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Tom Middleton - Lifetracks LP

eh Speedy

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from his myspace:


LIFETRACKS LP out on The Big Chill Recordings September 10th


Delighted to tell you that finally my debut solo project has been signed to The Big Chill Recordings.

It was originally known as Tom Middleton presents AMBA but we've dropped presents and AMBA..it's just me now..no more need for monikers.

Taster EP will be available in time for Big Chill Eastnor.

Back with more info soon...


Tracklisting :

1 Prana

2 Beginning Of The Middle

3 Shinkansen

4 Serendipity

5 Sea Of Glass

6 Yearning

7 Optimystic

8 St Ives Bay

9 Margherita

10 Moonbathing

11 Astral Projection

12 Enchanting

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Guest Promo

Wow the samples aren't too bad. I've always thought Tom Middleton was a total sell out and that post Global Comms his music was garbage but these tracks don't actually sound too drab.

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what happened to that Reload album that was recorded a couple years ago for Warp?

it was never completed. he moved his studio to australia and things have gone quiet since

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