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  1. Rakka sounds like a Terminator being torn apart by an arctic storm in fast forward.
  2. this guy is crazy good. there is something so unique about his style. i imagine it is really easy to make boring ambient, yet his work always has this hazy, hypnotic feeling.
  3. Cautiously optimistic... how many years has it been since Argento made a good movie? Wasn't a project announced a few years ago with Iggy Pop in a starring role?
  4. I like it even though it feels kind of structureless, like smoke filling a room. That's fine though, its a strong mood. Seeing him live this sunday, curious how it will be.
  5. I really enjoy the post-reformation albums even though they sound very different. The way they evolve and mutate their mythology really fascinates me. "Ghostman" off of GWotR is one of their best songs ever, imo.
  6. Cool, the last album is solid but new skinny puppy PLEAAAASEEE.
  7. This is great... but I really wish this track with the samples was included.
  8. It's a bit dull but then again, Tomorrow's Modern Boxes really grew on me a few years later, and is now like a hazy lazy saturday morning staple for me. The animated loops for each song in Spotify when in player mode are really great. Each song has its own little animated gifs triggered throughout the duration of the song.
  9. This final Download album is out now and quite fun. 23 Years is a standout at the moment. Looking forward to future listens.
  10. Listened to that new ep and was baffled as to why he would release it?? Random doodles.
  11. Loved the instrumentals of the last record. This is also good, although a bit monotonous. After a while you just really want to take the guy out for a beer, cheer him up a bit.
  12. Ah man, very sad. Another one of Cevin Key's close collaborators down. Definitely going to add an extra punch to the first listen of this release.
  13. Velvet Buzzsaw (2019) - That was the worst thing I have seen in a while. No suspense, none of it worked. A shame, since the director's first movie "Nightcrawler" was incredible. 4/10 The Guilty (2018) - I would call this a must-see. Basically you are watching an emergency dispatchers face for an hour and a half, yet it feels like being on a rollercoaster. 9/10 Happy New Year, Colin Burstead (2018) - A nice return to form for Ben Wheatley. Family drama that jumps from room to room. He said he tried to shoot it like a war film. 9/10
  14. I have a feeling this one could be a nice shift from the previous few albums, which are pretty good but a bit monotonous and over-processed with fx, in my opinion. Impatiently waiting for a new SP album...
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