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  1. Captain Adhoc is a band comprised of myself and 3 of my friends and a few days ago we finally released our first album. We also made some motion graphics for each track so it's sort of a visual album too, please check it out: It's on all the music streaming platforms, and we're on all the major social media outlets too if you wanna follow us. https://captainadhocmusic.com/
  2. Been listening to this a lot. I feel like these are really uncreative remixes but they change the originals juuuust enough to make them sound new again.
  3. I haven't actually got the physical release :S I see they're sold out on their official store but still on preorder on amazon... I think I need it
  4. Admittedly, I wasn't a big fan of this material as it was coming out. But I decided to give it another go and somehow, in the track order it's in now, it just clicked. It's my favourite album of the year and pretty high up my favourite Underworld albums too. Disk 1 in particular is just so solid from beginning to end.
  5. One of my favourite songs ever, from 2002, glad Costello has been cranking out a lot of beautiful warm ambient stuff like this lately:
  6. My favourites are 2002 and 2003, I feel like they strike that balance of melodic and atmospheric (which I assume is what is meant by pop-ambient). Later comps like 2015 onwards are all really good but lean more towards atmosphere and its harder to distinguish between tracks. Best compilation series tho... One day I might collect them all...
  7. Just listened to this... SABBIA nearly brought a tear to my eye... Also I've been recently frustrated with the lack of unusual/odd time signature use in electronic music (compared to prog-metal, jazz, classical etc) so it's cool to hear a bit of that happening here.
  8. Geogaddi seems halloweeny to me... Galen Tipton has a series of Halloween eps called Treats and they're pretty good: https://o0o0o0o0.bandcamp.com/album/treats-3-sour-sweet
  9. I like 10,000 days quite a bit but it is relatively weak. It's too all over the place, feels like 4 albums smashed together haphazardly. I also don't like how the slowest, quietest tracks are after rosetta stoned, it makes the album feel anti climactic, even though intension and right in two are really good...just not where they are on the album. I feel like each of the 4 main sections work really well by themselves... I tend to listen to the album in bits rather than as a whole.
  10. Feeling this way too... Although I'm sure there will be some minor details I'll pick up on subsequent listens (still haven't worked out the time signature for Pneuma) . I was addicted to it for a few days now I haven't listened to it in about a week. But also looking forward to hearing it live (I'm sure they'll come back to New Zealand eventually). Tool we're the first band I ever saw play live.
  11. Seen the first two episodes so far and I am incredibly impressed. Easily my favourite fantasy thing ever (not usually a big fan of the genre). I just think the designs are so so incredibly beautiful and unique. I get really disappointed when I see beautiful concept art for films /shows and the final product looks nothing like it. This show looks like Brian Froud's art, it's seriously impressive.
  12. springymajig

    elseq 1-5

    Autechre are always pushing my mental capacity for understanding and appreciating music. Whenever they release a new album, the previous one suddenly makes a lot more sense and seems less "difficult". So in the last year I've really enjoyed Elseq a lot more, while about half of NTS seems a bit impenetrable to me (and the other half is already my favourite Autechre material ever). It's really funny to think back when I thought Exai was a mammoth, ultra challenging listen, now it seems pretty easy going 😛
  13. Yeah it's really growing on me more and more, starting to appreciate some of the lyrics a bit more, particularly Descending, Culling Voices and 7empest. Listened to all of 10,000 Days again yesterday just for comparison and now I definitely like Fear Innoculum more.
  14. Yes... I usually don't notice "bad production" or "bad mastering" when people here talk about it, but this one was really noticable.
  15. Upon first listen I was pretty underwhelmed but it's definitely growing on me. It feels like one more track hits me with each listen. First time I only really liked 7empest (which is incredible!) and Descending (+ CC trip and Mocking Beat). Now I feel like every track has been stuck in my head at some point. The main thing that kinda puts me off are the lyrics... which at first seemed really cheesy to me, but even the lyrics are growing on me too. I guess it's just taken a while to accept it for what it is. The whole thing has a very new-agey vibe to it and to be honest, I'm ok with that. They've been heading in that direction since Lateralus anyway. Bands like Tool never really change that much but there certainly is a big progression when you sit this one besides Undertow. I think that's really cool. It reminds me of the progression Boredoms went through: starting off with shorter, grimey, dark, heavy material and gradually the songs get longer and more psychedelic.
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