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DJ Cal Cutta Math'n'Science mix(up for download)

Guest Soothsayer

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Guest Soothsayer

mix now up for download(in 320)



1. Silkie- I Sed


2. Pangaea- Coiled


3. Synkro-On My Mind


4. Mala- Alicia


5. Iron Soul- Thru My Eyez


6. L-Wiz- Lavender Wedding


7. Distance- Out of Mind


8. Crissy Criss- Soap Dodger


9. Goth-Trad- Clown


10. RSD- Cavegirl


11. Late- Never Forgive


12. OSC- Zion


13. Spaatial- 80207


14. Vaccine- Wishful Thinking


15. Project Pat- Choices


16. Claw feat. Vive- Tom Collins's


17. Pinch- Joyride


18. Ramadanman- Carla


19. Cluekid- Toadstep


20. Orien- Rainbow Tear Drops


21. Caspa & Rusko- Rock Bottom


22. Iron Soul- Moodswing


23. FBOM- Hopelessness


24. FBOM- Excavations


25. Roqqert- Give It


26. Fragile- Unabomber


27. Fused Forces feat. Werd2Jah- Dub Run


28. Hatcha- Flippin'(DFRNT Remix)


29. Distance- V


30. Mala- Miracles


31. Kulture- Babylon


32. Nero- Night Thunder


33. Joker- Gully Brook Lane


34. The Solar Constant- Northern Divide



out to we_kill_soapscum for the opportunity, you're da mane!

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man, just now listening to the set, fucking perfection man!


we are gonna tear Austin a new watering hole!


fuck folks in the face with massive amounts of loud fucking bass!


seriously man, teh dopeness!

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it's obviously a very well done mix... but, i didn't care much for the music itself.


anyway, it's tight from beginning to finish, very refined style you have, good work.




what i did there was called a compliment sandwich. two positive points surrounding the criticism to reassure the reader that i'm a kind hearted person.

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Guest Soothsayer

hehehe, thanks! I appreciate the comments and for listening :smiling:


I'm going to be posting more mixes that aren't dubstep soon! (getting two of my turntables fixed today)

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make a nasty dirty mix, one for the metal/industrial/electronic music/rap heads....


I know I could do it myself but you are better at it than me so.....


and I just want to hear what you would pick....

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