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V/A - Into The Luminous Future - Cottage Industries 12 (Neo Ouija)


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I was under the impression that Lee Norris' Neo Ouija was about to go defunct, but doesn't seem to have, as they've released a new, massive Cottage Industries compilation on limited edition 3xCD, lathe-cut 2x10", and in digital. The Cottage Industries compilations are among the best IDM compilations ever, if not THE best. Extremely highly recommended.

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Bonus CD (a fourth one accompanying the original 3xCD) tracks available for free for a couple of days, also some of the tracks on lathe cut 10".

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Igloo says things.


Indeed, it’s yet another massive compilation featuring 37 tracks that showcase experimental electronic music from a wide perspective. It’s not just any compilation, though, as the decades-old Neo Ouija label has been meticulously selecting a broad range of sonic peculiarities and released their amazing textures and tones from day one. In reality, Cottage Industries 12 is its own cottage industry with over three hours and a smorgasbord prepared by Lee Norris of Metamatics and mastered by none other than Árni Grétar Jóhannesson, the head of the Móatún 7 label (also known as Futuregrapher). The Neo Ouija family perseveres and produces a powerful undercurrent.

The scene has undoubtedly evolved over the years since one of the original IDM imprints from the late 1990s emerged from Metamatics’ own Hydrogen Dukebox NeoOuija* LP. The label that once flourished, then closed, changed ownership, taken a hiatus, and reopened, all while maintaining its reputation as a premier source for definitive electronics, continues again in the Roaring Twenties.

The result is a deeply threaded musical patchwork. With so many sparks igniting at all angles, we’re sure our readers will dive in, relax, and enjoy the latest from the quintessential IDM label (and ongoing compilation series) we’ve grown up with. The nostalgia is palpable. Braindance, glitch, electro, acid, funk, electronica, and vintage soundscapes reach into the luminous future. There’s also a 12.1 version; while more condensed, it still registers high on the Richter Scale.

The label with “a melancholic yet playful vibe.” We couldn’t agree more with this sentiment.

(What they call a "condensed version" is the fourth CD above, bringing the compilation track total to 50 - the tracks are unique, there's no overlap.)

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