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  1. I am really enjoying Raised by Wolves. The first few episodes felt like bonkers, off-the-rails sci-fi. I think fans of Prometheus and Alien Covenant (yes we exist) will dig it. Binge watched The Boys, as well. Season 2 is not as good so far but its pretty damn refreshing amidst all the superhero cliches in today's culture.
  2. this clicked with me today during an evening walk. CURZON is magic.
  3. gnarlybog


    looks pretty great! wish they used the choral hans zimmer music from the teaser but i get that this is also a mass market film. It makes me smile knowing just how many nerds in december will be leaning into their girlfriends ear trying to explain what the fuck a Butlerian Jihad is before the next scene.
  4. strangely. this got old really fast. talented guy, though. some of the sounds i just can't vibe with. Side note: I cant recall minimizing a window faster than when the dancing started in the Oh Yeah video.
  5. very excited... but the album art looks like its for a commercial mobile app or something 😬
  6. The song is nice and I’m diggin the album art hard.
  7. I was not familiar with this guy before this, but I am pretty blown away by the range of styles on this release. While the sound design could take some getting used to, I can't help but wonder how there is not a stinker in bunch? Most acts struggle to cobble together 10 tracks.
  8. for me, its his best since R.I.P : -)
  9. i love this group but not sure about this. it sounds pretty tinny and unpleasant to me... is that just youtube compression?
  10. Rakka sounds like a Terminator being torn apart by an arctic storm in fast forward.
  11. this guy is crazy good. there is something so unique about his style. i imagine it is really easy to make boring ambient, yet his work always has this hazy, hypnotic feeling.
  12. Cautiously optimistic... how many years has it been since Argento made a good movie? Wasn't a project announced a few years ago with Iggy Pop in a starring role?
  13. I like it even though it feels kind of structureless, like smoke filling a room. That's fine though, its a strong mood. Seeing him live this sunday, curious how it will be.
  14. I really enjoy the post-reformation albums even though they sound very different. The way they evolve and mutate their mythology really fascinates me. "Ghostman" off of GWotR is one of their best songs ever, imo.
  15. Cool, the last album is solid but new skinny puppy PLEAAAASEEE.
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