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  1. This Australian duo have a great new ep out, following what is one of my favourite releases of 2020, their album "Snoopy". For fans of Coil, HTRK... https://csandkreme.bandcamp.com/album/howwouldyoufeelwithoutthatthought https://csandkreme.bandcamp.com/album/snoopy
  2. Autechre - Sign Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Patchouli Blue HTRK - Over the Rainbow William Basinski - Lamentations CS + Kreme - Snoopy Brian Eno and Roger Eno - Mixing Colours
  3. Land of Silence and Darkness by Werner Herzog (1971) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U68tMGEqL5o "A 1971 documentary film about deaf-blind people and their experience of life." If you are looking for a good documentary, this is one of my favourites... although you may have to prepare some tissues as it exposes you to the pure existential torment of being locked inside a body. I have seen about 20 Werner Herzog films now and think this is one of the best.
  4. Yo, this is a beauty of a record. Maybe I'm just in the right head space but its quite relaxing, with some nice micro details throughout.
  5. This is hitting me hard right now. If it sounds good and the cover compliments the sound... i'm all in, baby.
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    That is awesome to hear! Loved the first one... was not prepared for it to go so psychedelic and technical towards the end. The Dark Forest was incredible, although at times it felt like a bunch of cool ideas strung together. I think the english translation did not flow as well as the previous book. With that said, I read the last 200 pages or so in one sitting, haha. Looking forward to the third.
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    I just blasted through the first two books of Liu Cixin's The Three Body Problem trilogy. Damn... mind-bending sci-fi. Strong recommendation.
  8. Cevin Key will be releasing his first solo album in a few years. You can listen to the first single here. It's pretty good, but supposedly 3 more tunes will be released before feb. Looking forward to those vocal tracks.
  9. I don't think he has worked for Apple for a few years now. He is an artist who has fallen into a bit of a formula no matter what he tries. You basically know exactly how a NIN track will go after about 30 seconds. So I think trying something outside his comfort zone like this and the old-timey score for Mank could have a good impact?
  10. My engagement with this record fluctuates wildly with each listen. weird... probably needs more time. but yeah, it's my favourite thing he's done in a while. Shame there aren't more interviews, he's always got some interesting ideas.
  11. Great video and cool song. Not something you'd expect from a guy in his late 60s. Sent me down a Oingo Boingo spiral.
  12. which one does the bleeps and which one does the bloops?
  13. He can be insightful at times but it really is just personal opinion, at the end of the day. The difficulty and obtuseness of autechre are what keeps me coming back. It's like a floating feather that you cant quite catch. I don't want to be cruel but hey its a visual medium — I hope his patreon supporters fund a new hair cut. When he does that hair flip in the back my blood pressure rises.
  14. So far my standouts are the little piano-like part at the end of X4, esel 0 and marhide (which sounds like serenely floating through a sewer system)
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