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  1. I was a big fan of that first release, but not so much everything after. Will give it another go. Interesting wikipedia factoid: "Stoltenberg is the daughter of Jens Stoltenberg, a Norwegian politician and Secretary General of NATO."
  2. danny helping out bargain bin michael jackson is not my idea of a good time.
  3. Hmm... this is not my bag on first listen. When you remove the beats it becomes this structureless soup. Too busy to be ambient, not busy enough to be a tune. Feels a bit corny too. Maybe it's a grower? At least we will always have Untrue.
  4. has there been any official word on what peter christopherson's involvement was? i assume its sampling some sketches or unreleased demos?
  5. Took me a minute to warm up to the stylistic shift but I am into it. The album art is really nice as well.
  6. I will only mention my recent highlights: Short Cuts (1993) - 3 hours flew by. Tom Waits and Lily Tomlin are the best on-screen couple. Altman movies can be hit or miss for me, but this knocked me on my lil tush. 9/10 The Last Duel (2021) It feels like they just don't make em like this anymore. Ridley is the boss (Also, he seems frightening, and looks a bit like my father but I will not go into that right now, you are here for a good time). 8/10 The Beatles: Get Back (2021). Never heard of these cats, but man they can really cook! Basically like being a fly on the wall during a band practice with the Beatles, but better. Yeah its a little long, but have you ever been to a band practice? 9/10 Miracle Mile (1988) This was a really fun discovery. Starts off as some hokey romance and then gets grim (bonus points for a Tangerine Dream score). Was so intrigued by the script that I had to research the writer, who seems like an interesting guy. 8/10
  7. Hey! I went a few years ago and it's really fun and memorable. The contrast between the rural mountainous landscape and the gothic cybernetic genitalia world inside the museum is hilarious. My brother-in-law and I still laugh at a section of the exhibition that is behind a red curtain which says '18+ only". We opened it only to reveal more of the same alien dicks and vaginas. The man had a consistency of artistic vision. There is a cool bar across from the museum that is decorated in his style with spinal column chairs and things like this, but I remember the beer being mega overpriced (even for switzerland), so I didn't go in. I regret it though! Overall I recommend. I lived in Switzerland for two years and think Bern and Interlaken still make quite an impression on me, in terms of scenery.
  8. Just a reminder that this is very good. It has grown on me a lot. Still cant believe this guy is a chili pepper... what is the musical Venn diagram here?
  9. It does kind of feel like they are returning back from deep space, in a way. It will be a left turn, whatever it is.
  10. This movie was atrocious. The score was more of the same. Glad John Carpenter is keeping busy and getting $$, though.
  11. TITANE: France's reply to the Fast & Furious franchise, where a lady fucks a car! twice! For Cronenberg fans. 7/10
  12. No Time to Die: This was ok. Too long. Maybe visually the best looking one of the series? Some nice set pieces. Might be fun on a rewatch while doing something else, which is the ultimate function of these movies for me. 6.5-7/10 Metallica: Some Kind of Monster: Very good, even if you don't give a shit about the music. The scenes with them writing lyrics together are painful. The new bassist is the hero of the story. 8/10 The Card Counter: This was also ok. Save your time and just rewatch First Reformed. 6/10
  13. gnarlybog


    Also diving into God Emperor of Dune to keep the high from seeing this movie going. Part 2 Part 2!
  14. Dune (2021): I have been waiting for this for about 2 years and it delivered. I was worried the minimalist art direction would make it feel too ordinary, but there were just enough truly bizarre moments which I always look forward to in sci-fi. Fingers crossed we get a chapter 2!! Withnail and I: Some great dialogue and performances. The homophobia dates it verrry badly. Blew my mind that one of the best characters from Waynes World 2 originated here.... The Matrix Reloaded: Not as good as the first, but definitely not as bad as the 3rd. Very entertaining even though structurally muddled. The Duellists: Incredible. Will be revisiting this in the future. Harvey Keitel as a symbol of directionless animalistic hatred.
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