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V/A Hands on Thierry Massard - subverted versions

Guest Max

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Alex Tripp - Jungle Wires (1:55)

Max Marlow - 1984 (4:53)

Mushroom - Wersinth (Sube Spirit Version By Phoenelai) (5:27)

Ten Finger Ten Toes - Etc (The Spectral Orchestral Version) (4:52)

Nick Otheen - Sube (Version) (5:25)

Xedh - Sube (Version) (7:22)

PolarProject - Organic (The-E-Surface) (7:36)

Coldicus - Garage Circles (Surburb) (5:18)

Dave Zeal - Jungle Junkies (4:47)

Daniel Maze - Cetyl A (5:31)

Maps And Diagrams - Sube (Lube Version) (3:47)

Cubus - Sube (Version) (9:47)

Phoenelai - Etc (7:39)

Cosmic Warrior Zero - Organic (5:34)

Coldicus - Cargo Engine (Dream Garbage Version) (5:44)

Niteffect - Organic (2:41)

Daniel Maze - Aelon 950 (1:35)

OCP - Sube (Version) (5:00)

Max Marlow - Space Garage Wires (1:57)

DHL - Etc (On+On+On+On Edit) (7:18)

Maskine - Sube (Version) (7:07)

Dissolved - Organic (2:46)

Le Mépris - Organic (Failure Version) (4:00)

Asymmetrical Head - Garage Circles (3:18)

Bazaar - Sube (Version) Epidimix (23:20)







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The links seem to be a touch screwed on that page max, you can either download the whole .zip but the only way to get the individual files is to visit archive.org and download them from there.


awkward, see this topic for details of what this cheeky things is: http://forum.watmm.com/index.php?showtopic=28225

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actually i dont have any control over that kreislauf page, but my guess is that the main referrers are just down, because this is a hot topic for a few groups. thierry is a very well received positive minded activist who has quite a lot fellows.


the reason why that archive.org site works is because of their mirror-system, which you obviously don't connect with the main track-links. a bit... well... awkward :D sadly the webspace of their main host - sonicsquirrel - is full.


however, if archive.org doesn't work, try last.fm .

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dope... i listened earlier today... pretty cool stuff! i'm glad to have been a part of this!


Second to last track! I love that slot!



both versions you sent me were somehow levelled the same - so i wanted to do it on my own. it turned out ... that the level your track has are right spot on in between reiko and fred. i was really surprised that the start of your track is all like "aha... going the same mepris way" ... but then all out of a sudden its like a starting, muttering motor in a winter morning... which makes you wake up in like every meaning... into the exact mood and level of the bazaar one.


there could not have been a better place. thierry btw is very glad that you entered these interpretations, we just phoned the other day about all that. :)

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I am still really annoyed with myself that i couldn't do anything for this. But i have downloaded I just need to get it home and listen.

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