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Killa Wobble


So Cal Cutta and I are doing a promo CD to promote Radio's Dead. I'm gonna burn 50 million of them and hand them out wherever I go. His half of the disc, the Kiki Vandeweghe mix, is the current episode of Radio's Dead. My half is a truncated version of this mix titled "30 Minutes Till Sunrise", which actually ends at the Sully track (that's all that'd fit on a CDR). However, I was really into it and kept going with this extended version.


If you aren't familiar with Radio's Dead, it's the best damn podcast ever, in which myself and other DJs (including WATMM's own Sneaksta303 & Squeeeee) put up totally awesome mixes. There's an mp3 player on the site (no download required), and an RSS feed for you to subscribe on your PSP. We're also on iTunes, but who uses that?


(If you do use iTunes, subscribe to our show and give us 5 star reviews)




Radio's Dead

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Thanks dude! :ok:


I should add a side note that the podcast itself is not all dubstep. It's all over the place from IDM to ambient to house to dubstep to indie rock to breakcore to drum & bass to electro. This promo just so happens to be dubstep.

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I can if you want...but the superior version of my half of the disc is in the OP, and Cal's half is up for download, so it's kinda pointless...


Unless you just want to hold something tangible in your hand that I touched so you can smell it and rub it all over your junk. In which case I'll gladly comply.

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Guest mrcopyandpaste

mmmmm more balkansky


loved everything ive heard of his


god i want to make a mix

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