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  1. TITANE: France's reply to the Fast & Furious franchise, where a lady fucks a car! twice! For Cronenberg fans. 7/10
  2. No Time to Die: This was ok. Too long. Maybe visually the best looking one of the series? Some nice set pieces. Might be fun on a rewatch while doing something else, which is the ultimate function of these movies for me. 6.5-7/10 Metallica: Some Kind of Monster: Very good, even if you don't give a shit about the music. The scenes with them writing lyrics together are painful. The new bassist is the hero of the story. 8/10 The Card Counter: This was also ok. Save your time and just rewatch First Reformed. 6/10
  3. gnarlybog


    Also diving into God Emperor of Dune to keep the high from seeing this movie going. Part 2 Part 2!
  4. Dune (2021): I have been waiting for this for about 2 years and it delivered. I was worried the minimalist art direction would make it feel too ordinary, but there were just enough truly bizarre moments which I always look forward to in sci-fi. Fingers crossed we get a chapter 2!! Withnail and I: Some great dialogue and performances. The homophobia dates it verrry badly. Blew my mind that one of the best characters from Waynes World 2 originated here.... The Matrix Reloaded: Not as good as the first, but definitely not as bad as the 3rd. Very entertaining even though structurally muddled. The Duellists: Incredible. Will be revisiting this in the future. Harvey Keitel as a symbol of directionless animalistic hatred.
  5. On first listen it is nice! Feels a bit like a collection of sketches though, atm. I am sure it's a grower.
  6. Only one listen so far. Interesting although not hitting me like Double Negative, yet. Gives me hope for guitar based music.
  7. Agreed about the bland vocal style. Anyway, some cool production touches and NIN avoid falling into their paint-by-numbers thing. Girl is a Gun is a tune.
  8. Excited. I like how they experiment with their sound while still sounding identifiably them. Psychic 9-5 Club is one of my all-time favourites. While Venus in Leo was pretty good I was really impressed with Over the Rainbow.
  9. This looks like a sack of shit. Bummer. Ghostbuster 3: Hellbent always sounded fun, I wish that got made. "When is Ghostbusters 3 coming out" is actually the first thing I ever searched for online, haha. Always loved this fan pitch for a sequel: https://www.bldgblog.com/tag/ghostbusters-iii/
  10. Such a good release. How is this guy so prolific, and all of it of such a high quality??
  11. I wish this connected to me more, since it's right up my alley (well-crafted experimental art rock with industrial influences). Reminds me of Bowie's Outside a bit. Some of the aggression feels a bit forced, maybe because i know it's made by a senior citizen on a laptop whose day job is scoring movies...
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