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  1. Human After All is so underrated. A conceptual slab of punk minimalism.
  2. This album is out and it rips. Psychedelic and spacey. The co-founder of Skinny Puppy dipping into tangerine dream and sun ra territory at times.
  3. i like it but i wish the vocals were a little weirder or more distinctive?
  4. Finished the new The Stand miniseries. It did so many things wrong but it was still entertaining, despite it all?
  5. I was listening to an interview with Stephen Mallinder and he said that he was not asked about the new cabaret release, which is strange because they supposedly parted on good terms. A bit odd. I like that new track "Billion Dollar" but it doesn't feel very CV to me.
  6. This is really fun, 2 episodes in. Very relaxing. Wish it was longer and there was more painting, though.
  7. hmmm.... those vocals are going to take some getting used to. miss some of the overt electronic elements, but let's see...
  8. ooo cautiously optimistic. i listen to them every few years and forget how good they were.
  9. interesting, could be the first time they have made something sound less weird?
  10. awesome, he got jesse kanda, arca's go-to guy for visuals.
  11. love this group. they hit this weird hypnotic mood reminiscent of Coil. Snoopy is one of my faves to come out this year.
  12. Holy shit, this ruled so hard. Orson Welles parading around a foggy Paris like a chubby Zorro, looking phenomenal. Very unique editing style.
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