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  1. Ha didn't expect to hear Nino Ferrer. Nice one.
  2. Finally got to tune in, this Primitive Art Live Recordings mix is FANTASTIC. If you're into drone it's top top. Pretty heady and creepy.
  3. I've not had a chance to listen to any but I've downloaded it all so far and will listen during the week. Just thought watmm should be informed.
  4. Listening on my train to work, very nice. Again whoever does AF mastering does superb job.
  5. Van Hoesens Entropic City is my favourite techno album.
  6. Affirmative. Although art would be nice on LP not worth changing sides.
  7. I really regret selling my Nah Und Fern CD box. Felt like perfect format and albums for this project.
  8. Reminds me slightly of Mrs Jynx.
  9. He follows me on twitter so is obviously doing something right.
  10. Good vintage once every decade or so.
  11. https://outletarchival.bandcamp.com/album/cleadworkiet I don't listen to much drone, but this from Helena Celle and partner is real nice. Incredibly calming and gentle, reduces anxiety, light at the end of the tunnel. Nice to drift off to.
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