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  1. Their new full length "Bright Green Field" is out and its pretty damn good. https://squiduk.bandcamp.com/album/bright-green-field
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Haven't had a chance to listen yet. Any idea if it features any unreleased Peter Christopherson material?
  3. The Deloused demos album 'Landscape Tantrums' came out on spotify yesterday. It's fun to hear different versions of songs you know off by heart. While I love Deloused, that sounds a touch overproduced. These new demos have rawer vocals with more fx and you can actually hear the other players (the keys!!!). There are even some dub moments.
  4. Maybe the second best post-reformation album after Allelujah, but still not approaching the highs of the early material. It's hard for a band to develop when they arrive so conceptually fully formed. I just wish they would shake up the ingredients a little. More collage, diverse instrumentation, structures, etc? Something. I was wondering if the occasional blandness is a mixing issue or arrangement issue? Last track is very nice, though.
  5. it's most likely another reissue or remaster... he is insane.
  6. yeah, its not bad but definitely not scratching the genghis tron itch. i appreciate when bands try to evolve naturally though. it's probably a grower.
  7. this guy is a major talent in the music biz. thanks for the heads up.
  8. Very interested in this but bummed to see so much Zoom footage. Can't wait to see it in imax surround sound.
  9. I've been on a roll with some good shit lately: Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (7.5/10): I'm ready for more goofy escapist humour after such a clusterfuck of a year and a decade of gritty media. Dark Waters (8/10): A well-crafted drama (based on real events) without too much flashy bullshit or sentimentality. I found the story so shocking. How is this shit real? 12 Angry Men (9/10): Loved it, definitely worth the hype. My anxiety was definitely flaring up anytime someone got up from the table or shouted. I wonder how the William Friedkin remake is? Going Clear: Scientology and the
  10. He's a master, in certain respects. He takes pre-existing material and collages it into a new form. The execution is usually so high quality that it elevates it. To me, the movies are pure entertainment without much deep meaning. There are parallels with daft punk in a way. I do have a feeling he's on a downward trajectory, though. His last few movies have some brilliant moments but could have definitely been edited down. You can hear in interviews how pleased he is with himself whenever he utters a sentence. Probably admires his turds before flushing them.
  11. Frances the Mute is a masterpiece. I wonder how new material would sound? I'm worried Cedric's voice is totally shot.
  12. I dismissed the post-reunion albums until recently. Some nice stuff.
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