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  1. https://boardsofcanada.bandcamp.com/album/catalog-3 keep hitting f5 and it will show up
  2. sign/plus review in croatian newspaper lol: https://www.jutarnji.hr/kultura/glazba/izmedu-musique-concrete-i-eksperimentalnog-techna-za-setnju-novim-zagrebom-15033498 google translate: "The Manchester duo Autechre began their career in 1987 under the influence of Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle and Kraftwerk to gain the aura of avant-garde techno artists in the 90s; one would also say terrorists given the radicalism of their music. Two weeks apart, the albums “SIGN” and “PLUS” now offer two sides of their aesthetics. The first, conditionally speaking more melodic and ambient
  3. What is the stability condition of a charged plane surface of a liquid conductor in a gravitational field?
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