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  1. Still waiting on some ambient stuff but am doubting we’ll ever see it unfortunately.
  2. Seen them twice, experience stil gets a spin now and again. Liam confirmed suicide. RIP :(
  3. Nice touch! We (me and the GF) have always fancied a trip over the pond to NYC and what better way than to see Aphex the same week/day. Would love to hear some SAW II unreleased vibes going on. Good luck one and all!
  4. calx

    165 303

    Absolutely, belter.
  5. Missed this first time round! Looks cool AF! How do I get one?
  6. Still buy a lot of cds. It’s basically a hard digital copy. I also like to find special editions/Japanese versions. Sold my 2000+ vinyl and only have about 10 now., thought I’d miss them but don’t. Still have cassettes but sold my old vw with had a cassette deck, current beemer does not. Thought keeps crossing my mind to buy a minidisc player but realise my phone does exactly the same thing.
  7. Well I went through the ptsd therapy and for the first time I feel like I’m looking at it with an element of hindsight, in short, it worked for me. Got a mate who thought I’d benefit from it years ago, turns out he was right. Anyways, he said he can tell I’m relatively better now as I’m not trying to drag him into my madness anymore.
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