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  1. Earth - Full Upon Her Burning Lips Ed Longo & Applied Arts Ensemble - The Other Fantasy HTRK - Over The Rainbow Bjarki - Happy Earthday Special Request - Bedroom Tapes Reissue: Various Artists - here Where The Avalanche Stops - Music From The Gjirokastra Folk Festival, Albania, 1988, Volume One Quite a weak year for electronic stuff I liked.
  2. Was listening to devlis again the other day, good gear, not as phrenetic as the dandb 12 inches.
  3. Anyone making smooth modern stuff? Find Kamasai etc far too phrenetic.
  4. This arrived, really gorgeous. What a way to seal off a project. Lolling at the somewhat aggressive level of sellotaping though! Cheers.
  5. Much more accurate than state, voter districts within US counties.
  6. I don't really consider myself a dj. I rarely play out but I've been recording mixes for about a decade now and have live mixed on radio etc... My set up is basic, just laptop, Traktor and Kontrol S4. Harmon Kardon speakers which are nice and clear. I normally collect tracks for a few months that I'm currently listening to and I know roughly when I've a good amount to make a mix that I feel is representative of that. I like crossing house/techno/idm so long as it flows to me and I don't like to feel boxed in. Increasingly, I'm finding uploading mixes a good platform to get to play some smaller stuff I'm buying off of bandcamp and help spread stuff you're less likely to have heard. I find the process very therapeutic. I don't like to use much in the line of efx and I try to keep my mixing unobtrusive apart from rare long mix, I'm there as a conduit for the tracks to flow smoothly, that is all.
  7. His own career as professional shit poster means he has shakey ground to stand on.
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