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  1. Aye the Resist crowd was booking some decent experimental stuff for a while but it seemed to dry up. Shame to see Menagerie close again as well. But who knows what will be left now. Hoping for more opportunities for local djs and producers after this hard reset.
  2. I remember early days of acroplane, glad to see you're still going. Wish there was more of a scene here in Northern Ireland.
  3. Love this Congolese electronic gear on Glitterbeat: https://bantoumentale.bandcamp.com/album/congo-animal
  4. As a doctor, take your fucking vaccinations.
  5. Any of you want to post your profiles so I can follow and see what you bought? I find it a good way to find stuff I've missed. This is me: https://bandcamp.com/adamflynn
  6. I quite like Con Todo El Mundo but this is quite dull yes.
  7. It's why the US won't sign up to the International Treaty to ban them as they've left half a billion or something along the North and South Korean border.
  8. Ha they had mispriced it, it's down to 20 euro now.
  9. He's my favourite artist and I've nearly everything he has ever released so this would be wonderful.
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