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Squarepusher's Unreleased Music


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Tom has played 2 recent sets of almost completely unreleased material first at Warp20 Sheffield and now Wang. The sequencing and mixing of his set seemed almost identical to my ears, although for the Wang gig he did seem to have improved upon his Sheffield performance, most likely due to being more confident with his new set style and playing those tracks out live. Since he's chosen to play this same selection twice one might assume he's decided it's time for him to put this material in the public forum and with any luck release it. His live sets are normally an acurate example of what to expect from him next in terms of releases and I don't see why it should be any different in this case. Sure I'm being rather hopeful and it might seem overly eager on my behalf but wouldn't it be great? Warp aren't stupid and neither is he, it must be clear to the both of them that such a release would be well recieved.

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Yeah, I'm familiar with the other thread and I appreciate that a lot of people on this board aren't overly keen on speculation over releases. However, when the last thread was written Tom had only played one set of unreleased material and since no one had commented on his Wang performance I thought I'd bring it to the attention of members who were unable to attend the gig or were unaware of the nature of his set.


One thing I particularly enjoyed about the set was the lack of Jungle style tracks, I love that side to Squarepushers music, but the minimal amount of frantic beats gave them all the more impact when he did play them. It was also great to hear a set without the inclusion of Come On My Selector, it's a great track, but hearing it at every gig can be a bit too predictable. Especially with such a varied and fantastic back catalogue.


Personally I'd love Tom to do something similar to Aphex's Analord series. Release a series of records for the obsessive fans with some sort of best of compilation at the end. This would be a great way for him to release all the oddities that haven't seen the light of day yet.

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