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  1. Anyone still sous chef their patties?
  2. Watching Linus Tech Tips video about Sony SSD tech and reminding myself to never watch these corporate sponsored YouTubers. Advertising has become so insidious.
  3. VG merchandise! I want Vincent Gallo streaming GTA V online with a headset on with a blonde manga Cloud spiky haircut whilst trying to appease all his subscribers. 2020! Yay.
  4. https://bassagendarecordings.bandcamp.com/album/carebot-raising-money-for-the-nhs-and-m-decins-sans-fronti-res More electro than a MOS electro house night sometime in the 00s.
  5. As a stammerer it is so interesting to watch Biden in the public eye as when generally negativity and fear take over and speech becomes more difficult. It takes openness and acceptance of fear to do it, which he has done.
  6. Have you seen the remake? The scene where Jeff Bridges says the boxes of Tiles in the back of his car are from a french village called Tiles cracks me up. It's pronounced Tills.
  7. Are the VHS videos behind him real or printed? Coming at you live from a deserted Blackpool skittles alley side room.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raving_Iran A basic idea of what its like to put on parties in Iran. They struggle to get flyers printed due to printing shops not wanting to print cultural references deemed anti government.
  9. www.stashedgoods.co.uk for the more industrial or ambient stuff Rough Trade is surprisingly good and has a wicked sale section in the shops and online
  10. Love this. http://ambientmusicguide.com/interviews/mind-colours-the-story-of-beaumont-hannant/ Doesn't go into the GPR screwing over artists either like every article ever written about GPR artists.
  11. Sold out already. His stuff is always released in super limited numbers. Also that female vocal sounds strangely sounds like the LJ Kruzer sample "This is how I write"
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