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Community Answers

  1. I haven't seen anyone, not a fan of music really. Sorry if that offends you!
  2. Was hearing on radio that area of Donbass they have seized has something like $15 Trillion worth of rare earth metals and that Ukraine has huge amount of valuable resources generally so this may be main factor, a bit like Wagner in Central Africa.
  3. You based here Rubin? I saw this but I'm not a big A/V man. Class venue though. Also my wife just gave birth so prob can't swing it.
  4. I absolutely love this music, proper hands in the air euphoric 90s evian trance superclub sounding imo.
  5. Funny how his last two had lush ++ artwork and this looks like it was knocked up on MS Paint.
  6. This on sale now on Bleep so I finally nabbed it. https://bleep.com/release/307517
  7. First AF I've bought in ages. Absolutely love his sound.
  8. It's beautifully produced and some of the latin flourishes are nice, but it's not particularly interesting and hasn't grabbed me after 4-5 listens. It's pretty close to what I expected it to be after following Omar's post Noctourniquet stuff (ipecac series and clouds hill tapes) and tbh I feel they've lost their mojo and it isn't coming back. As a huge fan and collector, I've even cancelled my vinyl order. Fairly forgettable album, 2/5 from me.
  9. Big follower of Discoms, Yugo reissue label from Belgrade. They've put together a bit of a supergroup to make a Kraftwerk inspired homage. Pretty good. Vinyl is proper chunky too, sounds great.
  10. I know Sean is in Norway but a little UK Bank Holiday weekend AMA sure would be ace.
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