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  1. Using CEMU? What controls are you using Maarten?
  2. Typical Berlin that! Bakery on the corner. Berlin must be the only city I saw two people holding a Matthew Herbert remix album in their hands in the same day.
  3. There is a fan running old DS9 episodes through a video software sharpener upscaler, takes a while day with a new RTX graphics card. https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/314653-remastering-deep-space-nine
  4. https://newleftreview.org/issues/ii126/articles/mike-davis-trench-warfare
  5. Funny that Barton Fink and this are mentioned together. The use of fire in both is so similar. Linked by Mr Turturro.
  6. Not to be confused with The Ritual which is on 4 on demand at the moment.
  7. The Texorcist is free on Epic Games if you want a text based bullet hell shooter and can play PC?
  8. This sounds unique on Rephlex! Which for quite a diverse label is saying something.
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