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  1. Yeah my boxset came, pretty good. My weird neighbour stole my hoodie though. I'll keep you all informed as to developments.
  2. Bought this despite having OG and Squarepusher Plays. I'm quite stupid really.
  3. Yes I was there for a week in May 2019, sadly just after Closer Festival! Very friendly, good shops and bars. Diskultura was class.
  4. 20th anniversary in October so might get repressed then. Prob won't though lol.
  5. Korn III Remember Who You Are is very good.
  6. I have the last reissues but the EP comp would be good. Can't imagine its anything new.
  7. I like the person but also think his music is terrible. Yet to hear the Bass Binski
  8. A genius of time. Sad how he died and what must have been a painful Coil like existence.
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