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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raving_Iran A basic idea of what its like to put on parties in Iran. They struggle to get flyers printed due to printing shops not wanting to print cultural references deemed anti government.
  2. www.stashedgoods.co.uk for the more industrial or ambient stuff Rough Trade is surprisingly good and has a wicked sale section in the shops and online
  3. Love this. http://ambientmusicguide.com/interviews/mind-colours-the-story-of-beaumont-hannant/ Doesn't go into the GPR screwing over artists either like every article ever written about GPR artists.
  4. Sold out already. His stuff is always released in super limited numbers. Also that female vocal sounds strangely sounds like the LJ Kruzer sample "This is how I write"
  5. Siedl's Paradise Trilogy First film Love. Austrian care worker goes to Kenya on a sex tourism holiday. The main actor in this is amazing, proper emotional and nervousness about engaging in her affairs. Not filmed in a cynical hyper moralistic way either. Droopdempanties/10
  6. "YOU CAN JUST GET IT THEN DRESS IT!" This is beyond cassetteboy parody now and I want my money back.
  7. Where will I go for my eggs benedict now?
  8. Yes have seen that Muthafuckaz french animation! Not as far out as Plympton but amongst all the cartoon dross, it burns brighter than Gina Lee Nolan's bleached bum hole at her husband's request.
  9. Is it a flatscreen crt? The later tech ones had hd component and vga ports on. Great picture, so vibrant.
  10. Better than your grandma's cheese scones fella.
  11. Im a few minutes late for my train.
  12. Clare Denis High Time - french erotica version of Solaris but without the greek god statues. Ever wanted to see Juliette Binoche make menstrual love to a leather chair with dildo attachment? Now is your chance. Pretty f***ing good.
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