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  1. This would very much be within my sphere of knowledge. Here are a few modern ones: Conjoint – Earprints Jackson Conti – Sujinho Triosk Meets Jan Jelinek – 1+3+1 Fixity – The Things In The Room Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – Calibration More images Omar Rodriguez Lopez Quintet – The Apocalypse Inside Of An Orange and a classic Dutch one from 1974: Jasper Van't Hof – The Selfkicker
  2. Really enjoying this. Nice start to the year especially when I feel other labels have gone majorly off the boil recently.
  3. Well it's actually the label, Ilian Tape. Good! Brap it up you horrible company!
  4. Finally got this on vinyl recently, just an astounding album. I don't think I've heard the fusion of African and Jazz sound so effortlessly cool and also laid back. Obviously heard bits and pieces from Ethiopiques and Jarmusch using some but the album sits together so well.
  5. Nah he self releases and does all his own promo etc. Closest he has is boomkat as distro I guess.
  6. I am starting to somewhat regret my colundi tattoo at this stage.
  7. Little I would less like to listen to than his soundtracks.
  8. Last one grew on me and I reckon is one of their best. It doesn't flow very well though.
  9. Was a big fan of Dinas Oleu a few years back.
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