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  1. Listening to Zagreb. More sparse and funkier than the last batch of live sets.
  2. Yeah I saw him in Cork a couple of years ago, wasn't great like.
  3. Tusk stuck this up. Pretty good. He was untouchable around then. Worship the glitch. tuskfestival.bandcamp.com
  4. Lasted 1.5 tracks. Unfortunately seems as fucking abysmal as his last album. A shame.
  5. As someone who works in psychiatry, some of the best people I've met are psychiatric nurses. RIP.
  6. He's not wrong about the dying because of v dying with. Although at the same time, any doctor who isn't an imbecile should get the death certificate right and therefore it shouldn't be noted as cause of death if it wasn't.
  7. Proper craftsman. Looking forward to hearing any new stuff.
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