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  1. This is another track from the album I'm currently working on, Super Golyhedronland. Probably the most "IDM" of the bunch, lots of skittery, constantly changing beats in odd meters, but it's all very sugary and sweet and colourful 🙂
  2. New tune from me: It's a mix of EDM, chiptune, breakcore, with some proggy meter changes. This is (probably) an outtake from the album I've been working on, although I'm still pretty happy with it 🙂
  3. springymajig


    OMG! I totally didn't realise that till you mentioned it! It's right there in the title! (well... kinda)... as if the weird tempo shifts (which is probably some kind of audio illusion... possibly using metric modulation or something) in that track wasn't weird enough already!
  4. springymajig


    Actually... to be precise, my understanding is that what you are describing, and what dingformung describes as the first kind of polyrhythm is actually called polymeter. However... everyone just calls it polyrhythm anyway, so does it matter? I dunno. Actual polyrhythms, where the bar length is the same but the division length is different, usually sounds super messy and shit when it's anything that isn't divisible by 3 (eg 3 against 4, 4 against 3, 6 against 4 etc). I've heard examples of 5 against 4 that worked but rarely. I think that will probably change over time as audiences ge
  5. Yes earlier in the thread someone mentioned the vital contributions to early electronic music by queer/LGBT people, but I think in all of those examples, the extent at which they made the music about themselves was far less pronounced than with these hyperpop artists. As much as enjoy some hyperpop, what you describe really limits that enjoyment, and I also can't take it seriously. AG Cook is good because there's a strong sense of irony and satire, it's MEANT to be vapid and self centred, because it's satirising pop music from the 90s and early 2000s. It's definitely an extension of vap
  6. Great textures and chord progression, very pretty (especially played LOUD).
  7. Again... fantastic... I totally get that you might not be as interested in making this kinda stuff as "post-grunge 90s alternative" but I would love a whole album of this!
  8. I would argue her last album, KiCk I, could be considered hyperpop.
  9. Yeah definitely funky, very laid back. It feels like it properly starts around the 1 minute mark, I really like the rubbery bass that comes in around then. I feel like it maybe takes a bit too long to get there, and overall it's perhaps a little longer than it needs to be. At the same time, music like this lends itself well to longer, hypnotic grooves so it's a tricky balance to strike...
  10. Listened to the last couple of tracks and they're very nice, very smooth, well recorded and produced, super relaxing. But the song in your signature there... that one is BEAUTIFUL, love the way the bassline shifts and harmonises with everything else around 2 minutes in and onwards, that little progression that cycles is really really pretty.
  11. I discovered PC music through this video years ago: I've always found it a mixed bag: absolutely love some of it, and some of it elicits a "nails on chalk board" level of instant revulsion. I just put that down to personal taste. Objectively, I find nothing wrong with Sophie but I just haven't enjoyed any of her music at all. I do enjoy Hannah Diamond though (in small doses). I get the feeling that a lot of people will feel the exact opposite. First of all, PC music is a label, started by A.G Cook who more or less invented the genre. Pretty sure the terms bubblegum bass
  12. I liked this, it's pretty and melodic, and crystal clear, punchy sound. The drums have a good feel to them, I agree with the comment about them sounding "alive". It has a bit of a 90s breakbeat/bigbeat feel to it. 'm definitely a fan of that style of cut up vocals (is there a name for that?) and in this context, it kinda sounds like you've mixed together a few different dance music tropes, from different eras, in an original way.
  13. Wow this is beautiful! Agree with the comment above, it has a really nice evolution, really well paced, it builds up slowly but not TOO slowly. Nice, crisp, punch sound design, lovely melody, and lots of "brain-tickling" variation. This could easily keep going for longer... I want more!
  14. Hi everyone, I am starting a thread for my music as well (it's been a long time since I've posted here). Any and all feedback welcome. This is something I did a few months ago, and I'm currently working on an entire album which this is a part of (all videogame/chiptune inspired stuff). So more to come...
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