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  1. I never really thought about it that way before but that's true. It seems like a definite turning point. I think I've grown to like it more than lp5 maybe... I certainly listen to it more often.
  2. Well... I discovered Nuages through NEOTIC's Simpsonwave mixes so perhaps you'll find some stuff in there that you'll like, although most of it is generic lofi hiphop: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheStevenGFX Another song from those mixes that stood out to me was this one, some of his other stuff is pretty nice:
  3. I dunno if it was this thread or what but for some reason this last week has been Jarre week for me. Never really delved very deep into his discography but now I need to listen to everything. Chronologie and Zoolook are definitely my favourites at the moment. I never knew how much Oneohtrix Point Never took influence from this kinda stuff... particularly the R Plus 7/Commissions era. Has he ever specifically mentioned Jarre? There's this bit from Lopatin's Magnetic Rose Suite which sounds A LOT like Zoolook...
  4. Fourth Rendez Vous was basically the first piece of music I ever got into when I was a kid. I remember seeing the video for it a few times on TV and would get real excited every time it came on, I'd jump around the room and hum along to it. It makes me think of like.... Commodore 64 music... or demo scene tracker stuff... it's lovely!
  5. Here's 22 old Lobe and Wisp tracks he posted on WATMM. Highlights: Inholig, Magnetic Poetry, A Word with the Wind, The Olster has a Tipsy Cat. Some of these tracks appeared on other releases. Also, some of them were posted in really low bitrate but I dunno... that kinda adds to the charm of it I reckon... gives it that "demo" quality. MiscLobeAndWispTracks.zip
  6. Oh! I haven't even heard of that one till now! Had to look it up on discos... I have a very low bit rate mp3 of magnetic poetry and a bunch of other Lobe tracks that are beeeeeautiful... I'll try to remember to upload those tomorrow...
  7. It me: https://danejacobs.bandcamp.com/ https://captainadhocmusic.com/
  8. I assume it's ok to just upload this? I think it was always a free download thing... if I'm breaking any rules here I sincerely apologise... Listening_Advice.zip
  9. That's what I posted but couldn't figure out how to imbed videos cos I'm a moron. Love Adam Neely btw, I've been learning a lot from his channel.
  10. Mind you, I didn't watch the Ted talk I watched this video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfXn_ecH5Rw
  11. My understanding is that it was largely done for the copyright aspect, because they feared a world in which lawsuits against musicians who have only barely copied another musician's work (e.g. Two musicians basing their melodies on walking up the same scale a few notes) would have a devastating effect on creativity in music. I agree. I would rather a world where 90% of copyright thieves get away with blatant plagiarism than a world where you can't use the note C or the word "the" without being sued.
  12. I've always thought Basefree sounds more like Aphex Twin or µ-Ziq than BoC...
  13. Yeah it looks hilarious! I think the director of Troll 2 was involved. Also yeah I'm pretty sure it's all but confirmed (perhaps even confirmed?) that it's chopped up rap vocals, I just liked how much this sounded like it ?
  14. This might be jazz? But I just stumbled across this (great!) trailer and the robot sounds a lot like Ccec, it's pretty cool:
  15. Captain Adhoc is a band comprised of myself and 3 of my friends and a few days ago we finally released our first album. We also made some motion graphics for each track so it's sort of a visual album too, please check it out: It's on all the music streaming platforms, and we're on all the major social media outlets too if you wanna follow us. https://captainadhocmusic.com/
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