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Caged Element - Territoriality (LSL021)

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Hi everyone. My first full length album, Territoriality is out now. Hope you enjoy it.



Building where he left off with the cyberpunk aesthetic of last year’s Ascension, Caged Element (Paul Bolstridge of Pirtek and Concealed Sequence), takes us along for another installment of moody techno with Territoriality. Where the former felt more like a trip aboard a spacecraft depicted on its artwork, this new outing offers a patchwork of cinematic vignettes in a city which could plausibly feel either extraterrestrial or like a bleak chapter of Earth’s history. “Monumental Axis” continues to build on the sense of scale hinted at in its name. “Lost Transmission” feels both like the last glimmer of hope and a hint as to where things went awry. “Consumed” and “Equilibrium” bookend the starkly titled “Ghost City”, as we are launched into the heart of the album with Bolstridge’s penchant for filmic atmospheres on full display. Inversion wastes no time, beginning full tilt into the murk. Closing number “Metallurgical” is almost but not quite a reprise of opener “Deprivation”, and ends on a cliffhanger. Although much of Territoriality excels in the narrative home listening variety of techno, there are certainly moments with dancefloor potential, balanced by cinematic sequences.

- N. S. Girling

Created by Pirtek.

Produced by Paul Bolstridge and Lewis Platten.
Mastered by Lewis Platten at Hexagon Digital Studios.

Artwork by Winterfront.

Territoriality Alt Art-(Final 1).jpg

Edited by Pirtek
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A big thank you to everyone who listened/downloaded/bought my Territoriality album. Really appreciate it!!

Follow up EP "Inversion" coming next Friday.


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