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spectral gates - 'contact bounce' (IDM/math-rock/experimental)


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so... we've been sitting on this for a while now.

'spectral gates' are a sydney-based rave/doom/math two-piece. albums #1-#3 have had a bunch of local radio play and some spotify - album #4 comes out early 2022.

this one is a rolling linear live rhythm freakout over an 0coast and a pocket operator beat. steve (the drummer) told me there's a 13 in the time signature. i couldn't figure out where the 1 was though, so it doesn't matter. lots of home-made DSP (delays, mostly) in here as well.

we've been writing software for a much more elaborate video clip for a more conventional lead track from the forthcoming album, but we were burning out on that so we smashed this clip out in a few days.

hope you like it. if you're near sydney, we're playing 21 nov - ping for details.



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Pretty kool. I was kinda disappointed by the lack of progression, but since you said this was made in just a few days I figure it's not an issue. I quite likes the mix of digital and live drums.

Forgot to add, good luck with the album launch!

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This is really neat! The guitar sounds are really beautiful, nice floaty mood. I like the combination of live and electronic drums too, although I feel like in terms of mixing they don't quite gel together as well as they could. Definitely gonna check out the rest of your stuff on Spotify.

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