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Greystar - Playgrounds (2023)

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Hey all. Haven't posted in here in a long time. 

Last year I released this project, playgrounds, a cllection of material from previous compilations & live shows: https://greystar.bandcamp.com/album/playgrounds


Out on limited edition cassette! Apologies to anyone not from the US who orders, shipping rates are really high... if anyone has advice to get shipping costs lower, I'm all ears.

Lately I've been in the process of retro-actively taking my music more seriously... I think I undervalue my work, as many musicians tend to do. These tracks were spread about between compilations on Color Squad records, X4 Records, Glorp Records, Reactionary, Xephem Records ... over the years, these tracks had a small spotlight before being mostly forgotten about. I'm still proud of my work! So I compiled it all together. And now here I am, several months after the initial release of this collection, telling folks about it again! Why? Because I've never shared them here before, I think yall might like em, and I think I've got to get better at telling people about the thing I care about most -- making music.

Also up on my youtube channel (made the 1920x1080 image just for it). If you want to keep up with my work, stay tuned on my youtube channel - I'd like to archive more old material & begin making more visualizers / music videos for my future work. It's fun to experiment in the visual medium and bring new meaning & attention to my work by including a visual element. 


Ok! thanks for reading! have a good one

- Greystar




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