Now that I think about it, I think I enjoyed the album posted falsely as a leak more than the actual... This may be an unpopular opinion, and I do LOVE Autechre and Gescom but I suggest some seek out the album and give it a try.
  20. I'm sure some of his early stuff was made very quickly, as it is more loop based... It's possible he comes up with melodies very easily, but I'm sure he spends a lot more than 5 minutes on his drum programing. I imagine as simple and minimal as the piano pieces in Drukqs are, they also took a lot of thought, that album IMO also contains some of his most intricate programming by far.
  21. I imagine if Boards of Canada didn't put out another CD the aesthetic would be picked up more by other artists (Tycho already captures it pretty well)... I think I could see them going a more acoustic route similar to Bibio based on thei interest in acoustics now that came into play on The Campfire Headphase.
  22. ghOsty

    New Clark Mentioned

    New Clark is always good, I also agree less vocals would be nice. Personally I think a combination of the Body Riddle sound, with a return to the coldness of Empty The Bones, would be pretty sweet
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