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  1. Great textures and chord progression, very pretty (especially played LOUD).
  2. Again... fantastic... I totally get that you might not be as interested in making this kinda stuff as "post-grunge 90s alternative" but I would love a whole album of this!
  3. I would argue her last album, KiCk I, could be considered hyperpop.
  4. Yeah definitely funky, very laid back. It feels like it properly starts around the 1 minute mark, I really like the rubbery bass that comes in around then. I feel like it maybe takes a bit too long to get there, and overall it's perhaps a little longer than it needs to be. At the same time, music like this lends itself well to longer, hypnotic grooves so it's a tricky balance to strike...
  5. Listened to the last couple of tracks and they're very nice, very smooth, well recorded and produced, super relaxing. But the song in your signature there... that one is BEAUTIFUL, love the way the bassline shifts and harmonises with everything else around 2 minutes in and onwards, that little progression that cycles is really really pretty.
  6. I discovered PC music through this video years ago: I've always found it a mixed bag: absolutely love some of it, and some of it elicits a "nails on chalk board" level of instant revulsion. I just put that down to personal taste. Objectively, I find nothing wrong with Sophie but I just haven't enjoyed any of her music at all. I do enjoy Hannah Diamond though (in small doses). I get the feeling that a lot of people will feel the exact opposite. First of all, PC music is a label, started by A.G Cook who more or less invented the genre. Pretty sure the terms bubblegum bass
  7. I liked this, it's pretty and melodic, and crystal clear, punchy sound. The drums have a good feel to them, I agree with the comment about them sounding "alive". It has a bit of a 90s breakbeat/bigbeat feel to it. 'm definitely a fan of that style of cut up vocals (is there a name for that?) and in this context, it kinda sounds like you've mixed together a few different dance music tropes, from different eras, in an original way.
  8. Wow this is beautiful! Agree with the comment above, it has a really nice evolution, really well paced, it builds up slowly but not TOO slowly. Nice, crisp, punch sound design, lovely melody, and lots of "brain-tickling" variation. This could easily keep going for longer... I want more!
  9. Hi everyone, I am starting a thread for my music as well (it's been a long time since I've posted here). Any and all feedback welcome. This is something I did a few months ago, and I'm currently working on an entire album which this is a part of (all videogame/chiptune inspired stuff). So more to come...
  10. I was not expecting that turn from pure sound design/noise to ambient. By itself, it's a bit odd, especially since it's so thin and lacking in bass or mid range, but I can imagine it in the context of an album... that swings between noise and more traditionally "musical" moments (kinda like, stuff like Leafcutter John).
  11. I really like this one, super fun and catchy... old-skool IDM vibes, but with nice clean, modern sound. I hope you don't mind the Orbital comparrisons, but this is what I wish they sounded like now... This one is alright, sound design and composition and all that is just fine but there wasn't anything in particular that grabbed me about it.
  12. This is really cool, beautiful atmospheric pads and stuff... the polyrhythmic timing is really interesting, every now and again it takes a second for my brain to register exactly what's going on, but at the same time it's still pretty smooth (it's easy for stuff like polyrhythm to be purely academic and hence barely listenable). I WAS gonna say that it's a touch too long, when I listened to it this morning, I kinda zoned out after a while. But listening to it a second time, I feel like there's enough going on to keep it engaging. Interested to hear more of this batch...
  13. Ah fair enough, I just assumed based on what I saw glancing through the rest of this thread 😛
  14. This is all hardware based stuff right? It's got a very mid/late-90's "classic" IDM vibe to it, which I assume a hardware setup would lend itself well to. Very laid back, hazy, "Sunday afternoon" mood. IT sounds pretty good as it is, although I feel like this kind of sound could be pushed more, like either lean into the lazy, hazy vibe more (with even softer drums, loads of trippy delay and/or reverb) or alternatively, crank up the drums more and make them punch and harsh, and you'd get a bit of contrast happening.
  15. Yeah those clips sound really nice... a good balance of warm and "simple", and dynamic with lots of little subtle details. Listening to some of your stuff on bandcamp now, enjoying the more glitchy moments in particular.
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