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sigur ros - Hvraf-Heim

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Wow... that really is an awful interview...


"How do you guys go about creating a song?"


"We just sit down and make a song"


"Ok.... does one person start with one thing and then someone else adds another?"


"Yes... that's it.... kind of"



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most awkward ever.

but i think it's interviewer's fault..he just shoot his preset questions at them, without showing any signs of interest in the band and their music, couldn't make them to open up. they didn't seem like some indie twats, just very shy and..into themselves.

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Guest awkward

i was really into these guys, the first two three albums. takk sounded like the same thing again. have they progressed since then? the track i saw them play live on tv sounded like an old song but i dont think it was. bad sign.


i put takk on just now to see why i haven't listened to it much since i bought it.

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