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  1. watched this yesterday 100 minutes of still images a few legos and an empty house "experimental" lol
  2. i've killed it many many times since 97 stuff that can be used - big guard (barrier/mbarrier/haste), regen ring, knights of the round (especially if you have w-summon and character/s with mime), sneak attack (paired with knights), final attack (paired with phoenix) you can equip a 9999 hp character with 2 materias -> emerald uses aire tam storm which does 1111 damage for each materia on the character -> character goes lucky 7s discovered this back in the day combine that with knights and that's it also omnislash to beef up your characters you can spend some time in gelnika and morph enemies into sources that permanently increase stats
  3. it's taking so long coz sean challenged them to make something longer than elseq, but consisting only of minute-long vignettes
  4. who cares, at this point music is just regurgitation of regurgitation ... (n times), where n->infinity more ai-generated junk certainly won't change that
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