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  1. I feel like Quaristice is like this too... although that has more of a frozen-ocean-beneath-the-moon-Europa vibe.
  2. Cool still image. Rob and Sean being hunted by the Predator. Hope the boys are ok.
  3. Here Comes A New Challenger!! https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/fresh-pepper-fresh-pepper/ Like if H.R. Geiger had a happy childhood.
  4. Squid Game: Finally got to this. I liked it! The dialogue of the white rich guys felt like a bad Joss Whedon show and the last episode felt a bit tacked on. Otherwise, very entertaining with a nice momentum that reminded me of good manga. Irma Vep: I'm a big fan of the 90s film, which seems to get better with each viewing. Not really sure where there is going. Amusing, at the very least?
  5. It seems he can do no wrong. So prolific and so consistent!! I can't remember details of the albums yet when I turn them on it feels right.
  6. man, blade runner 2049 was dealt a truly crushing blow by sean. i imagined Denis Villeneuve clutching a kitchen counter to stabilise himself from the karmic damage.
  7. My productivity at work tomorrow will suffer greatly for this. Thanks for the youtube rip.
  8. So I started using Renoise about 2 months ago and have been feeling more inspired than I have been in years! It's mostly abstract IDM with breaks. Would appreciate any production tips or renoise tricks. Creatively, I'm just trying to find a nice balance between melodic songs and abstraction. Thanks for checking it out. brittle melancholic breaks. written at a wooden desk in a farmhouse in the polish countryside. sludgy psychedelic weirdness with doom 2 samples sloshing around freejazz hip slop from the year 2099 Satisfying clap sound and bassline in here.
  9. really enjoying these latest recordings. I have never been a HUGE fan of the AE_LIVE sets but these are really doing it for me. such interesting sound design.
  10. woah, pink death and white truffle are very cool. sounds very pro. awesome textures and sound design. you have a new follower (and former torontonian) 🙂
  11. Very interesting melodies & great groove. Especially like that sound that comes in at 1:44, its feels unexpected. You have a unique spin on the genre, which is great.
  12. This season of Atlanta felt like a big swing and a miss for the most part 😕 Shame.
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