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Spike Jonze's new "I'm Here" Robot Short Film


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Plot: The movie is set in contemporary LA, where life moves at a seemingly regular pace with the exception of a certain amount of robot residents who live among the population. A male robot librarian lives a solitary and methodical life — devoid of creativity, joy and passion - until he meets an adventurous and free spirited female robot.






Check out the trailer.



I love the look of it and the Angelo Badalamenti synth strings at the beginning of the trailer - overall: I'm interested. But it seems quite weird that Absolut Vodka is funding it?

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Pretentious shit. This has been done so many times and the whole genre is stagnant because of garbage like this. And the robot's head looks like a fucking printer with a normal body? Why? Holy shit.


What the fuck is that.

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lol i broke watmm

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