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29-1: 030303 AFX Night, Utrecht / Holland

Guest 030303

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030303: AFX night!!

firday 29.01.2010

00:00 - 04:00






Chosen Dorks, FlowerPill, Alberto Balzalf, WindowClicker, Monkey Rub Hard, Rex Joy, Anna Lord, The Buss, Aphex Acid Crew, Rich & Mic, Analord Fauntleroy, Rephlex Twin, Johnny Rubber and Didgereedude :rolleyes:


Ekko, Utrecht




People who will come to the party with a armytank will get free entrance! :-)



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Here a movie i found on youtube of the evening :-)

It was a great succes and a complete maddness!!



It was indeed:)

Pogoing to Come to Daddy was great fun.

And the snowball fight.

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that movie was made by kettel :-)

it is a great movie cause you really got to see the podium lighting up with the strobes!!

it was a good party...the hangover was massive :-(

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