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  1. The poster looks fantastic framed. Nice memento along with having all the shows backed up.
  2. I'm ashamed of lack of gender parity. Ban 99.7% of male members until it is achieved.
  3. Boomkat stooges out in force I see. He has really dropped of a cliff since starting making weird vocal prog.
  4. Just bought the second batch of ae live albums. 6.42gb which I am now uploading to Google Play, whereafter I shall review the tags, make sure they are catalogued correctly. Then I will download them to my Honor phone (128gb memory) for offline listening. At this stage I will plug in my auxillary cable to my ford fiesta (2007) and listen to them sequentially on my 25 minute commute to the Psychiatric Hospital in which I currently work.
  5. Used to love this album, and not a comment on its quality but I find it too frenetic to enjoy as much now. Old Richie.
  6. Maybe it's that 4th Special Request album this year.
  7. Loved his first album but not his second. Will give this a whirl.
  8. Really enjoy it. One of the better AF releases in a while.
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