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  1. People who list like 100 albums in this thread. Jesus. Triage that shit!
  2. Whilst we rightly cherish and praise good albums, it's also interesting to see which ones let people down. For me:- Deftones - Ohms Heralded as a return to form (despite their last album Gore being great and quite experimental comparatively) I find Ohms completely lifeless. It's like someone was told what a Deftones album sounded like and created one almost to the point of pastiche. I think getting old producer back was a regressive step and there's just nothing memorable about this whatsoever. Which is a shame as last 3 albums have been very good. At the moment I rate it a
  3. Yeah this is a good point actually. Also, can't really put it in context given they are American. Well they could if they did research. Like the Anti EP discussion was pointless. Still, good to see it happening I guess.
  4. Well we don't know the longterm problems of covid either, which is much more likely to be worse than a much weaker, attenuated form of the same virus. I want to go and listen to some live jazz in Ronnie Scott's after this.
  5. I see some American music lads have started an Ae podcast. It's not bad, they seem fairly knowledgeable, I've listened to first two on Incunabula and Amber. Now, I don't think it's music that leans heavily towards discussing what it sounds like particularly well and they seem a bit reliant on American critique like Pitchfork but thought it might appeal to some of you. Just to be clear I have no personal involvement in this. https://directory.libsyn.com/shows/view/id/gonkcastpod
  6. It's not an entirely new type of vaccine. It's based upon well-established techniques. Why do I even bother.
  7. Mine came on Saturday to Northern Ireland, despatched Wednesday I think. Enjoying it, sounds great.
  8. Will add this to my collection with the SAW2 synth and the Buckley guitar.
  9. Album is incredible, reminds me of de-loused in the comatorium.
  10. Russian female psych-rock. My album of the year.
  11. Nyege Nyege seem to be planning something quite ambitious at start of December, hopefully be good. https://www.nyegenyege.com/line-up/
  12. Used to listen to Syl Kougai a fair amount but have seen that he is really for protesting against covid restrictions and generally a bit of a nut. Which is a shame as he seemed sound and put out some good tunes. Anyone else that has outed themselves as a complete idiot in these times where the walls are caving in? Just depresses me working in healthcare.
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