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  1. hehe nice, my last post was also "kind" of a joke btw. now post some stockhausen to redeem yourself
  2. you're right. this sounds much more like autechre:
  3. I always assumed that, but I never saw/read any official confirmation that the entire Green (minus the potential GWC track) was made by Richard alone. We all know that the popular belief is that Richard did Red and Green, while Dred did Blue and Yellow, but I was always curious about whether they were actually collaborating on some of these.
  4. nice. one of the ui green tracks appeared in the sc dump as "100m 3" which of course means that afx made it. the whole green sounds like him imo. this one could be sosw untitled's cousin:
  5. good list, but you didn't include this one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aeolidiidae it's quite obvious that s&r chose their name as a tribute to sea slugs. can't blame them really...
  6. lol. that slap bass track is seriously underrated tho
  7. 8th tracks on ICBYD (Wet Tip Hen Ax) and Buzz Caner (Psultan part 1.) have the same durations (5:17). That's it, mystery solved.
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